My Secret to a Flawless Complexion; 3 step Natural Beauty Routine

My Secret to a Flawless Complexion; 3 step Natural Beauty RoutineI made a HUGE mistake about 2 months ago. I decided to try a new line of facial products instead of my homemade, super-simple regime. I don’t know what I was thinking.

During my teens and 20’s I was plagued with large black heads, very oily and acne prone skin. I tried every product on the market and even sought out a dermatologist’s assistance as a last resort. My acne was never severe but enough to resist typical OTC treatments.

Fast forward to 2015 (I’m now 37) and I took my now flawless complexion for granted.

I don’t know why I have such a tendency to complicate matters. My skin was perfect. I had no complaints since switching to my 3 step homemade & natural beauty routine a few years ago, YET I ditched what was working to try a pricey, natural based, essential oil packed, line of facial products.

The disappointment was almost immediate but I kept using it. My blackheads reappeared, I started breaking out, my face become like a dry, cracked desert landscape. My skin no longer glowed. If you don’t want to suffer the same fate, then get hold of a good skin moisturising product, like the ones at Amaira, and prevent the signs of senescence that so conveniently show up.

I convinced myself that it was just an adjustment period and kept on using it for 45 days before I had ENOUGH.

At some point I started to panic that since I am getting older, and although my complexion is nearly wrinkle free, I needed to use products to help combat aging. Perhaps I am a little more vain than I want to admit.  However, having skin that is dry and dull isn’t healthy. And isn’t going to prevent wrinkles for sure. But to get a real soothing effect on the skin, & also to slow down aging, remedies like red light therapy can be taken up to have a lasting impact on the skin.

I really didn’t realize how amazing my skin was using my 3 step natural beauty routine until I abandoned it. I not only had buyers remorse but my skin also looked awful.

Within just a few days of ditching the new products and switching back to my  3 step homemade & natural beauty routine, my glowing, radiant, flawless skin was back!

My Secret to a Flawless Complexion; 3 step Natural Beauty Routine

Here’s My My Secret to a Flawless Complexion; 3 step Natural Beauty Routine:

Step #1:  Mud Mask –  Once or twice a week I apply a think layer of  Redmond Facial Mud Hydrated Clay to my skin in the morning to help clarify, tone and deep cleanse my skin. In fact, I’m writing this post while my mud mask is drying.

Step #2: Cleanse with Tallow – Yes, you read that right. I cleanse my skin with Tallow – Whipped Tallow Cleanser that I make at home to be more specific. I’ve tried many different oils for cleansing and none of them work nearly as well as Tallow since it’s the most similar to the oil that our skin makes.

I put on a thick layer of my Whipped Tallow Cleanser before I get in the shower, leaving it on to steam while showing, washing/steaming it off with a wash cloth right before I get out. I don’t cleanse my skin every day since I don’t shower everyday – I shower when I’m dirty.  In between showers, I just splash my face with water then follow with my toner spray.

If at any time my skin feels a little dry or tight, I just use a little of my Whipped Tallow Cleanser as a moisturizer. I also use my Whipped Tallow Cleanser as a make-up remover, it dissolves it beautifully.

Step #3: Tone with ACV:  I lightly mist my skin with my Homemade Skin Perfecting Spray Toner after cleansing, after my mud mask or anytime in between. It helps to minimize pores and smooth out any imperfections.

For just pennies a day, my complexion is flawless using my 3 step Homemade & Natural Beauty Routine. Having a flawless complexing isn’t about expensive lotions, potions and complicated routines, it’s about working with your skin in a natural way and sticking to what works.


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  1. Hi, I found your site after desperately searching for some solution for my acne prone skin. I’m a black woman turning 40 years young on tomorrow and I am still battling what I thought was hormonal acne for maybe three years now. I have never ever had acne growing up all through school and up until I had my kids. I don’t look anywhere near my age and I guess the acne is helping me look like I’m stuck in puberty (lol). It has really done a number on my self esteem :(. I use to model and I gave that up about a year ago because I no longer have the confidence. Some days I don’t even like to leave my house. I have a 19 yr old daughter who is beautiful but suffering a few breakouts now and although I see her beauty I know what she’s feeling and that saddens me. But my acne issues are way worse than hers. I’m just looking for a simple solution that doesn’t involve a million toxic chemicals. We also eat an organic diet and have for over 14 years. That’s helped tremendously but still need something more. I ordered beef tallow and am interested in making your cleanser and I love castor oil for my hair! I ordered the castor oil you suggested ( or maybe another site?) but it’s organic. My only question is what many will ask is, how does this tallow not clog pores? I just find it amazing because of what it is. I’m willing to give it a try as nothing else seems to work or is short lived if it does. I want the flawless complexion you have!! I use to have it :(. Thanks so much for your time and you are a blessing to many just by creating this site. Your passion and hard work will def pay off :). Take care!

    1. Tallow and the oil our skin naturally secrets are nearly identical. We are grossly miss informed when it comes to how our body works and especially skincare. It’s not dirt that causes breakouts, they ALL come from inside. I recommend eliminating ALL diary and grains for no less than 6 months, I mean 100% and I promise your skin will dramatically improve.

      1. Thank you so much for your speedy response :)! Yesterday was my birthday and I went out to an awesome vegan restaurant I love and now I’m regretting my meal choice because it includes both quinoa and brown rice :(! But i had eliminated grains up until then and I haven’t had dairy in over 14 years ( just never been a fan of the ” milk does your body good” lol). All I can do is go from here on and not consume anymore grain! I am making your tallow cleanser today! So to double check, it’s just the tallow and organic castor oil and you only cleanse at night? Do you still use the clay mask and toner? I want to do everything you’re doing because Lady your skin is amazing :)! It’s the one thing I can honestly say I have not tried so I will let you know how it works for me and praying it works for me!! Thank you!

  2. I work out (aka sweat profusely) anywhere between 3 and 6 times a week (military so it’s not exactly a choice, but i would do it anyway). You mention not showering everyday… and i don’t bath my daughter everyday… probably only a couple times a week in the winter when she rarely gets hot and sweaty… but I have to shower almost daily… and i remember it coming up in conversation on a “rest day” that i hadn’t showered and my friend was flabbergasted… anywho… any suggestions on getting around the sweat sessions most days… i try to stick to rinsing off and using soap (or right now a body shampoo my parents brought be from a trip to Isreal that is awesome and has a total of 4 ingredients with two of them being EOs) on the “important places”… I have a horrible time with dry skin if i don’t slather up with something (right now a body butter/lotion that came in a set with the body shampoo). I”ll do a head to toe if i’m feelig particularly icky or have someplace special to go.. but wasn’t sure if you had a recommendation.

    1. It seems like I’m a broken record sometimes – but our skin is the outter manifestation of our internal health – are you eating enough fats?? Most often when someone has issues with dry skin, once they add extra healthy fats their skin will become naturally more moisturized. Coconut oil, butter/ghee and avocados are my favorite sources of fats and personally I feel my best when I eat 75% of my calories from fats.

  3. is there a major difference between the Redmond clay and bentonite clay you can purchase?
    Do you switch your regimens any by season or use additional spf protection?

    1. You’d need to take a look at the differences in the clay, I’d look at their website. I have both but only use the facial clay mask for my face. I don’t wear sunscreen unless I am suddenly exposed to tropical sun rays in the winter ( aka on vacation) and that is only for the first days on our ears/nose/shoulders. By eating a very healthy diet and taking extra supplements we no longer experience sunburns.

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