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No-Cook  Refrigerator Pickles

These Easy No-Cook  Refrigerator Pickles  are so good!  A bowl of crisp, cool,  tangy pickles can set  the stage for a  fabulous meal.  They make a light, healthy snack and they are also great treats for picnics or other outdoor activities or events!

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2 lbs Cucumbers 1c Vinegar 1c Water 4T Salt 2T Sugar 2+ cloves Garlic 1/2t Mustard Seed 1t Black Peppercorns 2 sprigs Fresh Dill


Step 1

Prepare your Cucumbers  Throughly wash & dry your cucumbers.  Small cumbers can be left whole and cut larger ones into spears and/or slices.

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Step 2

Make the brine &  Fill the jars  In a small sauce pan over medium heat combine vinegar, water, salt & sugar, cook until solids are dissolved.  Remove from heat.  Place spices & herbs in each jar.

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Step 3

Pack cucumbers tightly into  the jars  and fill  with brine. 

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Step 4

Seal each jar, using an airtight lid, and place in the refrigerator.  Allow your refrigerator pickles to marinate in the brine for 2+ weeks before enjoying.  They will keep for up to 1 year in the refrigerator. 

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