Healthy Food Hunt: Navigating Vacation Dining Options

A dish doesn’t necessarily lack micronutrients solely because it’s handy. When on breaks, a lot of fast food establishments have quite nutritious selections that are ideal for when you’re on a tight schedule or too exhausted or occupied to prepare meals. To identify the most nutritious fast food options available everywhere, including wraps, salads, bowls, and more, we spoke with nutrition professionals. 

Close-up of Served Food on Table

We thoroughly examined the lunch and dinner offerings of all the main fast-food chains. What is the most important lesson we learned? You have plenty of vacation dining options to choose from. Therefore, let’s get started with the healthy food hunt! 

  1. Chick-fil-A Market Salad

This nutrient-dense salad may contain an unusually substantial amount of fruits and vegetables for a fast food establishment. A mixture of red and green apples, strawberries, and blueberries is scattered over a surface of freshly made mixed veggies, along with chopped grilled chicken breast. 

It’s presented in conjunction with roasted almonds and harvest nut granola. Some cruises offer this incredibly healthy item for their guests as one of their buffer menus. If you decide to take a last-minute vacation, one of the options could be a cruise, where you will find this healthy option between their buffet options. 

  1. Power Menu Bowl – Veggie

Do you realize that you could personalize your order? Selecting a more nutritious option is now considerably simpler. Forego the additional cheese and sour cream after starting with the Power Menu Bowl. There are a couple of additional ways to jazz things up, such as replacing the rice foundation with lettuce and leaving out the chicken. The vegan version nevertheless packs a punch thanks to its abundance of vegetables, beans, guacamole, and pico de gallo sauce.

  1. Wrap With Turkey Sausage

Straightforward and filling, the Wake-Up Wrap may be customized with any animal protein and cheddar. With a moderate quantity of sodium, the turkey-based sausage alternative is abundant in protein yet minimal in calories. 

  1. Burrito Bowl

For your burrito bowl, choose two servings of vegetables: brown rice, black beans, and chicken. In this section, a small amount of fat, calcium, and vitamin D can be added with a sprinkle of cheddar cheese. But watch out for the salsa, as it has more sodium than you may imagine. Don’t forget to request just one tablespoon of sour cream. The guacamole is no different.

  1. Eggplant Tofu

Tofu on an instant service menu is a welcome discovery! It’s an added delight when paired with eggplant. Red bell peppers, eggplant, and tofu that have been gently fried are combined in a sweet and spicy salsa to create this vegetarian meal. To sweep up the surplus sauce and boost the meal’s nutrients and fiber content, order an accompaniment of vegetables.

Health-conscious consumers have a dilemma this time of year: how to savor the seasonal flavors while navigating luscious soups, sumptuous meats, pies with crunchy crusts, and other fat-laden, salty, and syrupy dishes. Hopefully, these top 5 dining options while traveling help keeps food consumption in check. 

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