What is the Best Water for Dogs?

Are you giving your fur-baby the Healthiest Drinking Water? It can be overwhelming to figure out the Best Water for Dogs, but don’t worry I’ve found the perfect solution for you!

Are you giving your fur-baby healthy drinking water?? Learn how to get the Healthiest Drinking Water for Dogs with PRIMO WATER AD

When it comes to leading a healthier life, one of the most often overlooked areas is upgrading to healthiest your dog’s water!  We all know that keeping our bodies hydrated is essential but not all water is equal. It’s imperative that in your efforts to get in your daily water, you aren’t accidentally sabotaging your health by drinking the wrong water. Not only is this true for humans but also for our beloved pets, too!

Our dogs depend on us to ensure that their short lives are healthy. We control their food, water and activity. We have 2 dogs and we take that responsibility seriously. Their health is a direct reflection of the choices that WE make for them.

I’ve shared in the past how we feed our boys for optimal health and how we keep them flee free without toxic chemicals… and last but not least, we’re talking about healthy hydration for dogs!


Water plays a critical role in the health of all mammals, constituting 55 to 75 percent of the body mass of warm-blooded creatures. In essence, the bodies of people, dogs, and other mammals are water-cooled engines. Releasing water vapor by panting and sweating through its paw pads induces gentle cooling in a dog’s body.

Water also lubricates a dog’s joints and muscles, cushions the spaces between each individual cell, and fills up all of the minute hollows in a dog’s body. The principal element of blood, water transports oxygen to all canine body tissues, and helps the white blood cells produced by a dog’s immune system move about its body and fight infections. Water provides an environment in which enzymes can digest food in a dog’s stomach and convert it to energy for survival.

Water cleanses and detoxifies a mammal’s entire body. Known as the universal solvent, water is extremely stable and can carry many different substances (like calcium, magnesium, sodium, etc) either in suspension or solution, without being permanently changed itself. However, this characteristic of water is a double-edged sword. Water’s ability to remove toxins from a body makes it capable of transporting quite a bit of toxic material into a body, as well.

All of the above are reasons why the healthiest water for dogs is important for any dog’s (or person’s) good health. But figuring out what kind of water is the healthiest for fido can feel overwhelming in an already busy life!

Are you giving your fur-baby healthy drinking water?? Learn how to get the Healthiest Drinking Water for Dogs with PRIMO WATER AD

But don’t worry, I’ve done all the research for you and found the PERFECT solution for your dog, cat, hamster, etc. and it’s a way that will ALSO keep your whole family of humans hydrated in a healthy way, too!


Tap water is an inexpensive and convenient way to provide water for your dog but unfortunately, unfiltered tap water can be riddled with contaminants. Toxins lurking in tap water supplies throughout the country can lead to a variety of adverse health effects, including gastrointestinal illness, reproductive problems, neurological disorders, etc. in pets and humans alike. Contaminants in tap water may include industrial chemicals, pesticides, metals, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, viruses, protozoan, parasites, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), radiological contaminants such as plutonium and uranium and even sewer overflows and wastewater. No human or dog needs exposure to yucky things (like giardia or other dangerous strains) that can cause bladder issues, vomiting, urinary tract infections, diarrhea, lethargy, etc.

Need I say more?

Not only is tap water not safe for human consumption, tap water is NOT safe for your dog, cat, or any pet for that matter! Many municipalities tap hard water (nobody wants the hassle of water softeners) and notoriously has bad tastes, only masked by the odor of chlorine!


Too often when people feel that their home tap water isn’t healthy to drink, they immediately start purchasing cases of seemingly inexpensive individual bottles of water. However, these bottles of water in most cases are even MORE toxic than what’s running out of your tap.

The individual plastic bottles most reach for are simply tap water in a package, a package that’s made from toxic plastics and that membrane leach into your water destroying your health. So not only is tap water bad but so is most individual plastic bottles of water AND not to mention we’re clogging environment with toxic plastic!

Are you giving your fur-baby healthy drinking water?? Learn how to get the Healthiest Drinking Water for Dogs with PRIMO WATER AD

And don’t get me started when it comes to filtered water systems like reverse osmosis and distillation/distilled water that completely kills all the good things in water in addition to the bad, which means you’ll have to add vital minerals BACK into the water!


Ah-ha! Finally, right??? The answer you’ve been waiting for.

We all need to be sure that the water we drink is PURIFIED, not just flowing water that’s run through a filter…. But not all methods of purification are equal. Here’s the thing. I’ll be honest with you. There are several ways to have healthier drinking water for your dog at home but many of them are labor intensive (like filling up bottles at a local fresh spring), or overly expensive (think whole house filtration systems).

I wanted my recommendation to be EASY and AFFORDABLE, making it a no brainer for EVERYONE to achieve.


Yes, yes and YES!  I’m in LOVE with Primo Water. Not only because it’s the best water for dogs but also for my own personal hydration.

There are three main reasons that I recommend Primo water for dogs, humans and all other pets too!


There are lots of things that make Primo water awesome, but quality is at the forefront. When you choose Primo water, you’re standing up for yourself and your pets. So, go ahead. Tell those parasites, bacteria and heavy metals who’s boss. If there’s one thing we should be able to rely on, it’s our healthy water—plain and simple!

But don’t just take my word for it. Let’s look at what Primo’s water quality standards are….

That’s pretty impressive, right???

In a nutshell, all the things that you want removed from your (or your pet’s) water, Primo thought of already!


Primo water is available in over 25,000 retailers in the U.S. and Canada. You’ll find refill and exchange options at popular retail stores that you most likely already shop regularly.  Within a 25 mile radius of our rural Southwest Pennsylvania home, there are over 15 stores that carry Primo water, 

You have the option of 3- or 5-gallon bottles which can be exchanged or refilled. And by bottles, I mean non-toxic food-safe, toxic BPA free bottles! And each 5-gallon bottle saves up to 1,100 single-use bottles from the landfill (or worse, the oceans).

  • Self-Service Refill Water is easily accessible and surprisingly affordable because quality water shouldn’t be hard to come by. Just bring your 3 or 5 gallon Primo water bottle to any one of their retail locations and fill ‘er up! The quality taste of Primo water is sure to keep you coming back. Refill water service is roughly $.35 a gallon (that’s 35 CENTS).
  • Pre-Filled Exchange Water is the fastest, most convenient option for buying Primowater for your home, office or wherever you need it. The exchange bottles fit any Primo Water dispenser, and all bottles are cleaned and filled in a contaminant-free environment. Minerals are even added to the water for added awesome taste. On average a 5 gallon exchange water is $6.99.

Hint, if you have 2 bottles that you rotate, you can have one in your dispenser being used and one to swap in as a backup, so you never run out!


Alright. Let me be honest, when I was shopping for a Primo Water Dispenser I thought the options were pretty great. They come in a variety of sizes, budgets, and with several options. Hot and chilled water at the touch of a button? Cool. Built in coffee make? Wow.

Are you giving your fur-baby healthy drinking water?? Learn how to get the Healthiest Drinking Water for Dogs with PRIMO WATER AD

But when I saw that they even incorporated a built in pet dish water fountain, to the Deluxe Top Loading Water Dispenser I was in LOVE.

Are you giving your fur-baby healthy drinking water?? Learn how to get the Healthiest Drinking Water for Dogs with PRIMO WATER AD

At the push of a button you can easily fill your fur-baby’s water bowl with fresh Primo Water.  Healthiest drinking water for dogs can’t get much easier!

Are you giving your fur-baby healthy drinking water?? Learn how to get the Healthiest Drinking Water for Dogs with PRIMO WATER AD

Did you know that adding a water dispenser to your kitchen/home results in families drinking 25% more water? I admit that when I read that stat I chuckled. Really? But seriously it’s a real thing.

I noticed first hand, after setting up my Deluxe Top Loading Water Dispenser with Pet Station in my home office, that not only were the dogs eagerly lapping up the delicious primo water, but I was also drinking more water throughout the day…. and I’m a HUGE water drinker.

Not to mention with the hot water at the push of a button, I’m finally drinking more healthy hot tea. No more kettle to refill or heat. I keep tea and a mug at my desk, almost instantly I’m enjoying a cup without leaving my office.

Healthiest Drinking Water for Dogs with PRIMO WATER

Between the dogs & I, in my office alone we go through roughly 7 gallons of water a week!

And with the sleek stylish design, a Primo water dispenser blends in to every decor style too!

Yours in Health,

Hayley Ryczek

This post is written in collaboration with Primo®, all opinions are authentically mine. 

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