Dried Potatoes

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Drying/Dehydrating is a super easy way to preserve potatoes.  I’m sure the first thing you’re thinking is what do you “do” with dried potatoes.. Well – as I use mine this winter, I’ll be posting my recipes! (think au gratin, scalloped,  and hash browns, just to name a few!)

You’ll need a Dehydrator. I do not know how to do them any other way. I recommend 2 dehydrators.. Click HERE for the budget friendly option and Click HERE for the top of the line dehydrator. For these potatoes I used the budget friendly dehydrator.

Potatoes always need to be organic. Conventionally grown potatoes are one of the most heavily pesticide contaminated vegetables. And of course, it’s best to grown your own if possible!

Now that you’ve got your dehydrator & potatoes, We’re ready to get started!
How to Dry/Dehydrate Potatoes:

1. Wash & peel your potatoes. You MUST lightly cook your potatoes prior to drying. Boil your potatoes 5-10 minutes (depending on size). Your potatoes must be cooked through but not mushy, think of al dente pasta. If they are over cooked they will dehydrate perfectly fine but will be messy to slice.

2. Drain and chill your potatoes. Chilling them helps them to slice easier. They don’t need to be cold just chilled.

3. Slice your potatoes, I recommend that you use a mandoline, not only does it make it easier, your slices will be consistent thickness. The mandoline we have is very budget friendly at less than $20! and makes a great gift! Click HERE for the mandoline we have. We slice ours about 1/4 of an inch thick..

4. Spread your sliced potatoes, in a single layer on your dehydrator tray…

5. Dehydrate your potato slices according to the manufactures directions for vegetables/fruits.


6. Your potatoes are done when they are completely dry. Hard & Crispy.

7. Store your dried potatoes in an air tight container , preferably glass. They will keep for many years as long as they are kept cool & dry.

Get you’re potatoes dried so that you’re ready to try my winter recipes I’ll be posting!! You don’t want to miss out!

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  1. Great! Thanks for posting this. I always want to dry potatoes because at times they will be dirt cheap (get it? lol) and it would be wonderful to be able to stock up on them without worrying about how fast you can eat them but I just never knew how and I wasn’t real keen on canning them all. Very informative!

  2. Sweet! I’m asking for a dehydrator for Christmas so that, when I finally have a garden survive, I’ll have another tool in my preserving arsenal! Lol

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