3 Essentials for the Ultimate Backyard Fire Pit

While summer was fun, who else is ready to enjoy the warmth of a fire on a cool fall evening??  Much of our summer is spent camping and we seriously miss those evenings around the campfire (and eating fire cooked meals) so instead spending the next 6+ months longing for the cozy time outdoors around the fire, we brought the fire home with the Ultimate Backyard Fire Pit!

3 Essentials for Setting up the Ultimate Backyard Fire Pit

Ray and I take relaxing very seriously. Wether it’s spending the weekend camping at #OurCampSerendipity, soaking in our NEW Inflatable Hot Tub or having a Staycation on our Front Porch!

But quickly, when researching the Essentials for Setting up the Best Backyard Fire Pit, I realized most of what you’ll find are seriously lacking.

So I’m excited to share with you the 3 Essentials you need for Setting up the Best Backyard Fire Pit at your house! These are the things that kicked up our new outdoor space to be inviting, warm and functional.

But don’t worry, all these things are budget friendly and easy to do, even if you’re a one-woman-team!

#1 Get a Fire Pit that you can Cook On

Why have a fire if you can’t cook on it??? I mean, duh. You know I love to cook and I’m always looking for ways to get my cook on outside. It just didn’t make sense to build a fire but not be able to easily cook on it.

And by cook I mean steaks and chicken and all those main dish deliciousnesses, not just marshmallows on a stick or a hot dog.

THIS Fire pit comes with a cooking grill that can be used to cook over the fire or using charcoal. And when you aren’t cooking it can be removed or just rotated out of the way (you can see it rotated out of the way on the right)

How to Set Up the Perfect Backyard Fire pit!

When I was shopping for a fire pit, I admit that I was shocked that this one was in stock… who wouldn’t get the one that you can cook on vs ones that just sit there??

It was a no brainer. Take my money. This fire pit is coming home with me.

Not only is it budget friendly, but it’s also totally easy to assemble. While I did need help putting the box in my car at the store (yes the box fit in the back of our Prius), I was able to put it together in less than an hour at home and all I needed was a screw driver.

#2 Functional and Comfortable Fire Pit Chairs

2 things that will ruin your perfect fire pit experience are uncomfortable chairs and no-where to set your drink. Sure you can put your drink on the ground, but most likely if the dogs don’t knock it over you will when you reach down for it! And while we own TONS of outdoor chairs, those fabric fold up ones and ones with cushions take too much work to keep clean and dry.

The solution are THESE super comfortable adirondak chairs that come WITH retractable wine glass friendly drink holders!

Unlike most of the traditional wooden adarondak chairs, which seem to slip you back too far and not very comfortable, these are more upright and the seated angle is perfect.

The weather proof heavy duty plastic chairs are also a neutral, dirt hiding brown making them perfect for outside and they stack for easy storage. They are oversized  so they can comfortably hold me AND Argos our 70 pound lap-dog but us shorter legged people’s feet still reach the ground! The weight rating is for up to 350 pounds, so everyone will have ample support and no worries about flimsy chairs breaking under kids piling on them while roughhousing either!

#3 Outdoor Fire pit Storage & Serving Space

You’ve got your fire pit set up, you’re planning to whip up cocktails or cook dinner, where are you going to set your stuff down??

Nobody wants to lug out a folding table or haphazardly balance things on a chair, when there is a functional and affordable solution.

THIS outdoor friendly serving and storage cart is the perfect accessory for fire pit date nights or entertaining a crowd.

How to Set Up the Perfect Backyard Fire pit!

You can create a functional and stylish drink station, have a place to keep your bluetooth speaker, while having a weather (and dog proof) place to keep treats & supplies!

With it’s convenient wheels you can push it back to the house easily. And the side ‘wings’ fold down for easy storage.

How to Set Up the Perfect Backyard Fire pit!

It’s also a helpful place to store your BBQ supplied and to use near your grill or smoker! It even comes with a matching tray that fits inside that’s perfect for keeping your S’mores supplies organized!

Now that you have the Ultimate Backyard Fire Pit set up at your house, there’s only one more thing that’s missing…..

To truly set your back yard fire pit apart from all the rest, a signature Fall Fire Pit Cocktail, like my Fall Cider Ginger Fizz, is essential. Get wow your guests with it’s delicious taste and gorgeous fall inspired presentation, served fire-side.

Yours in Health,

Hayley Ryczek


3 Essentials for the Ultimate Backyard Fire Pit





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