5 Healthy Reasons to Choose a Staycation this Year

Let’s be honest, vacations are pretty freaking amazing, right? But too often, we choose to splurge on a few days away when that same money could be better spent.

Now I’m not talking about all work and no play, what I am talking about is being smarter about your vacation-money-investment AND letting go of the financial pressures to splurge on a trip when it’s not the best choice for your family.

Before I jump into my 5 Healthy Reason to Choose a Staycation This year, I want to remind you that the memories we all cherish aren’t about where or when but instead WHO we were with.

Ray and I take relaxing very seriously. Wether it’s spending the weekend camping at #OurCampSerendipity, hanging our around our Ultimate Backyard Fire Pit or soaking in our NEW Inflatable Hot Tub!

Fun is fun, whether it’s running through the sprinkler at home or at the water park… Making the most of your time with the people you love is what is always most important and that is HEALTHY. Not extending yourself beyond your means or choosing the cheapest food instead of healthy foods to afford 3 days somewhere that looks good in social media photos.

5 Healthy Reasons to Choose a Staycation this Year

#1 Create Continuous Memories – For the same amount of money you would spend on a weekend trip away with just a few days of memories, invest in upgrading a space where you can create DAILY memories instead of just a few.

Holiday Kitchen Makeover ($500 Budget) AFTER

Our $500 Kitchen makeover and our Porch Paradise are 2 great examples of how we made the choice to invest in the spaces in our home that we spend the most time in and will give us memories for years to come.

PLUS, you can spend TIME with your family while completing the project! When we are always busy, we don’t get to communicate with each other face to face. Grab a paint brush and let the conversations flow…AND when your hands are busy you can’t be on your smart phone the whole time!

#2 Invest in your Health – Whether it’s investing in a piece of exercise equipment or a swing sets for kids, renovating an unused space into a home gym or purchasing a sauna, you can actually save money in the long run and create more time in your life, by ditching your gym membership and eliminating a drive, maybe even get to sleep in a little longer int he morning without the commute, all while getting healthier every day!

#3 Kick the Clutter and Get Organized – Nothing feels better than a clean, organized home. I know this isn’t really a fun way to spend a few days off work HOWEVER it is amazing how big the health impact of a clutter free home can be for your long term mental/emotional well-being.

Go through every closet, box and room; donate things you no longer need and spend that vacation money on closet organizers instead! CLICK HERE to learn how a Organized Closet is good for your health 

#4 Be Lazy! Do Nothing – In a world that glorifies busy, be the change. Take a week off of EVERYTHING. Stay home.. read.. nap.. sleep in.. do yoga or start that meditation practice you’ve been dreaming of…

Just do absolutely nothing on your vacation and give yourself a well deserved break. Skip all activities, let everyone know you’re on VACATION even though you aren’t leaving the house. Vacations where we schedule every minute and spend the entire time doing stuff and things, we don’t get the break that we need for our health! PS keep the time screen free for an added bonus!

#5 Stock up on Healthy, Real Food – If you’ve been dreaming of having the extra cash to dedicate to upgrading to healthier, high quality food (like pasture-raised meats) I encourage you to forgo the vacation this year. Instead staycation at home, invest in a deep-freezer for the garage and stock up on a bulk purchase from your local farmer.

Health doesn’t happen, health is a choice. Prioritize your family’s health this year, through high quality real food, giving them a long term gift instead of a souvenir sweatshirt and an all you can eat buffet.

Not needing an extra few thousand dollars a year for a trip, means you can work a little less and spend more TIME with those who you love the most.

I challenge you to choose HEALTHY STAYCATION this year and encourage your friends to do the same.  Create a life you don’t need or want to escape from, show your children that what’s the most important in your life is healthy time together everyday not the few days a year you jam pack your schedule on vacation.



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