Take the Job: How to have a Side-Hustle that will Help Change the World

Take the Job: How to have a Side-Hustle that will Help Change the WorldMany of you are sitting in the same place that I was about 10 years ago. You’re in a life and probably a job, that you honestly don’t enjoy. Your check marking all the boxes that you’ve been told you need to, but something is missing.

And it sucks, right?

My career started out in graphic design/commercial printing, I loved working with people to help them see their projects come to life but the constant last-minute struggles of the printing industry took its toll on my mental health and the bombardment of chemicals were without slowly poisoning me throughout my 20’s.

I left my 10 year career and stepped into the number crunching side of retail buying, taking a job working with planning and allocation for a local discount retailer. I appreciated the less stressful atmosphere and the expansive area for upward growth. Within a short time, I advanced into a buying position, pairing my number crunching skills with long time love of shopping.

I found myself in a job that I never felt that I would have. I was honestly star-struck. Making more money with tons of room for promotion, traveling to NY and LA regularly and finally feeling like I have arrived on the successful career scene. I was rubbing shoulders with amazing people and dressing the part all along the way.

I was check-marking all the boxes. I had the type of job that people look at with envy but was I honestly happy?

I had a growing passion for health and wellness, yet every day I pushed myself in a job that wasn’t getting me the fulfillment that I felt I deserved. As time passed, the low-key job I wanted turned into a mess of stress and hectic lifestyle that was even worse than printing.

At home we were building our homestead and seeking out better foods. I had a growing passion for health and wellness, yet every day I pushed myself in a job that wasn’t getting me the fulfillment that I felt I deserved.

How many of you are in a job that SHOULD make you happy based on checking all the ‘boxes’ we are told will give us everything we ever wanted but still feel empty and unsatisfied? 

After much soul searching and late night conversations with my husband, we both agreed that I would not longer allow myself to be unhappy. I put my foot down at work which ultimately lead leaving my job. That was nearly 10 years ago.

It took a few years of bouncing around with causal and part time jobs before I FINALLY listened to my husband and started my blog. Within just a few short months of blogging I began to see the my readership grow and networked with amazingly helpful new friends.

Over the past 7  years as a blogger, I had the pleasure of publishing 2 cookbooks and have over 500k page views per month here at Health Start in the Kitchen.. but there’s only one regret that I have and that’s dragging my feet to add Beautycounter to my resume.

Take the Job: How to have a Side-Hustle that will Help Change the World

Why I Took the Job with Beautycounter

I get it, it may not make sense to you. If I already had a great little thing going on with my blog (writing cookbooks and all) why was my decision to Take the Job with Beautycounter so important?

Health is more than just food and exercise.

People generally understand that being healthier means changing the way that they eat and their activities, but too often they fail to realize the impact of the hundreds of chemicals they slather on their body every day. But navigating through all the brands and sales pitches to find brands that work, is difficult and expensive.

Regretfully, I heard about Beautycounter and was invited to try their products years before I got involved with the company, because I thought it was too good to be true. Yeah right, give me a break, there’s another company trying to jump into the healthy market.

Until, a good blogging friend, who I respect and admire, told me that I’d love their products and I, purely out of desperation for better, healthier looking skin, bought a Beautycounter charcoal bar.

It was honestly hooked immediately when my skin improved in days and the mission of the company blew me away.

Beautycounter, while offering amazing safer products that work great, is about so much more than selling products. We are a united, collective of like minded women, who all share the mission to get safer products into the hands of everyone. We come from all walks of life and all different professions but we all commonly share the goal to change the world, even if it’s one tube of lipstick at a time.

Take the Job: How to have a Side-Hustle that will Help Change the World

All of our efforts, whether large or small, are contributing to the greater good. We are all working together and not in competition with each other, it’s not something I’ve ever seen before.

And it’s probably not something you realize when you see (yet another) Beautycounter post pop up on your Facebook, Instagram or email inbox – we honestly aren’t trying to just get you to buy our charcoal bar, we WANT you to vote for better regulation of the beauty industry, less toxic ingredients and ban together with all of us fighting the fight. And the best way we’ve found to ban together is by supporting a company which has goals bigger than their products too.

I take great pride in being a part of this movement. I take great pride in telling people about a brand that has their health, and the health of their family, in mind all while offering high performing products.

I took the job because changing the world is bigger than just me and my one, singular voice. It takes an entire tribe of beautiful women united together with safer beauty in mind. 

While I know that everyone can’t just walk away from where they are right now and jump into the great unknown of fumbling through years searching for the perfect healthy career for them like I did, the one thing that YOU can do today is Take the Job with Beautycounter.

Because no matter who you are or what else you do in life, Beautycounter is here for YOU. At the very least you will become educated on WHY we need dramatic change in the beauty industry while helping others make better choices. But the sky is truly the limit, women are building businesses while helping to change the world.

For less than $60 you can start your own Beautycounter Side-Hustle while helping to make the world a healthier place! 

Everyday, with every Beautycounter lip sheer or charcoal bar that one of my clients buy, I know that I am part of the change. I’ve helped our mission and advanced our message one step further, have you? What is your job doing to change the world for the better? How are you helping your friends make better, healthier choices for their family?

I took the job because I want an easy solution to a complicated problem; being the most beautiful version of you doesn’t have to harm your health or the environment. 

Today, in real life, I’ve just sent out an email out to a newly formed tribe of amazing women, who want to help me spread the gift of healthy beauty with the world. I’ve offered them a dedicated monthly space here on HSITK, where they too can build their own side-hustle by sharing their authentic voice and experiences Beautycounter with all of you too.

Because my voice isn’t enough on it’s own.

And for us to succeed, we need more voices and more amazing women to help us spread this give of safer beauty.

The potential for a successful side-hustle that Beautycounter gives is real. I see it once a month in my commission check. I don’t host parties or attend events. I simply and authentically share what works for me with my readers, friends and family.

I’m not a pushy sales person or shrewd business women, I’m just Hayley who is passionate about healthy living and if you share my vision for a healthier world, why don’t you Take the Job too?

Let’s talk, schedule a time for us to connect (click the button below)

Take the Job: How to have a Side-Hustle that will Help Change the World

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