Homemade Sinus Rinse and How Sinus Rinsing Stopped my Daily Headaches

sinus rinse-01   All of the sudden, I was getting headaches every day. The kind of headache that’s always there, just bad enough that without taking a OTC pain reliever you’re totally miserable. I remember sitting in the doctors office crying because I was so exhausted from always having a headache. I just wanted them to STOP.

There was no obvious reason for my headaches and I didn’t have any other symptoms. But we ran lots of tests anyway just to make sure. I was shocked when my doctor handed me a prescription for an allergy medication and although I wasn’t as educated or as health conscious as a I now – the idea of taking a prescription drug for allergies didn’t sound right, since there was no other conversation regarding allergies.

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Of course I refused.. but my doctor explained that she agreed with me that no I shouldn’t take a drug without reason, however she thought that MAYBE it would help, maybe I had allergies that were causing my headache, after all I was taking OTC pain relievers anyway. So I figured what the heck – it’s short term and MAYBE it will help…. OMG. Seriously, my headache went away and never came back. It was life altering. After 2 weeks of blissful relief I went back to the Dr for my follow up, I was so excited to tell her that my headaches were GONE. But here’s where it gets even more frustrating than the original headaches… I asked “Now What and WHY??” she said keep taking the allergy meds – as she started writing me out another prescription… She explained that your headache is caused by allergies, the meds make it better .. Of course it just didn’t sit well. No. I stopped her.

At that point it just didn’t make sense – just take the drug? But huh?? What am I allergic to? She said she didn’t know BUT the allergy meds work so.. well keep taking them…. After several minutes of inquiring questions and flat out refusal to just take the drugs, she agreed to refer me to an Ear/Nose/Throat/Allergy doctor… but did caution me that allergy testing wasn’t fun. The ENT Dr was as confused as my primary Dr… Huh?? Just take the meds he said… No – I insisted on the full allergy testing to find out WHAT I am allergic to.

I was stuck with needles all over both upper arms, yes it hurt. He came back with a long list of allergy offenders – mold, dirt, dust, and PETS. Yep. Lots of dog & cat allergies. (and at the time we had 1 XL dog, 4 cats and a ferret – No Bueno.) Getting rid of the pets wasn’t an option, nor was living in a bubble. So, the following week I started going for allergy shots every week. (all the while no allergy meds and getting grumpier from my daily headaches)

Ok. I’m not very good at dr apts and scheduling. And I had to miss work for 2 hours every week for these darn shots. It got really old really fast. Especially knowing it could take years for them to fully work. I learned about rinsing your sinuses to help with allergy symptoms on the internet and picked up THIS Saline Sinus Rinse KIT at the local drug store. Yes, I thought I was going to drown, it didn’t seem possible to put water up my nose and survive.. for petesake I can’t even swim underwater without holding my nose!! But alas – I survived and am here to talk about it today!

Nasal irrigation or nasal lavage or nasal douche is the personal hygiene practice in which the nasal cavity is washed to flush out excess mucus and debris from the nose and sinuses. The practice is generally well-tolerated and reported to be beneficial with only minor side effects.[1] Nasal irrigation in a wider sense can also refer to the use of saline nasal spray or nebulizers to moisten the mucous membranes. According to its advocates, nasal irrigation promotes good sinus and nasal health. Patients with chronic sinusitis including symptoms of facial pain, headache, halitosis, cough, anterior rhinorrhea (watery discharge) and nasal congestion are reported often to find nasal irrigation to provide relief. In published studies, “daily hypertonic saline nasal irrigation improves sinus-related quality of life, decreases symptoms, and decreases medication use in patients with frequent sinusitis”,[2] and irrigation is recommended as an adjunctive treatment for chronic sinonasal symptoms.[3][4] 

So I started rinsing my sinuses 2x a day… Nothing. On day 3 after my morning sinus rinse, I was outside and I bent over to pick up something from the garden… and all this gunk came running out of my nose! Slimy-gross-snoty stuff. (TMI, I’m sorry) As the gunk came out I also felt the pain & pressure leaving my face!!! With no more headaches, I quit those stupid allergy shots. The first year or so I rinsed my sinuses twice a day.

Then for several years I rinsed our my sinuses as a part of my morning routine. Today, I still rinse my sinuses a couple times a week, more often if I feel any pressure building up or start to feel a little under the weather. Since 2005 I’ve tried many different sinus rinses and methods.. The NetiPot – is my least favorite method – there’s just not enough cleansing since there is no pressure other than gravity flowing water through your nose).

I used  THIS Saline Sinus Rinse KIT for several years and have been totally satisfied, recommending it to many of my friends. I’ve recently upgraded to what I call the Sinus Power Washer – it’s a battery operated, cordless pulsating nasal irrigator — it’s so awesome!!! Since I used THIS Saline Sinus Rinse KIT for years and it came with packets of USP Grade (99.9% Pure) Sodium Chloride & Sodium Bicarbonate Mixture (pH balanced, natural ingredients, isotonic, preservative free & iodine free) – that’s just what I always used.

Then one day when I was reading the ingredients I realized this is just Salt & Baking Soda! DUH! I researched the hows & whys of saline sinus rinses .. the (sea) salt is what does the work of cleansing junk out of your sinuses, the baking soda is what makes sure it doesn’t burn (we all know salt water up the nose burns like the dickens!)  Easy-Peasy-Lemon-Squeezie.

Cheap & effective, my 2 favorite things! Many people talk about adding in other things to a saline sinus rinse but in all of my years of use I never needed anything more! Just one last thing.. There’s lots of stories on the web about the dangers of using tap water for sinus rinses.. I did use tap water for several years and an amoeba didn’t eat my brain – however I now only use filtered water. I heat some water up in my electric tea kettle and dilute it with room temp water right from the filter until it’s the perfect temp.

Homemade Sinus Rinse

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  • Mix sea salt & baking soda together and store in a jar.
  • Use 1/2 a teaspoon per sinus rinse.


Use a stronger dilution (ie 1 teaspoon per sinus rinse) will give more cleansing HOWEVER may make your nose burn - it won't do any harm
PS I'm not a doctor. Just a blogger.
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  1. I do not know the source of my headache, 2-3+ a month, but sometimes very intense. But after I started rinsing, I noted my headaches were less frequent. Now one a year and most likely stress. My ratio is not perfectly set, but I do use a lot of salt for a hypertonic solution, equivalent to 2 or 3 salt packets. Think salt on the slug or snail. It just let’s go! I use a 16 oz, 500 ml squeeze bottle. So a massive change in headaches!!

  2. I forgot to add this in my previous comment — when I was maybe 6 or 7 I took a series of group swimming lessons at the base swimming pool in Hawaii. Our instructor was a local guy from the town right outside the base. I think he was a scuba diver as well as a lifeguard and certified swimming and scuba diving instructor and so forth. He helped us get all kinds of Red Cross swimming, life saving and first aid certifications. I think if I didn’t move away and had continued taking lessons from him for another two or three years I would have been lifeguard qualified well before high school.

    We began each lesson by doing a series of breathing exercises in the water that appeared to be designed to do exactly what a nasal lavage does — because he always had us do it in a specific location in the pool along a special gutter and drain where we could tread water and do the breathing exercises while the filters sucked away all the gunk and goo that was coming out of our sinuses. After about 15 minutes we were surrounded by masses of jellyfish-like boogers. Its amazing how much snot a dozen kids can expel at one time. Sounds gross, I know. But not only were we becoming comfortable with water entering our nose and learning how to control air/water flow between nose and mouth, preventing water from entering lungs (and stomach) and so forth, but we were doing a thorough sinus lavage at the same time. I believe his main purpose was that it helps reduce the risk of drowning, teaches young kids to control which pipe is open and sensitizes them to water in their airway passages. But I think as a scuba diver he must have also understood the value of clearing out the sinuses and giving them a good rinse to reduce pressure issues and other breathing problems. Because he had us do this at the beginning of every class, not just during the intro or beginner level classes or only the first few lessons, but every time.

  3. I began feeling sinus pressure behind my left eye on Sunday, and by Monday afternoon I could feel the same pressure behind my right eye. I ordered the Nielmed sinugator (your link to it is labeled “Sinus Power Washer.”) I woke up the next morning with a low grade but constant headache and the sinus pressure had gotten more noticeable. Luckily the power washer arrived later that afternoon, a day earlier than promised.

    I immediately made up 4 packets worth of saline using slightly warmed reverse-osmosis filtered water and ran it through both nostrils. It made an immediate difference. Right away. The burning infection feeling went away, my sinuses opened up to nearly 100% and my headache and the pressure were gone within another minute or so. I could even smell things around the house that I wasn’t able to smell or could only slightly detect before doing the rinse. I realized I was overdoing it with an essential oil diffuser, for example.

    It really makes sense. If you have a dirty open wound on your arm you wouldn’t leave the gunk and dirt and wait for your body to heal itself all on its own. You would clean the wound, perhaps even use something to sterilize or flush the area of debris and bacteria, probably even dress it with a bandage of some sort. And everyone remembers how cuts and scrapes seem to heal really fast if you spend an hour or two playing in the ocean or other salt water. The area around the cut will turn white and swell up, and then later that day any scab or dried skin will peel right off or flake away on its own.

    Not to mention, my experience as a teenager with cat allergies and plenty of friends who had cats was that spending time in a room where a cat had been, or touching cats didn’t always have to result in red, itchy watery eyes and a runny or dried and stuffed up nose as long as I was extremely careful about not touching my eyes, nose, mouth or any cuts, etc, and washed my hands after leaving a cat place or after touching any cats. If i did start to have a reaction, rinsing with soap and water always helped to reduce the reaction and helped recover from it. Usually rubbing soapy hands over my face and rinsing was enough to end any allergic reaction in my eyes or nose.

  4. Ugh I hate the medical doctors they dont even want to listen to you. It took me 2 years to be able to do those allergy shots. I told them im not allergic but they kept saying allergies. And the result was im not allergic to anything after that he looked at my ct scan and said ooh this is not allergy its because of the anatomy of your nose. But he still prescribed me allergy sprays and is refusing to do surgery because it is top expensive for them! (I have medicare)
    To be honest i lost my trust in conventional medicine in terms of sinus infections. Right now i have pine oil+honey+ baking soda mixture qtip in my nose and all the gunk is dripping.

  5. xylitol, grapefruit seed extract 3drops, salt 1/ 2 tsp and 3 drops of iodine works for Me. I found this on the web.

  6. 5 stars
    I certainly will follow your advice because I been on the same boat for months of not using any medication after quitting using meds Doctors always prescribed me without any real healing effect.

    I started using the NeilMed Nasal Mist to try but now I’m going to buy the small bottles to make myself this solution.


  7. Like “SUSIEQ” I flush in such a way that it comes out of my mouth. And love it! I’ve never used a Netti pot or other device so I’m not really sure how to compare it but the way I do it feels like a full flush, especially because it includes the throat. I flush through both nostrils really well then gargle with the rest of the solution. Blowing my nose into the sink several times throughout the process.

    To do it I lean over my bathroom sink, plug one nostril with my finger and “drink” the saline solution into my other nostril from a small drinking glass by sucking/breathing in until it comes out of my mouth. You have to fully submerge the open nostril before sucking in so you don’t get air (that’s just unpleasant).

    My MD friend suggested adding baking soda and to just look up a recipe online so that’s how I came across this post. It’s interesting to read all the variations. I will try a couple. Really interesting to consider the make up of the water – ours has a lot of calcium in it so I will heed that post that mentions that. I may also start heating water from our filter, though it’s not as convenient as just using our bathroom tap water (near the bedroom upstairs, LOL).

    I have just been mixing table salt in a glass of warm tap water—simply as warm as I can make it without it feeling uncomfortable—until it tastes not too salty, which tastes sickening, and not too weak, which burns for some reason. Simple, once you’ve done it a few times.

    Thanks, everyone!

  8. My nasal wash routine for year-round allergies is one 8 oz bottle per side, twice a day. After much research, I decided to go with my own recipe both to save on expenses and to add ingredients:

    Per 8 oz bottle:

    1 teaspoon of my own prepared dry mix:
    (2 parts pickling/canning or kosher salt : 1 part sodium bicarbonate : 3 parts xylitol — make up a small batch, shake very well to mix in an air-tight, wide-mouth container. Avoid sea salt.)

    1/2 teaspoon Alkolol Nasal Wash (or a little more if you prefer)

    4 drops Grapefruit Seed Extract

    Shake well to dissolve.

  9. Total agreement, and…….. I recently saw a Chinese Dr who does acupuncture, she worked out why I was pollen allergic and treated that too, now I don’t take any drugs probably don’t have to nasal wash but I do especially if I’ve been in dusty places

  10. Thanks for the site! My sinus’ never seem fully open. And sometimes close up. I’ve used the bottle and solution before (doing inspections after Katrina. I didn’t want to get ‘the cough’). The ENT suggested I go back to rinsing. It may not help that much, but it won’t hurt. She does it daily, for no reason other than hygiene. She should know – that sold me! (nothing but a bit of clear mucus ever comes out)
    But this month, I’ve had a background headache, and I’m plugged up more. So I started rinsing again. I’ve never had sinus problems before, but I’m 70, and it may be time? We have 2 goldens, and a few cats… And we’re in the south, surrounded by pines.

    I’m now researching the best price for the saline packets. And to see if it’s worth the time to make my own. I think I’ll stop using tap water, as I was told to do with my Cpap machine. And I’ll have to start warming up the water. I’ll use the immersion heater.
    Guess what doesn’t work when your nose plugs up? A Cpap machine!
    And where do I rinse? In my shower. Never a mess!

    1. (no edit?) The ENT suggested I get something in my nose to keep it from closing. Like a stent? But they have to be replaced every 18mo. I’ll probably get it done. Sometimes I can feel a wave wash over my head, and the sinuses will start swelling. But it’s always open when I see the ENT. And it’s not blockage – it’s swelling. Comes and goes. I did take allergy pills for a week, and the headache went away. Now I’m just rinsing. It’s not a cure, but it may help?
      And I was hoping to avoid colds, with rinsing. I might get 1-2 a year, and that hasn’t changed. But again, there is no telling if I would have had more.

  11. Make sure you use warm water. Cool water kinda burns.

    I watched a video where this guy took it a step further and actually inhaled the solution in a way that it came out through his mouth (gross, I know) and so I tried it. WOWZA!!! It made a huge difference in getting the nasty stuff out! I’m reccomending it to anyone who’s going through the same sinus suffering as I have.

  12. I don’t have a netti pot so I use a rubber bulb syringe. I started sinus/nasal washing when Mt St Hellen’s blew up.
    Now I use it if I even have a hint of a sore throat or upper respiratory problem and it seems to prevent colds and
    other conditions from getting a hold. It’s a tried and true home remedy and I’m happy to see others using it too!

  13. I used this method first time, I have suffered sinusitis for a few years, I’m waiting on referral to ent but I have just been able to blow my nose for the first time, but I do feel a little pressure in my ears bit I have had chronic ear infection too…hope this method helps though I would advise baking soda mixed in as it stings without it

  14. Thank you so very much for the information, I will try this before bedtime. The ringing in my right ear is driving me a bit crazy.
    I have sinus problems in the right side of my nose & my right ear feels plugged all the time. I will be back to you in a week or so & leave a new message on how this works for me. Thank you again for your time to give all of us help.:)

    1. Hey All
      Just like the rest of you. Out of desperation, after suffering from a bad bout of sinusitis for over two years, suffering through sinus surgery, with no relief, I took to Google. The left side of my face felt like I’d been hit with a shovel. My left eye couldn’t focus properly. The pain and swelling was making me feel disoriented.
      I came across two different studies. One saying long term antibiotics ( at least one year ) would solve 90% of the problems.
      The other was from the University of Ottawa. They said that the bacteria in our sinuses develop something around them that they call Biofilm. The Biofilm protects the bacteria from the antibiotics we are taking. They experimented with Manuka Honey from New Zealand and found that the Manuka honey got rid of the biofilm and exposed the bacteria to the antibiotics.
      I started mixing the honey into my nasal rinse and within three days started to feel relief. You can’t use the power rinsers though, as the honey will bog up the gears. I’ve been doing this for over a month now and every day I can feel a difference. I finally think I’m getting ahead of it.

    2. All of the literature I’ve read on nasal irrigation says to do it at least two hours prior to bedtime.

  15. What prevents burn is the correct proportion of salt to water. It is important that the salinity be as close as possible to the fluids in your membranes to prevent ion exchange with your nerve endings, causing the burn. So if you are using 500ml of water, add 5ml of salt. 1/2 teaspooon to 1 cup of water is close enough and is actually slightly hypertonic, which may be better for nasal flushing. The baking soda acts as a stabilizing pH buffer in case there is any acidity or alkalinity in your water.

  16. i get sinuses so bad that it affects my ears and even the nerves in my lower jaw that i cant chew food,. no amount of drugs has helped. I am going to rinse my sinuses tonight and i hope for instant relief but will continue even if not

  17. Great advice folks, thank you.
    I noticed that the Neilmed sachets are buffered to neutral pH and I have found that the bicarbonate of soda home mix, being highly alkaline, is irritant to the sinsues. Using the dipsticks for my spa pool I have measured that 2 mls of white vinegar will adjust the pH to 7 (neutral) for a rinse bottle of 240 mls. Very comfortable, no stinging. Can’t even taste the vinegar.
    I am a doctor but not of the nose type!

    1. I’ve been exclusively using my homemade mixture for over 10 years, it’s not irritating to my sinuses but I’m very glad you’ve found somas that works for you. I would however, switch from white vinegar to raw, organic apple cider vinegar.

      1. The need for vinegar vs baking soda probably depends on the starting pH of the water you are using. If your water is alkaline enough (perhaps from a lot of calcium), adding baking soda might make it too alkaline and vinegar would help neutralize it.

  18. What I was told by my ear nose and throat doctor was to use a baby nasal syringe take a deep breath hold and squirt up one nostril it will come out the other side.

  19. Hello with your sinuses I get a lot of pressure around the back of my head and around the sides and all aound the front and was wondering if you think a sinus rinse would work been suffering for a long time

  20. Wonderful to see this site! My old fashioned ENT gave me the same recipe and explicit instructions on how to use my Neti pot t. I can honestly say it has been a real blessing. Me and my Neti pot are never too far about. I very rarely have sinus infections that require antibiotics. I really enjoy the health benefits that nasal rinsing has given me. Thanks to old fashioned remedies.

  21. Be very cautious with the source of your water. I used filtered water and ket getting sinus infections. Finally had it tested and it contained coliform.

    1. I have answered this question numerous times in the comments. You use 1/2 teaspoon in a netti pot, neilmed powered or unpowered sinus rinse bottle

  22. Can I just suck it in each nasal cavity with a straw? I have done this with sea salt in the past that way & it aeemed to work pretty well. Just never used baking soda. Should the water be real hot to dissolve & then once cooled to a warm to use?

    1. I have no idea how to use a straw to administer sinus rinse, you do what is best for your body. Sea salt when used alone burns the delicate nasal passages, the baking soda neutralizes much of the burn. I use room temperature water, it dissolves with a shake.

  23. Just wondering if any of your readers have swelling in the cheekbone area? Doctor has said it is sagging skin, but I disagree. Sometimes it is better than others. I have started rinsing every day with pickling salt.

    1. Yes mine swell just beneath the eyes and it is definaley visible. I had my sinuses checked out a few years back by a specialist and I was told that they were fine except that they were dry, which lead to cracking, swelling and sinus headache. I have been using the home grown salience solution with a squeeze type bottle (NeilRinse sinus relief) ever since diagnosed. I rinse Prior to bedding down and in the morn. Works for me. For pennies I can breath through my nose and have no sinus pain…..to me a million dollars worth of relief.

  24. So, like others here, I stumbled onto your sight after running out of rinse solution and seeking a home made recipe. DUH is right LOL. I have been taking sinus medication for over 30 years! Yes, shocking I’m aware, but I watched my Mom go through the hells of allergies so it was no surprise I had them also. The list of things I’m allergic to is long and includes a lot of different things from numerous animals to too many environmental items to list. Thankfully my mom was able to suffer through over 15 years of allergy shots. I say thankfully because the shots worked well for her and she hasnt suffered from allergy symptoms in over 20 years. I however don’t have insurance and can’t afford shots. I have lived in so many different places, from New England to Florida to Italy, and each new place brings with it new exposure and new allergies. I have yet to find a medication that worKS completely. I take a store brand of Sudafed to help during the day and benadryl at night. My sinusitis flare ups are brutal and I usually only rinse after the real pin sets in, Today is day 4 of my current sinus issue that has caused me to go to the ER because the pain is so severe. I’ve never actually thought of rinsing daily but you can bet after reading your blog I’m going to try it, why not. Talk about a DUH!!!
    Thanks for the tips, Kerrie

  25. A teaspoon of veggie glycerine helps keep the sinus passages moisturized, a recommendation from my very forward thinking ENT for my sinus rinse. I have been using a recipe similar to this with fine sea salt for years; and its effective and non-irritating, especially with the vegetable glycerine.

  26. I am going to try this. Thank you. I am very sad about horrible daily headaches. Also rebound headaches due to so many drugs. I pray this works.

  27. 5 stars
    Out of desperation, I googled a sinus rinse recipe and came across your site! I’ve been suffering for over a month now with a constant sinus headache. Two rounds of antibiotics and constant OTC meds, including allergy meds, haven’t worked and my doctor wants to refer me to a specialist. To make matters worse, the sinus headache is giving me a migraine!
    I did my first rinse this afternoon and there was instant relief from the pressure! I still have my migraine but this is progress! I almost feel human.
    Thanks so much for your story. I don’t feel at the moment, that I need a specialist. I’m going to give this a few days and then I’ll decide whether or not to take further action.
    Finally some hope!

  28. Don’t these readers read? Oh well, you want to tell me how much water I need to use? LOL Just kidding!!
    Sea water is the best, too bad I am no longer around it or you bet I would be there loading up my gallon container.

    I am glad you had the duh moment and thank you for sharing it!!! Have to start looking at the labels a lot closer and replace these darn chemicals that for some reason the FDA and government give licenses to produce poison for everyone.

    I’ve had two surgeries and after the second one the ENT recommended the Neilmed rinse and I’ve been cleansing twice a day for years. Sometimes I have to do it 3-4 times a day. Though it has stopped the continuos sinus infections, the headaches have gotten worse to the point it triggers migraines.

    Very frustrating to see Dr.’s and ENT’s and though they do see inflammation they look at me as if I am making things up or exaggerating when I say I have headaches everyday. I don’t know what it’s like to not have headaches. I am glad this alone worked for you, however, if you do run into any latest info. Pls pass on.

    Nobody knows how this feels unless they are affected by it.
    Again, thank you!!! I am on my way to make my first homemade batch 🙂 – so excited!!

      1. I can confirm that Aspartame, under all of its names, can cause migraines but it is difficult to connect the migraines to the Aspartame because it will not trigger a migraine with every exposure to the sweetner. I never got migraines until the Aspartame sodas came out. I started drinking one Aspartame soda per day and suddenly started getting debilitating migraines every 3 to 4 days. When I stopped the sodas, the migraines stopped.

    1. Hey hi Help!!!!!!
      I am six days post nasal and sinus surgery I just had the stents removed from my nose on Tuesday and the ENT told me to start with a nasal wash twice a day I have done it three times so far and all 3 times I got a migraine…. this happened to me years ago with a Nettie pot and I am at a loss now …..to do my next rinse I do not want another migraine I have suffered from 24/7 headaches since November 4 I need maybe someone who is been through this to guide me will a homemade recipe be any kinder or more gentle ? Should I just to press on and hope to get usef to it ? I have a call into my surgeon and he hasn’t called me back yet I can’t imagine what his response will be I’ll keep you posted thank you

    1. When you use any of the methods I mention in this post, the liquid volume is roughly 8 ounces of water.

  29. 5 stars
    Try pickling salt, it’s very fine, inexpensive, and dissolves completely. I hope many of your readers experience the same relief that you did.

    1. Thanks for the tip.. however I caution you in regards to using pickling salt for a sinus rinse, since it is a refined salt in which the minerals have been removed. Using natural unrefined sea salt, it’s nearly identical as using salty sea water (with baking soda to neutralize the burning sensation on your mucus membranes)

      1. My ENT recommends NOT using sea salt as it can contain fish excrement which is not what you want in your sinuses. Best choice is to use kosher or pickling salt, non-iodized versions strongly recommended.

        1. Mardee – I assume you don’t eat Sea Salt either 😛 — I’m not worried about the potential of fish excrement in my sea salt for any use.

      1. A lot of Himalayan pink salts have dioxin in them so I would read/dictionary the labels really carefully as dioxins are carcinogenic.

  30. This recipe doesn’t list how much water to use with the 1/2 cup sea salt and a 1/2 cup of baking soda.

    Any suggestion?

    1. You use 1/2 teaspoon in a netti pot, neilmed powered or unpowered sinus rinse bottle. You can use more if you have clogged sinus or feel a cold coming one.

      1. You will add roughly 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of the Sea Salt/Baking soda mix to 8 ounces of warm water to use as a nasal rinse. You don’t premix it, you just mix what you are using for that rinse.

  31. Thank you for this sinus rinse recipe but unless I am missing it, I do not see how much water you mix the half teaspoon of salt/baking soda mixture.

    Thank you!

    1. You use 1/2 teaspoon in a netti pot, neilmed powered or unpowered sinus rinse bottle. You can use more if you have clogged sinus or feel a cold coming one.

      1. I just read this i have been suffering with headaches and it is so frustrating i got the same diagnosis and current on shots and medicine for allergies. I have tried other things in accupuncture and nothing seems to work. As i write this i am going to order the sinsus power washer from amazon and consistently keep my nasal passage washed. Boy do i hope this work. i would love to stop taking shots and the medicine.

      2. 5 stars
        Written very well. Really trust you. Needed to make sure I was making the solution correctly. Love, love love.

    2. 5 stars
      8 ounces of filtered or boiled water at room temp or no more than body temp. !/2 tsp of salt 1/2 tsp of baking soda or less; that’s what I have figured from 8+ hours of research. Some say more, but my nose says 1/2 of each or less.

  32. 5 stars
    Thank you. I agree, the Nettie pot doesn’t have enough pressure. I use a syringe for cough syrup and it works awesome…
    Little pressure not a lot tho.

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