Gram Elsie’s Cocktail Sauce

Cocktail Sauce

One of the first recipes I learned from my grandmother was her cocktail sauce. She loved shrimp but hated bottled cocktail sauce, she always made her own. In a lot of ways, my grandmother influenced my love of food and started me on my real-food journey. She had a large garden and loved to cook. Gram passed away last March and this is our first Christmas without her 🙁

When I was at the store yesterday buying wild caught shrimp, I picked up a bottle of cocktail sauce and I was so shocked at the huge list of dangerous-chemical junk it contained! Icky. Do your family a favor and make your own cocktail sauce! You can adjust the amount of horseradish based on how tangy you like your cocktail to be.

Cocktail Sauce IngredientCombine:
3/4c Organic Ketchup
2T Horseradish
1/4t Worchestershire Sauce
1t Lemon Juice


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