Perfectly Seasoned Rice

perfectly seasoned rice

Well, I’m going to warn you now.. this isn’t some amazing, life changing recipe… Really it’s nothing special… What’s important here is to understand that even something as simple as rice, needs to be seasoned perfectly in order for your meal to be a success.

I hate the thought of the white mass of sticky plain rice that comes with chinese food, or the minute boil in bag crap.. Lifeless, tasteless, plain, yuck.

But, Rice can be awesome addition to so many meals… IF it’s seasoned correctly! We never have “plain” rice with a meal, even if it’s mixed into something.. I always season my rice while it’s cooking!

Yes, you can make some yummy rice by cooking it in stock, but in my opinion it’s a waste of stock (since all of mine is homemade and we would rather use is as a soup or by the mug full!)

Although this is a simple, easy recipe that’s not intended to be a stand alone dish.. I really enjoy a little bowl of my Perfectly Seasoned Rice all by it’s self!

Here’s how I make my Perfectly Seasoned Rice:

Combine everything together in your rice cooker, put on the lid and let it cook! I stir mine once or twice just to make sure it’s not sticking to the bottom…  If you don’t have a rice cooker, click HERE for the one I have or HERE for multi cooker that’s on my wish list!

And yes, we enjoy white rice at our house.. For more information on why white rice is ok check out these links:

Why I Eat White Rice Instead of Brown


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  1. Never had rice in with coconut oil before, I may try that one day. I cook mine with homemade beef or chicken stock (same amount of water that you would use) and that gives it some nutrient density as a well as flavor that goes so well with copious amounts of grassfed butter!! 🙂

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