Upgrade to a Eco-Friendly Automobile Oil Change

Upgrade to a Eco-Friendly Automobile Oil Change
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Did you know that more than half of motorists change their own motor oil? I have to admit that even though Ray does all of our automobile maintenance, service and repairs, (just like my dad and his dad did) I really had no idea that so many of you changed your oil at home too!

As a part of our healthy living journey, we switched to hybrid car with an engine computer in 2008 and upgraded our auto-care route to be more eco friendly too.

Fast forward 10 years and 100,000+ miles later, we’re still driving our hybrid and I’m excited to share how YOU can Upgrade to a Eco-Friendly Automobile Oil Change, too!

How to Upgrade to a Eco-Friendly Automobile Oil Change

If you change your own oil on your car, truck, motorcycle, boat, lawnmower, tractor, etc… be certain to work carefully and dispose of the used motor oil and filters properly. Follow these steps for a clean oil change that prevents pollution and conserves energy for a safer and healthier tomorrow!

Step 1: Switch to Synthentic Oil

One of the biggest environmental impacts you can make is by switching from conventional to synthetic oil. We made the switch to Mobil 1™ Synthetic Oil when we bought our hybrid, 10+ years ago.

Upgrade to a Eco-Friendly Automobile Oil Change

Mobil 1™ synthetic oil protects more than just your engine, fewer oil changes reduces oil consumption and less waste oil!

If every car in the U.S. made the switch to Mobil 1 ™ Annual Protection Synthetic Oil:

  • We would prevent or reduce enough CO2 emissions to fill the Empire State Building more than 5,000 times
  • The CO2 emissions reduction would be equivalent to taking more than 500,000 cars off the road
  • 21 billion pounds of CO2 emissions would be eliminated when switching to a lower viscosity grade and extending oil change intervals to one year
  • Mobil 1 ™ can reduce the carbon footprint of your vehicle by the CO2 equivalent of 96 lbs.
  • Mobil 1 ™ has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional motor oils

And less frequent oil changes will save you money, too!

Not sure what oil to buy?!! No worries! You can use THIS Online Oil Selector Tool to determine what type of oil you will need.

Then head to the Walmart Auto Care Center to grab your supplies.


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Step 2: Carefully Drain the used oil & oil filter

Drain the oil into a pan that can hold twice the volume of oil in the engine. When the engine is warm the used oil and any sludge flows out smoothly but a word of caution: the oil will be hot!

We suggest using an oil catch basin, to be sure to not contaminate the environment with any spills or messes (P.S. Walmart carries those too)

Upgrade to a Eco-Friendly Automobile Oil Change

Put the used filter hole-side down to allow the oil to drain into a storage container for recycling. Allow the filter to drain overnight or at least 12 hours to remove all the oil.

Step 3: Replace the filter and add clean oil

Install your new filter and add oil, according to your vehicle’s manual. Our hybrid takes 3.5 quarts of oil.

Step 4: Carefully transfer the dirty oil

Using a funnel, pour the used oil into a clean, leak-proof container with a tight fitting lid. Not all containers are safe for storing/transporting used oil, I recommend using an empty oil bottle. Clearly label it as “Used” so that you don’t mistakenly think it’s new oil.

Upgrade to a Eco-Friendly Automobile Oil Change

Never mix solvents, gasoline, or antifreeze with your used oil. Once contaminated with these products, it is difficult or impossible to recycle used motor oil. If your oil does become contaminated, label the container and take it to your local Household Hazardous Waste collection site for disposal. Don’t take it to an oil recycling site where it could contaminate the tank, making the contents impossible to recycle and expensive to dispose of.

Step 5: Take your used oil and oil filters in for recycling

Used motor oil can contain toxic substances such as benzene, lead, zinc, and cadmium. When used motor oil is improperly disposed of (thrown away in the garbage or dumped on the ground or down a sewer system) these pollutants contaminate our soil and water.

Used motor oil is a valuable resource. Oil doesn’t wear out, it just gets dirty. The used oil you take to a collection site can be recycled into new products, burned for heat or the production of asphalt, or used in power plants to generate electricity. Burning just two gallons of used oil in a power plant can generate enough electricity to run an average household for 24 hours.

Finding a designated collection site in your area is so easy, just take your used oil back to the Walmart AutoCare Center and they’ll recycle it for you! In addition, communities and counties often provide collection tanks for used oil.

P.S. Don’t Forget to do Regular Maintenance!

Don’t forget to do your regular vehicle maintenance as scheduled, including checking your oil level…

and Rotating your tires!

Yep! That’s me, I do really help with our vehicle maintenance!

Regular maintenance helps to keep your vehicle eco-friendlier and will save you money as well.

Upgrade to a Eco-Friendly Automobile Oil Change

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