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30 minute Chicken & Broth

30 min chicken & broth-01 Running short on time? Need a quick dinner idea? What if I told you, you can take a FROZEN chicken and cook it in 30 minutes and it will be fall-off-the-bone-tender!?! And — Wait for it — and you’ll have beautiful chicken broth too! cooked chicken It just takes one thing to make this possible.. a Pressure Cooker. I realize everyone didn’t grow up with Pressure Cookers in their mom & grandma’s kitchens like I did -nor did most of you start cooking in a Pressure Cooker when you were just 20 years old. I get that Pressure Cooker may make you nervous, but I promise they aren’t scary. New Pressure Cookers  (like the 6 quart Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker that I have & love) have safety features to prevent anything unfortunate from happening. Just read the book, follow this directions and you’ll be fine! And, TRUST me. Once you start using a Pressure Cooker you’ll be bummed out you waited so long to start using one! Ok, so back to turing a frozen whole chicken into dinner in 30 minutes, right!?! I can’t stress enough the importance of supporting local farmers and strictly only purchasing pasture raised/organic/gmo & soy free chicken for your health. I know they cost more than cheap grocery store chicken, but we all know that it’s not healthy to eat food that’s been raised with soy & gmo feed, pumped full of antibiotics and led an abused life – confined indoors. Heard of Karma. Yeah. Buy local, know your farmer. You’ll reap the rewards in the end, I promise.

30 minute Chicken & Broth

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  • Combine all ingredients in your pressure cooker - cutting veggies to fit inside your pot.
  • Add filtered water to the max fill line on your pressure cooker
  • Put on the lid and pressure gauge on your pressure cooker
  • Following the instructions that come with your pressure cooker (electric or stovetop), cook for 30 minutes
  • Allow your pressure cooker to depressurize on it's own (until your safety lock disengages)
  • Open your pressure cooker
  • Carefully remove the chicken from the broth. Feel free to broil your chicken to crisp the skin, if desired.
  • Strain the broth to remove the veggies/peppercorns, use broth for soup or enjoy as is.


If you are cooking a soup chicken - increase cooking time to 45 minutes.
Newer models of pressure cookers don't come with weighted gauge - they are standardized. however if you are using a older style please use 10# pressure.
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P.S. Make sure your pressure cooker is STAINLESS STEEL. Aluminum is NEVER safe or healthy to cook in. Use aluminum pressure cookers for canning only.

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    1. yes – the same way. I prefer to roast my beef/lamb/venison/pork bones before making them in to broth for a deeper flavor.

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