Gluten Free Chicken Nuggets

GF chicken nuggetsAfter making the BEST Gluten Free Country Fried Steak, the next logical step for the amazing Gluten Free Breading was chicken nuggets! The first time was a charm, the recipe was a huge success!

Here’s my Gluten Free Breading Recipe:

I used the breast and thigh meat from 1/2 a pastured/free range chicken (we raise our own and since there is just 2 of us, we package ours in halves which is just enough for us) And I always like to tenderize my chicken that I cook off the bone – I want to make sure it’s not tough since boneless chicken can easily dry out… I use a Jaccard meat tenderizer, which is a basically a bunch of little knives that pierce the meat – and breaking up the tough fibers. And unlike meat-mallet tenderizing you don’t beat your meat thin, it stays the same size only gets more tender!

Just like making my GF Country Fried Steak..Combine all the dry ingredients and put into a shallow dish large enough to accommodate the size of your chicken nuggets (I use a pie plate).

Pour your coconut milk into another shallow dish (or pie pan)… Have you ever used canned coconut milk? Most of the time we want to use up the thick coconut cream that separates to the top and then have the liquid at the bottom of the can leftover.. For this breading I scoop the thick coconut cream off the top of the can and reserved it for later (I recommend using it to make my Peanut Butter Fluff for dessert!!) and use the thin liquid at the bottom of the can! Occasionally your coconut milk won’t be separated, but don’t worry you can use it as is for your breading – you want a liquid with a consistency of egg or milk, so feel free to add a little water if yours it too thick. Also you can use regular diary milk or a beaten egg for this step if you enjoy eggs/milk as a part of your diet.

Now you’re ready to bread your chicken:

  1. Dry – dip chicken in the dry stuff
  2. Wet – moisten chicken in the coconut milk
  3. Dry – coat moistened chicken back in the dry stuff

Arrange your breaded chicken between layers of wax paper on a plate or cookie sheet. I recommend chilling them for at least 30 minutes in the freezer (makes the breading adhere to the meat better) or longer..

Heat a skillet over medium until warm, add in your cooking fat (about 1/2 inch deep). When you oil is very warm, fry each piece until lightly golden brown on both sides. Remove finished pieces and let drain on a plate lined with paper towel or transfer to a cookie sheet and keep warm in the oven if you are making a bunch at once.


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  1. Hi, do you think you could make up a big batch and freeze them… like store bought frozen nuggets? My 3 boys love chicken nuggets, but on my quest to make our lives healthier i started reading about how the nuggets are made…(yuck)… and would really like to find a better option.

    1. Yes!!! That’s what I typically do! I just fry while still frozen, I think the breading stays stuck better!

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