Canned Chicken Stock

canning chicken stock


Chicken stock, beef stock, pork stock.. it all is the same when it comes to canning….. This is such a quick and easy recipe 🙂 I would rather “can” my stock instead of storing it in the freezer… why waste the space and electricity??? And it’s so easy to pull out a jar of stock – it doesn’t require thawing!!

Here’s how to Can Chicken Stock:

  1. Wash & Sterilize your jars (I sterilize mine in the oven at 215 for 30 minutes on a cookie sheet)
  2. Heat your lids in a pot of water over medium heat
  3. Heat your stock until it’s just about simmering…
  4. Fill your sterilized jars with hot stock, leaving 1 inch head space
  5. Secure 2 part lids
  6. Pressure can at 10 pounds of pressure for 20 min for Pints and 30 min for Quarts…

Yes. You MUST Pressure Can stock. No excuses…. well unless you want to get really, really sick! Oh if you want to can stock with meat chunks in it.. increase your times to 1 hr for pints and 1 hr + 15 min for quarts!



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  1. I have never canned before and am getting 15 chickens tomorrow to do just that! Needless to say, I’m doing an awful lot of reading up on the subject. I would also like to can the stock but am not sure how to get the stock. You said something about simmering the bones and other pieces for 3 days. Can you explain exactly what I need to do step by step? Thanks for the web-site, it is very helpful!

    1. I just put the bones and other yummy little pieces in a big pot, covered with water, and simmered for 3 days.. then strained out the stock!

  2. Does this method (with the boiling-pressure canning) allow the nutrients to stay in the stock? or is the goodness “killed”?

    thanks, this is a great idea

    1. Stef – since it’s completely contained in the jar, there is no way for anything to escape 🙂

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