Are Essential Oils Safe To Use On Dogs and Cats?

The short answer to this question is YES, but with some precautions.  Less is more for our pets as their sense of smell is far keener than ours and, interestingly, cats are far keener than dogs.  Consequently, they can be easily overwhelmed by the smell.  Additionally there are some oils that I do not recommend using on them.

One precaution that is important to know is that dogs and cats are more sensitive to synthetics, additives, and residues of toxins, such as herbicides and pesticides on the plants distilled for their essential oils.

What are some of the use of oils for our pets that are helping them with their health and wellness issues?

  • Allergy Symptoms (inflammation, rashes, breathing issues, itching)
  • Digestive Issues (upset stomach, diarrhea, constipation, vomiting, lack of appetite)
  • Wounds and Incisions Post Surgery (stop bleeding, accelerate healing, protect from infection)
  • Stress, Anxiety (Separation Anxiety), Fear (such as fireworks, going to the vet)
  • Pain (From Arthritis, Joint Injury, Back Injury, Wounds)
  • Urinary Tract Infections/Stones/Crystals
  • Damage to Filter Organs (Kidneys, Liver, Colon, Lungs, Skin)
  • Ear Infections, Ear Mites, Yeast Overgrowth Infection in Ears
  • Bacterial, Yeast, and VIRAL INFECTIONS (note:  essential oils have the ability to pass through the cell membrane, reach the virus that resides inside the cell, and inhibit its ability to reproduce…antibiotics do NOT)
  • And many more health challenges

It is so encouraging to see the amazing help these essential oils are providing for their pets.  They are a powerful option with no side effects, like pharmaceuticals have.  Unlike pharmaceuticals, essential oils help support the body and provide the “tools” to help your pet heal itself.

For more information on which oils, for what health challenges, and how to use them, please go to my Website: www.thedogoiler.com

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  1. My frenchie keeps going urinary tract infections and need a natural solutions. I use many essential.oils. what would work for my dog? She is 10

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