Homemade Eyeliner

the BEST eyeliner. Amazing - no smudge!! Did you know you can make your own NON-TOXIC, homemade Eyeliner with just 3 ingredients?? And I’m not kidding when I say that it has amazing staying power! I’ve worn it for over 24 hours without it smudging 🙂 I’ve seen recipes for homemade eyeliner and I’ve made several of them.. the biggest disappointment is that they did not stay on at all AND they were more grey than black. I worked on my own recipe and I’m so excited to share it with you (finally!) I recycled a small container that had eyeshadow in it, if you don’t have a container to use you can also BUY them. Many of the recipes I found online used coconut oil in them, when I tried using those homemade eyeliners they were a light gray and immediately melted on my skin, they barely lasted an hour 🙁 Since I use water in my recipe, if your eyeliner dries out just add a few more drops of water to moisten it! And if you need a makeup remover, THIS is what I use 🙂 It’s amazing!

the BEST eyeliner. Amazing - no smudge!!

Homemade Eyeliner

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  • Using scissors, cut open each charcoal capsule and pour into your small container
  • Add Arrowroot Powder
  • Add just enough water to make a thick paste (a toothpick is perfect to mix with)
  • Use an eyeliner brush to apply your eyeliner
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  1. Hi Hayley, I’m having trouble with the eyeliner dusting a ton. It’s not staying in place. I’ve made it three different times, even once without the arrowroot to see if that helped, and it did but not a ton. Any tips? Something I’m missing? Thanks!

    1. corn can be inflammatory for many both topical and ingested. It’s properties for thickening are similar to arrowroot and should work as a suitable swap.

  2. Is there a way you could use coconut oil and/or argon oil in place of water? Also, how might one make it ‘smudgy’ like a kohl or kajal? Or does it strictly have only a gel consistency?

    1. if you use an oil it will be oily. I encourage you to try your own perfect recipe and report back on what works!

  3. 4 capsules is how many spoons. I’m using black oxide so I want to get the right measurement. All the oil anbd wax recipes aren’t working for me.

    1. There’s lots of other recipes for different colored homemade eyeliner on the internet 🙂 How long it will last is very individual – how much do you use & how often you apply it will make a big diffence.

  4. I was wondering if you knew a way to make a dark blue eyeliner? I have found that black eyeliner makes my blue eyes look a little grey so I switched to blue to make the color stand out.

  5. 5 stars
    Hi! How is the consistency? Does it apply like a gel eyeliner or is it more runny? How long does it last? Thank you! I recently found out i am allergic to make-up so i have been trying to make my own.

    1. More of a gel eyeliner. It may dry out if you go long times in-between use, just add a few drops of water to re-wet.

  6. What is the purpose of the arrowroot powder? I’ve seen other recipes that are just water and activated charcoal. Before I make a big batch, I’m just wondering what the difference would be to help me pick a recipe. Thanks!

    1. Sammi – Arrowroot is a common household item for us 🙂 You could use an organic corn starch if you do not have any health issues related to the consumption of corn & grains. Make sure it’s organic so that you aren’t putting GMO Corn near your delicate eye tissue.

    1. It won’t go bad or atleast mine that I’ve had for over a year hasn’t 🙂 if it gets dry just add more water.

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