Easy Homemade Cool Whip Recipe

This Easy Homemade Cool Whip Recipe is stable like the store bought kind but made at home and SO much more delicious! Made healthier with real food ingredients and can be made sugar-free & keto-friendly.

Know what’s totally gross? Cool Whip.

No really. Have you ever really looked at the ingredients in Cool Whip? ACK!

What ingredients are in Cool Whip?

Cool Whip Original is made of water, hydrogenated vegetable oil (including coconut and palm kernel oils), high fructose corn syrup, corn syrup, skim milk, light cream (less than 2%), sodium caseinate, natural and artificial flavor, xanthan and guar gums, polysorbate 60, sorbitan monostearate, sodium polyphosphate, and beta carotene (as a coloring).

As if that list of ingredients isn’t troubling enough, I’m sincerely sitting here scratching my head over the last ingredient; beta carotene (as coloring) – doesn’t it strike you odd that they needed to add a color to make cool whip white? ‘Cause it shouldn’t!

I don’t think I need to really get into the disgusting details why 90% of the ingredients in Cool Whip are completely toxic to the human body… it’s pretty obvious, right?

But here’s the thing, so many family-favorite dessert recipes from the 70’s & 80’s were based on using cool whip… because you’ve made the awesome choice to avoid processed foods, like cool whip, you don’t have to ditch those recipes anymore with my Easy Homemade Cool Whip Recipe!

Homemade HEALTHY Cool Whip made with Real Food Ingredients and Low Carb/Keto Option

My Homemade Healthy Cool Whip is made with just a few simple ingredients and can easily be made Low-Carb & Keto friendly by swapping your favorite zero carb sweetener (I do not recommend stevia, THIS is my favorite Low-Carb sweetener)

Not only is this the perfect replacement for store bought Cool Whip, but it’s also a delicious fruit dip AND it’s amazing as a whipped cream style cake frosting!

The cake above, which I call a Princess Cake is my Grain Free Classic Birthday Cake found on page 182 of my first cookbook; Without GrainGrain Free Classic Birthday Cake found on page 182 of my first cookbook; Without Grain. In-between the layers I added chopped strawberries and a custard cream.

This recipe yields roughly 5 cups of Homemade Healthy Cool Whip, this (below) shows one batch in a 5.2c plastic container.

Homemade HEALTHY Cool Whip made with Real Food Ingredients and Low Carb/Keto Option

Homem Cool Whip

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Servings: 5 cups



  • Using a hand or stand mixer, cream together cream cheese and sugar until fluffy.
  • Add remaining ingredients, WHIP until fluffy stiff peaks form.
  • Enjoy your Homemade Healthy Coolwhip immediately or keep it in the refrigerator for 3-5 days.
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    1. We’ve frozen and ate it while still nearly frozen but when it thaws it looses some of it’s whip-ness.

  1. This looks great! As a child of the 90s, I grew up eating cool whip as the ‘low calorie healthy alternative to ice cream’ often. Combining both HWC and cream cheese is a great idea! The best of both frosting types.

  2. I made this last night. I like it very very much!!! It tasted so good it was hard to not eat too much out of the bowl before I frosted the cake. I was looking for a cake frosting that used very little sugar and this works! Buttercreams take so many cups of sugar, and cream cheese frostings take a lot also.And I was also looking for a frosting to get the naked-barely-frosted-rustic-look to use with flower and leaves on a celebration cake, and this frosting accomplishes both goals. Thank you for posting. I love these simple easy ideas that are real gems.

  3. Thank you Hayley this looks amazing! I passed you link on to a friend who’s just getting started with all things Keto.

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