Homemade Seasoned Salt

Homemade Seasoned Salt

I use the same basic blend of spices, sea salt and pepper on nearly everything…. so to save time I came up with the perfect blend, all in one mixture!! I make 2 versions, one spicy and one plain… the best part is you know exactly what is in your blend! No sneaky MSG!

Combine everything together and fill a shaker bottle, Enjoy!

(I have included shopping links above – I encourage you to start buying things like spices in bulk to save money.. store your surplus in the freezer.. Don’t pay for a new spice bottle each time, just get bags of bulk spices and reuse/refill bottles you already have!)

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  1. Celtic sea salt? Who the hell Has that or Himalayan pink salt laying around? This recipe is officially a waste of time now.

    1. Thanks Sandy – I’ve used real salt before and think it’s great but I personally love Celtic Sea Salt a little more 🙂

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