How I Finally got Beautiful No ‘Poo Hair

How I finally got beautiful No Poo Hair and a Morroco Method Giveaway

I began my No ‘Poo journey several years ago. (No ‘Poo = No Shampoo) And, like many people who take the plunge away from shampoo the biggest struggle along the way has been the icky, sticky transition period.

When you are using a traditional Shampoo on your hair you are essentially using chemicals to strip all the healthy oils from your scalp/hair every time you wash it. And then in response to having all it’s healthy oils chemically stripped away, your scalp produces MORE oil. It’s a vicious and un-natural cycle we put our hair through when we wash it with chemical shampoos.

I’ve got a full head of thin, dark hair. and LOTS of it. The kind of hair that you wash in the morning and it’s greasy by 5 pm.  Although my hair had a little natural wave, I blew-dired it straight every day (occasionally using additional heat styling tools, but not often and rarely using gels, mouse or hair spray… (below is my pretty, shiny, long hair just before going no ‘poo)


By choosing to eliminate chemical shampoos it’s better for your hair and scalp. It allows it to return to it’s natural state and resume a regular regulation of it’s sebaceous oil production.  However, it can take your scalp a while to regulate, to realize that it no longer needs to produce excess oil since you’re no longer harshly stripping away the oils it’s producing.

First I transitioned away from a regular chemical-laden shampoo/conditioner to using an all natural bar soap and apple cider vinegar as a detangling rinse (about 2011) but I was never really satisfied with my hair. I also quit blow drying it, unless it was a special occasion. But no matter how often I no ‘poo cleansed or a year of sticking through the transition period, my hair was still sticky. I never felt my hair was clean, especially if I tried to blow dry it straight, there was always a matted, oily mess in the back right of my head 🙁 Of course if I was going somewhere and wanted to ensure my hair looked great, I’d cheat and switch back to a natural shampoo.

I’ve been fortunate that throughout this process I’ve worked at home or in a causal work environment where pony tails were widely accepted 🙂 Somewhere along the line I switched to (the most popular method of no ‘poo) baking soda as a wash and apple cider vinegar as a rinse, thinking that might be the answer. But I got tired. Like really tired.

I was so tired of looking like i didn’t wash my hair. Don’t get me wrong, I stuck with it 90% of the time, hoping that THIS TIME my hair would be silky and lustrous. But alas no luck 🙁 In my frustration, I got my hair cut… like 18 inches shorter 🙁


Yeah, that was totally stupid. I swear thats’ the LAST time I’ll make that mistake. (May of 2013)

Oh – and you see how my hair is generally straight in both of those pictures? well those were days I blew-dried my  hair straight, because my hair is now pretty darn curly. By letting my hair air dry and using no ‘poo natural curl took over 🙂 Like pretty spirals.  However those pretty spirals aren’t keeping a nice bouncy shape. No matter what I do my curls seem to be frizzy and unkept looking – not to mention still sticky feeling.

For the past year a researched and researched different, healthy ways of gently cleansing my hair.  But nothing worked 🙁

However, on Instagram I noticed Claire from Flame to Fork was trying a new No ‘Poo product and having AMAZING results.

I was jealous.


In the first couple of week’s of switching to Morrocco Method, Claire’s hair looked so awesome. It was a no brainer that I had to try it myself. So I started hard-core researching Morrocco Method. Their website it totally awesome, with videos and lot’s of FAQs. And you can even email them with questions and they are super eager to help!

Morrocco Method specializes in holistic hair care (they also have some skin and body care products).  Their products are  raw, vegan, cruelty-free, soy-free, GMO-free, gluten-free and sodium lauryl sulfate-free.  They are actually completely chemical free and every ingredient is the recognizable name of a plant or mineral (the shampoos are botanical and clay-based).  Morrocco Method products are top ranked for using safe, non-toxic ingredients according to Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep Cosmetic Database.

I took the plunge with their Healthy Hair Starter Package (May 20, 2013) and of course I had very high expectations. Initially my hair felt much cleaner and not as sticky. My first reactions was Yes, this is better… but will it be the answer I’ve been looking for.

I hoped that my hair would just SPRING to life and everything would be 100% perfection after I switched to Morrocco Method, but I’m sorry to say it wasn’t 🙁

Well – not immediately 😉

Yes my hair was ‘better’ than it had been but I was still not convinced it was the answer I was looking for… UNTIL I started using the Morrocco Method Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy and brushng my hair 2x a day with a boar bristle brush.

The Zen Detox Hair & Scalp Therapy is like a clay mask for your hair, only like totally awesome. And the boar bristle brush helps distribute the oils from your scalp to your hair, so it’s not all matted against your scalp.


The first time I used it, it seemed to pull off all the gunk I’d been fighting for the past 3 years. And with each time I’ve used it since, it seems to make my hair better each time. I’ve since used it once a week for the past 3 weeks and my hair is the best I can remember it being in YEARS even when I used regular shampoo!

It’s been nearly 30 days since I started using Morrocco Method and the most exciting part is the anticipation of where my hair will be in another 30 days. I’ve seen an dramatic difference in my hair and can’t wait to see it improve even further!

My current routine is to brush my hair with a boar bristle brush every morning and evening, then cleanse my hair with Morrocco Method 2-3 times a week and use the Zen Detox 1x a week. (I plan to use the zen detox once a week until mid july then use it less often)

And I’m so excited the share the gift of a Morrocco Method Healthy Hair Starter Package with one lucky reader! Isn’t that awesome!?!?!


So, if you’re interested in trying out Morrocco Method, enter to win below! However, if you just can’t wait click HERE to go to the Morrocco Method website to place your order, today!

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  1. Thanks for the quick reply! Unless my hair behaves completely differently with the MM products, I can’t just wet my hair without also using conditioner as it dries a frizzy mess unless I use some kind of conditioner/styling product. But my hair is thick and coarse and not long enough to pull back. So I”ll just have to experiment.

  2. I just ordered some of MM products and I”m excited to try them. My question is how to handle on a daily basis. I usually wash my curly hair about once a week. But I must wet it completely every morning or it looks terrible. Currently on the days I don’t wash, I condition and then use a leave-in conditioner/styling creme in. What products do you use on days you don’t shampoo and are you able to refresh your curls without completely wetting your hair? Thanks!

    1. I don’t think there is any issue with wetting you hair between washings, just use water and no conditioner. Many people with curly hair only wash a few times a year and use just water all the time! I just pull mine back, my hair is fine so leaving it down inbetween washes it always looks yucky!

  3. I think the most important thing anyone can do for their hair is to first use natural products and secondly, get a boar bristle brush, and brush their hair according to how the morroco method website advises. I found that it really helped improve my hair (am using shampoo bars) tremendously, by spreading the natural oils to the tips of my hair.

  4. I am interested because I would like to find something that makes my hair look great and it’s natural to boot. The older I get the more items I find that seem to aggravate my skin.

  5. I would love to try the Moroccan Method, because I make all of my family’s and my own toothpaste, deodorant, lotion, diaper cream-you name it! Shampoo has eluded me however, and the no poo method just leaves my hair feeling gross. I try to support good, honest companies that use real, non GMO ingredients, preservatives or chemicals, but I’m also incredibly poor and in between two major brain surgeries, so I don’t have money to support the companies like this, that I admire. It would be great to win, so I can start concentrating on something new to make- maybe soap!

  6. I want to try the Morocco Method because I’ve tried a lot of organic shampoos and they TOTALLY dry my hair out and seem to strip my color too. I am discouraged and was actually considering trying yet ANOTHER brand when I saw this post! I may have to order it. THANKS!

  7. I’ve also had a lot of issues with sticky/matted hair, especially in the back. Even if I tried to wash with extra bar soap or baking soda there. Glad to hear this method works – thank you for sharing!

  8. This is so exciting! I have been searching for something like this! Thanks for the opportunity!:)

  9. I have been no poo since November 2012 and need a change. Your post and others have convinced me to try MM

  10. I would like to try it because I have tried no-poo and had no luck. My hair was dull, lifeless, greasy, and unmanageable. I gave up on no-poo, but would like to try something new.

  11. I just don’t wash my hair most of the time. I might rinse it with ACV on e a week but I usually don’t do anything. I find it is better since I just stopped messing with it. It would be nice I try something different tho. Sometimes, my scalp gets dry and scratchy.

  12. I have trying to do the no poo and haven’t liked my hair. I would really love to try this!!!

  13. I would love to try this! I have naturally curly hair, and it alternates between rat’s nest and tumbleweed. I’m always looking for a good way to tame it!

  14. I’ve always wanted to try the nopoo method but am hesitant, I tried for a week and went through exactly what you describe, my hair got so oily and felt horrible. I’d love to try again.

  15. I did not know what a Flipbelt was. I love it because when I go walking I don’t have a place for my phone. This would be really nice and so would the Morrocco Hair method!!!!

  16. I quit no-poo a while back because I got discouraged. I loved reading your testimony!

  17. I´m really happy to have found you and anxious to try the Moroccan Method . Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

  18. I have wanted to do the NO Poo thing for some time now. my hair is falling out. I have worn it up for the last 12yrs. literally!! I only take it down long enough to wash dry and put back up. I think that has taken a toll on it along with the commercial shampoo. I need a hair cut and a more healthy and natural way of cleansing my hair. I would definitely try this. Thanks, for the opportunity.

  19. I LOVE MM products! I refer my clients to them all the time. 🙂 Also, did I miss where you talk about flip belts?!

  20. I gave up on no poo because my curls were super greasy. I’m satisfied with low poo for now, but I’m curious about this method.

  21. I would love to use a flip belt when I take my dog out for walks or go on runs!

  22. Not sure why to rafflecopter wants the comment to be about the flip belt? But the morocco method looks like a wonderful system. Would definitely purchase it right now if I had the money.

  23. I’d use a flipbelt while walking. Hopefully my phone would fit into it.

  24. Would love to try something different for my thick curly hair.It has a mind of it’s own.

  25. I live in a humid climate and so my issue is frizzy hair, I wonder if they have a product that can deal with it??? Would love no frizz hair!

  26. I’ve been looking into getting this for a long time, would love to try it for free!

  27. I tried the no ‘poo method and I couldn’t stick with it either. I’m about to chop my hair off too but maybe I’ll try this first!

  28. I first tried honey as a no poo method. It worked for a while, but then I couldn’t get rid of the greasy feeling after a month of doing it. So then I tried baking soda. Same thing happened. Both times, I would occasionally do an ACV rinse, but no matter how diluted I made it, it made my hair even greasier, so I mostly skipped it. I have no idea what went wrong with those. So now I’m making my own shampoo with a coconut milk base… and it works some days, doesn’t other days. It still has this greasy feel/look to it most of the time. And frizz. SO much frizz. When I use up this batch, I’ll probably experiment in the kitchen some more, but… I’d much rather switch to MM. The only thing holding me back is the cost (my husband wasn’t too pleased when I asked him if he’d be okay with me spending $100+ on awesome shampoo and conditioner that will probably last the whole year and be more cost effective than store bought… he didn’t believe me. 🙂 ). I would love to win this and finally fix my hair and scalp (did I mention it’s been getting itchy ever since I’ve started mixing up my hair routine?).

  29. If I had a Flipbelt, I would store my phone, my id and my keys in it. This would be very useful when on a mission trip and they are cool looking too! Could they be as cool looking as my new no poo hair?

  30. I use the scalp massager by MM and love it! Would really like to try this particular routine and see if it works for me as I’m currently revising mine and am on the hunt for new products.

  31. I’ve always been interest in going no ‘poo but have been wary, considering I work in a very public profession. This just might give me the courage I need!

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