Paleo Sweetened Condensed Milk

Paleo Sweetened Condensed Milk - Real Food - Vegan - Vegetarian - Homemade & Healthy You can easily make Sweetened Condensed Milk at home instead of buying the unhealthy, canned stuff at the store! And the best part is you can decide what type of “Milk” and sweetener based on your way of eating – This recipe is very easy to adapt to any style of eating, for us we like a Honey Sweetened Condensed Milk!

Paleo Sweetened Condensed Milk - Real Food - Vegan - Vegetarian - Homemade & Healthy

Paleo Sweetened Condensed Milk

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  • Combine everything in a small sauce pan and simmer until reduced by about 1/3
  • Allow to cool before using
  • Enjoy!


a triple batch of this recipe is the equivalent to 1 can of sweetened condensed milk
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Paleo Sweetened Condensed Milk - Real Food - Vegan - Vegetarian - Homemade & Healthy

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  1. Cool recipe but butter isn’t paleo. I know ghee is usually considered paleo but I see quite a lot of food bloggers claiming something is paleo when it has butter in it. What’s the point of using coconut milk if you are going to use butter. I hope this doesn’t come off as rude just think it shouldn’t be claimed paleo when there is butter. Other than that thanks for the recip! And might try it without the butter.

    1. Sweeteners, even natural, are t paleo either. Paleo is a mindset with extreme variations do what fits your needs and don’t try to police others.

  2. Thanks so much for this. Now I can use my old recipes calling for condensed milk but with no sugar and no fake sugars.

  3. I am a little surprised you link a coconut milk with guar gum in it. But perhaps it has changed since then. However, if you didn’t already know, after trial and error and different brands etc., I have come to find I like the Golden Star brand canned one best. It is very thick and creamy, bpa free cans, from Thailand, and has no guar gum. Nothing but coconut milk and water. Organic is always preferred, but better to me, to not have any additives. I love what this brand does for my smoothies. =)
    Thank you for the very helpful article. I will be trying this recipe whenever anything calls for sweetened condensed milk. =)

  4. Hi I just want to be clear I am needing a can of condensed milk in s recipe
    So in order to use this substitute do I just triple all the ingredients? For instance 3 tablespoons butter 15 tbsp honey??

  5. Hi Haley,
    Thank you for this soooo very useful recipe. Prior to Paleo many of my favorite recipes used sweetened condensed milk, particularly the desserts. Today, I no longer feel deprived even though I am still developing some of my basic Paleo cooking skills.
    I have a very important question, however, that is not completely clear about your recipe (& some others as well). It is regarding measuring the canned coconut milk. After opening the can of coconut milk, do you separate out the coconut fat and pour off the liquid and only use the fat for the 1/2 cup measurement of coconut milk. or do you blend the canned coconut fat with the coconut liquid (which it sits) then measure out your 1/2 cup of coconut milk?

    1. When you’re reading paleo or dairy free recipes – it’s generally accepted that it’s blended coconut milk UNLESS specified otherwise.

    1. I don’t use any of the coconut milk available in milk type cartons in the refrigerated section – they are full of additives. Click the link in the recipe for the exact product I use and recommend for the recipe.

      1. The other ingredients have a live link but the coconut milk does not. I guess it’s full-fat canned coconut milk, but a link to what you use would be helpful. Thanks!

        1. Hum, that’s strange! every ingredient on my site is a link – either to a product recommendation or to another place you can find it on my blog – perhaps you need to reset your browser??? but yes full fat canned coconut milk is what i recommend – without any additives or thickeners.

  6. Thanks for this great post! I love how with each recipe on your site you highlight the importance of knowing exactly what goes into the food that we consume to your readers. This looks like a wonderful Paleo condensed milk that I must try soon.

  7. Hi Hayley and your readers,
    I want to make a canned version of this, but the web seems to suggest that it shouldn’t be done. We have all seen canned evaporated and condensed milk so it is clearly possible, so I am wondering if you have ever done that or any of your readers.
    We are home educators and going to the annual home ed festival and don’t want to be without goat’s cream for the week of the camp, as we love it so much and get through lots of pots of it between the goat milk side of the family. (The other side, i.e. those who can tolerate cow’s milk are lucky enough to have raw organic cow’s milk so I think they will be ok for the camp, it’s just the goat people who are looking for help)
    Thanks for a lovely blog.
    Afifah (England)

    1. Afifah – I’ve tried canning cream based soups and they never turned out. First of all you’ll have to pressure can them, since they are a low acid food. The commercial canning process is very different and there are chemicals/stabilizers added as well.

      From my experience I wouldn’t try it.. and I’m pretty aggressive with canning 🙂 I’m not as familiar with goat cream – but why wouldn’t it keep for a week?? How does it freeze? What about culturing it to add a probiotic punch and extend it’s life? I had assumed it was similar to cow’s cream – which would should keep fine. The farm we get our raw milk from does offer frozen goat milk dduring times when there isn’t fresh available.

  8. Thanks for making this available as a quick no brainer for me, to add to my repertoire of (healthier) substitutions!

  9. I have made this 3 times. The first time was perfect but the last 2 is has curdled as it is warming. Not sure what I am doing wrong.Taste pretty good but the consistency is weird. Could it be different butter? I have used raw milk every time.

    1. Mona – I’m not sure. Maybe it was overheated? Try blending it in your blender it might emulsify back together.

      1. The first time I thought it was over heated but this time I paid more attention. It started to “curdle” as soon as the pan started warming up. I just strained it out and it tasted fine or should I say GREAT! I was thinking about it and the first time I used maple syrup and the other 2 I used honey. Not sure if that would matter either. Thanks for the quick response! And for the great recipes.

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