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Low-Carb {Pressure Cooker} Buffalo Chicken Soup

Low-Carb {Pressure Cooker} Buffalo Chicken Soup - Grain & Gluten Free, Primal FriendlyI guess you could say that I’m a pressure cooker addict. I’m just like everyone other busy person, I’m always looking for fast and delicious dishes, and pressure cooking is the most supreme way to get a hot meal on the table in the least amount of time.

I’ve been using a pressure cooker in my kitchen for years, but it wasn’t until I got an electric pressure cooker (multi cooker) did it become an appliance I used almost daily. The drawback to using a stove top pressure cooker is that it required constant supervision. You have to monitor the stove burner temperature to maintain steady pressure by watching a gauge or listening to the rhythm of the pressure gauge’s jiggle/hiss sound.

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An electric pressure cooker (multi cooker) is very similar to a crock pot where you can set it and forget it. Although, I don’t leave home with it running, I can go outside or into another room without worry while it’s safely doing all the cooking. And if you are worried about safety in regards to the old-wives tails about pressure cookers, rest assured that the new electric pressure cookers (multi cooker) have safety features to make it safe enough for a child to operate!

Low-Carb, Pressure Cooker, Buffalo Chicken Soup

This Low-Carb {Pressure Cooker} Buffalo Chicken Soup is positively delicious and practically effortless. You don’t even have to thaw out your frozen boneless, skinless chicken and you get all that creamy, spicy buffalo wing flavor without the mess of making wings!Low-Carb {Pressure Cooker} Buffalo Chicken Soup - Grain & Gluten Free, Primal Friendly

Low-Carb {Pressure Cooker} Buffalo Chicken Soup - Grain & Gluten Free, Primal Friendly

Low-Carb {Pressure Cooker} Buffalo Chicken Soup

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Servings: 2 servings



  • In your pressure cooker combine all ingredients EXCEPT cream & cheese.
  • Cook under pressure for 10 minutes then quick depressurize.
  • Carefully remove chicken, shred and return to soup. Add heavy cream and cheese, stir to combine.
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  1. 5 stars
    Loved by all! Can’t believe how many people I’ve on passed this recipe on to.
    Will try to make it a WW soup now!

  2. 5 stars
    Haha already made it again! Threw a GoT finale marathon party island it was a huge hit! Left the butter out and it looked better – less floating fat film and just as tasty. I made it with the celery this time and liked it even better. I doubled it again but it seemed like a lot of chicken to broth ratio. I think our chicken breasts were really big. No worries, just added another 2c broth, 1/3c Frank’s, 1/2c cream, and some garlic. So good.

  3. 5 stars
    Awesome sauce! Made a double batch with frozen thighs, and we didn’t have celery so I used more onion. Celery would have made it. Only “complaint” is that a lot of fat was on the top. I’m not anti fat, I just don’t like an oily top. I think cutting out the butter may help. I’m going to try with half cheddar and half cream cheese next time just to play with it. This is going into rotation!

  4. 5 stars
    This has become one of my family’s all time fave. Once you’ve followed the recipe once, there’s a number of variations you can take it. Tonight I’m making a thicker (less broth) version over rice!

  5. Absolutely the BEST buffalo chicken soup I’ve eaten. This is a keeper! I used chicken broth because I’m new to bone broth but I am going to try making bone broth in my IP. Thanks for a fabulous soup recipe!

  6. Hi. Made this soup last evening with a couple of changes. I don’t have a pressure cooker, so made this the typical way by sautéing the onions, garlic and celery in the butter. I added the chicken and then the broth and HVR seasoning. Removed the chicken after 20 min of simmering and shredded it with two forks. Placed back in pot with the heavy cream, Tabasco, a little more broth. And a very well drained (i mean, i let it drain in a small colander) a can of diced tomatoes. My can was seasoned with oregano and basil, Hunt’s brand i think. Then added the cheese. I realize tomatoes have their share of carbs, but per serving very minimal and the result was delicious and a tad more colorful. This soup was delicious! Thx for the recipe. Wish i could post my photo.

  7. Made this today, husband said please make this a regular on our keto diet. Was so good! I don’t think my Pressure Cooker Pro XL gets as hot as yours and my chicken breasts were HUGE, so I increased time to 16 minutes. Also, I was using frozen chicken bone broth muffin cubes for half the broth since I didn’t have enough thawed out. Added a diced and seeded jalapeno just because I had it. Used 1/4 T xanthum gum to thicken and topped with a dollap of blue cheese dressing and cilantro. Made 4 big servings for us and cannot wait to eat the leftovers! Thank you for such a quick, easy and fantastic recipe!

  8. This is amazing, I love it! I’ve made it twice in the last couple weeks, my roommates loved it. Please post nutrition info in the future so that we know how your wonderful recipes fit into a keto diet!

  9. This soup is AMAZING! My hubby is sooooo picky and he actually LOVES this soup… he told all his coworkers about it! I feel like this is a HUGE win for me in the kitchen, so thank you!

    1. I have definitely eaten it in more than two servings. Three people ate it for dinner and there were leftovers for at least one more serving.

    1. AM. – I hate to say this, and sound so cliche, but if the recipe didn’t work for you (but has worked awesomely for thousands of people) perhaps you didn’t follow it to a T … I’m glad to help you trouble shoot, what multi-cooker did you use?

  10. I just got an Instant Pot for Christmas, and this was the first recipe I made. Delicious! I wouldn’t change a thing. The broth is amazing with great flavor. Thanks for the recipe!

  11. I just made this – first time using my IP. I used high pressure for 12 minutes since my chicken breasts were frozen, and did a quick release when the time was up. Soup looked and smelled wonderful, but the chicken breasts were still raw. I just put it on for another 10 min. at high pressure, and we’ll see what happens.

    1. Okay, results are in. The soup was totally delicious! I didn’t change much – just used extra onion & garlic to suit our tastes. Cooked on high pressure for a total of 22 minutes. Chicken was moist and done and shredded beautifully. The flavor of the soup was amazing! Definitely a keeper.

  12. This was the first recipe I made using the instant pot and it came out great! Will definitely make again. Thank you!

  13. I just made this for the first time. I couldn’t believe my kids were saying, “What is that delicious smell?” They just aren’t that adventuresome when it come to their taste buds. But it tasted as good as it smelled. Thank you for the recipe. I have one question. Can you tell me how to thicken it a little?

    1. Prettt much all thickeners will add additional carbs. I would suggest potato starch, just mix 1T in water ten addd to soup, simmer to thicken

      1. I am so glad to see this! I was wondering if it would still be good with coconut milk as I don’t do very well with dairy. It would definitely have to be the full fat too!

  14. I’m eating this right now, and it is my new favorite soup. Other than chopping the garlic, making this soup is a breeze. I made it in my 3 qt Instant Pot following the recipe exactly. Thank you for sharing this recipe!

  15. Can’t wait to try this. I do have a question on the chicken breast – approximately what is the weight? 2 chicken breasts can vary in weight so much that it could mean 8 ounces or 2 lbs! I just want to make sure I get the right ratio between chicken and the other ingredients. Thank you!

    1. Chandra – honestly use your best judgment, cooking it’s always an exact science. Just grab some average sized breasts and go with it.

  16. I have the Instant Pot…just wondering if when you say Cooke under pressure for 10 min, is that on the manual setting? Thanks in advance!! ?

  17. Hi I just bought a instant pot and will be using it for the 1st time to make your soup can you please tell me what depression means and what to do thanks

    1. If you refer to your instant pot manual, it will give you all the details about depressurization. Pressure cooking relies on building PRESSURE to cook, at the end of cooking you have 2 options to allow the pressure to slowly release naturally OR to quick depressurize by carefully turning the venting valve on top.

  18. Made this tonight to be able to eat it a work this week. Love the flavor, just wondering if I missed something to thicken it up? I know it’s a soup but I was expecting it to be a bit thicker. I love that you use good ingredients in your recipes, I did use my own home made bone broth. Thanks for putting great recipes out for me to try, keeps my on the right path…

    1. Since its a low-carb soup I avoid thickeners – but if you need a thicker soup feel free to add 1-2 tablespoons of potato starch (resistant starch and won’t spike your blood sugar as badly)

  19. Is 2 servings accurate?? When I run the calories it comes out to over 1200 calories per serving. Judging by the quantity of ingredients it’s more than 2 servings! can you clarify for me? This sounds amazing and I really want to try it!

    1. serving sizes are extremely personal – you are welcome to divide my recipe into however many servings you desire.

      1. I made this the other day and everyone LOVED it! Ended up with 9 1 cup servings, which was perfect. I swapped greek yogurt for the heavy cream to better follow my nutritionist’s guidelines (I’m on a high protein, low carb, low fat diet). Loved how much protein was in this (ended up with 37 gams per serving!) I’m going to add some more vegetables to it next time. This might be my favorite soup! Plus it was SO EASY, and SO FAST. Thank you, thank you!

        In case anyone else is wondering, with my greek yogurt swap, I ended up with approximately 300 calories per 1 cup serving. 2 grams of carbs, and 15.5 grams of fat. Sodium was a tad high at 780mg because of the hot sauce (used Frank’s red hot original) and the ranch dressing seasoning.

        1. Mine is in the pressure cooker now! I don’t tolerate heavy cream very well and I don’t have any plain yogurt. Guess milk will have to do for today!!

          1. I’m confused as to why you don’t tolerate cream but can tolerate milk? typically it’s the other way around…

  20. Hi – just found your site and this recipe. I just started Adkins this week. Any clue how many carbs in a serving of this soup?

  21. Well this looks great! High Fat Low carb is how I eat, being diabetic. I’m buying a pressure cooker tomorrow. I never cut fat ~ 50 carbs daily. My labs are perfect!

    Thank you!!

  22. This is amazing!!! Thank you! I make it just like your recipe and would not change a thing! Thank you for sharing.

  23. This was SO good! I usually have to tweak recipes, but not this one. The flavor was very good. I did however leave out the butter and used low fat cheese. I forgot the butter and I only had low fat cheese, so I didn’t set out to do that but that’s how it ended up. I also used about half the cheese and cream, it just didn’t need it! It was great!
    I do actually follow low carb, lower fat diet. I searched for a low carb pressure cooker soup and found this. Not everyone looking at low carb recipes online follows ketogenic diets.

  24. This is really only 2 servings??? I doubled and got biiiiiiig bowls. I had to put it in 5 container. I follow keto and love all the fat too!! Yummmm. This soup is delicious by the way.

    1. I do make bone broth in my pressure cooker, probably an average of 2x a week, it’s an integral part of our healthy way of eating.

  25. Hayley, this recipe sounds AMAZING. I am about to make it. I request that you post nutritional information along with the recipe. Also, I’d love to read more about the dietary fat issue. Have you blogged about that?.

    1. Hey Laurie – I don’t post nutritional info on my blog posts but you are welcome to calculate it yourself, I’ve heard myfitnesspal is good and you can add complete recipes. I have blogged about fat, click HERE, HERE, HERE, and HERE

  26. Great receipe, tastes amazing!! But, I need to help… I’m trying to make about 2 lbs of this. I can double the receipe.. easy. Now, how about the cooking time, though. And if my chicken is frozen… thank you very much

    1. The fab thing about pressure cooking is that you don’t have to adjust cooking times when you double recipes, it remains the same!

        1. I’m not sure that I understand your question, can you be more specific? The recipe remains the same for the 6 or 8 quart cooker.

          1. Hayley,
            I have an 8quart, and going that a lot of recipes that I found on Pinterest were ‘burn’ing. Come to find out that the amount of liquid that you would use in a 6 qt. is not enough to use in an 8qt. I have increased my liquid (broth or water) by at least a half cup. I’m going to try this tonight using your amounts just doubled for my hungry family. I’ll come back and let you know how it turns out.

  27. Is this soup very spicy? Seems like a lot of hot sauce, so I’m thinking it’s probably not ok for my two year old? If so, is there something I could replace it with or use less hot sauce?

      1. What hot sauce did you use? I’m fond of Tabasco – and hot spicy food – but that much Tabasco seems like a lot

  28. What ranch mix did you use? A pre packed or did you make your own? Since you have commented about whole, real foods, I’m wondering if you have a simple recipe?

    1. Just CLICK on the Ranch Dressing, it links directly to my post. You’ll find the same to be true for all of my recipes. there’s tons of links included.

  29. Thanks for this great recipe, Hayley! (I’m bouncing over from the Gnowfglins blog.) I’m investigating multi cookers right now — pretty sure it would be wisest for us to go with an 8 quart. Looks like you use a GoWise? I’m trying to decide between that and the new 8 qt Instant Pot. Is there any particular reason why you went with the GoWise over the Instant Pot? How are you liking it? 🙂

    1. Initially I was interested in the GoWise because it was the only 8quart model… but I felt left out and bought both the instant pot and the go wise in the 6 quart and tested them head to head.. the go wise cooked roughly 10% faster when accounting for preheat/depressurize AND the go wise were less expensive. I returned the instant pot and never looked back.

      1. Thank you so much for this recipe. Not trying to sound stupid. But is this recipe for the Instant Pot? And also, if I would like to increase the serving size to serve six can you please tell me how much I have to increase the ingredient list by Because I know some recipes if you were increasing them you just increased by half etc. but not sure with this one.

        Thank you so much for your time and thank you for your recipes !

        1. Yes this is a pressure cooker recipe and the instant pot is a pressure cooker. The serving size depends on how large/small of a serving you’d like. For 6 servings, I’d double the recipe but keep the cooking time the same.

          1. Thanks Hayley! I was hoping someone was going to ask about doubling – thanks for answering about cooking time!

      1. Yes, that extra savings certainly does help! How fascinating that you put them to a head-to-head test! I wonder if the GoWise reaches a higher pressure level to achieve that faster cooking time? The only real difference I’ve run across (in the specs) is that the GoWise pot uses 18/12 stainless (higher nickel content) and the Instant Pot uses 18/8. But I’ve read that stainless marked as 18/8 can range from 18/8 to 18/12 anyway, so that difference might not really be very meaningful in the final analysis.

        Thanks so much for your insight! 🙂

  30. This is yummy without the cream & cheese, too, and MUCH less fat. I also use beef broth for a contrast of flavor & buy marinated fajita chicken from the butcher. So yummy.

    1. Tracy – why would you want to reduce the fat? High quality fats are essential and healthy, there is NO REASON to reduce the fat in this dish from a real food, healthy eating standpoint. I also encourage you to make sure that there are no MSGs in the seasonings your butcher uses and that the chicken you eat is indeed local/pasture raised.

      1. If someone is trying to reduce body fat, reducing dietary fat is the best way to do it when eating low carb. Energy(calories) still matter.

          1. Well I, for one, appreciate your recipe as is since I’m following a keto lifestyle. Fat is good! Thanks for the delicious soup. Going to try it this week.

          2. I totally agree! I eat LOTS of good fat and am the thinnest I have been in a long time! Keto for the win! 🙂

          3. Tat is true…. eating fat does not make fat. With that being said… it’s still calories in vs calories out.

          4. Dinah – I encourage you to do some research on the reality of CICO – I suggest starting with THIS LINK. I could only wish weight management was that simplistic, but it is not.

        1. I am confused, I don’t see cream cheese in the recipe, am I missing something ? I don’t care about the fat, I just want to not make it wrong and waste ingredients.

          1. Hey Maggie – I’m not sure where the confusion is coming from.. There is no cream cheese in the ingredients nor in the instructions. The recipe calls for Cream and Cheese.

    1. Every post/recipe on my blog is pinterest friendly. Just put your mouse pointer on the photo and the “pin it” button shows up.

      1. Actually, that doesn’t work on an iPad. I just copied the URL into the paste buffer and added the link to Pinterest that way.

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