The Best way to Store & Transport Deviled Eggs

Long gone are the days of a plain smooth plate with deviled eggs, slipping and sliding around. Risking a catastrophe when they inevitably go off the edge and onto the floor. Learn the How to Store Deviled Eggs and How to Transport Deviled eggs without any mess!

The best way to store and transport deviled eggs

Long gone are the days of a plain smooth dish with deviled eggs, slipping and sliding around. Risking a catastrophe when they inevitably go off the edge and onto the floor. And we can’t help but also mention the stuck on mess that covering deviled eggs with plastic saran wrap creates, even if you do have a pretty deviled egg serving platter, also!

And don’t be tricked into trying the internet-famous hacks that sound like a good idea; like putting deviled eggs in ice cube tray, mini muffin tin, recycled egg cartons or fashioning rolled aluminum foil into an egg shaped mold! None of these are a great way to get your deviled eggs to their final destination

And of course if we are going to talk about Deviled Eggs, you have to assume that I also have an amazingly delicious Deviled Eggs Recipe to share with too!! My “Flavor Bomb” Keto Deviled Eggs are pretty famous, if you’ve ever had one then you know what I’m talking about… they are a classic style made with ingredients like mayo and mustard blended into an egg yolk mixture along with bright flavors like horseradish plus a garnish of paprika!

And the popularity of my homemade deviled egg recipe is why I needed to do the research in the best ways to store deviled eggs both for our own meal prep AND when I take them along with us to parties and celebrations!!I A “good option” isn’t good enough, I needed a great option, the best egg carrier for safe transport and easy storage that ensures my deviled filled eggs arrive in good shape

Our Favorite Recipe(s) like my Low-Carb Coleslaw Recipe, Flavor Bomb Keto Deviled Eggs, Homemade Ranch Dressing & Dip Mix Recipe and Easy Keto BBQ Sauce Recipe are the main reasons that I started this blog 10+ years ago!! I simply got tired of writing out recipes for friends and through why not start a blog as a place to share them much more easily!

Note, EASILY is a joke. Having a blog is significantly more effort than writing out recipes, TRUST ME, but I don’t regret one single minute of it! After all that’s how we’re meeting today, which is wonderful!!

And if you are looking for any tips or tricks for making the best hard-boiled eggs using “older” eggs and not fresh eggs from the chicken coop along with a quick plunge from cooking to a cold water ice bath are how I achieve the best results with easy peel perfect eggs every time, wether I’m making hard boiled eggs on the stove top, in my instant pot or using my egg cooker (the best product IMO for making hare boiled eggs) .

The Best way to Store Deviled Eggs

I thought I was really fancy when I bought my first deviled egg serving dish or egg plate. Of course it solved the problem of eggs slipping and sliding around when I was SERVING THEM…. I mean every kitchen should have a fancy deviled egg platter for celebrations such as easter….

But the inevitably still become a stuck-on mess of plastic wrap as soon as I put them into the fridge for later.

How to Store Deviled Eggs without making a mess

It didn’t take me long after first adopting a low-carb diet and trying to eat more protein that I was on the search for How to Store Deviled Eggs without making a mess!

I don’t remember where or when I found this Rubbermaid Deviled Egg container with lid but I know it’s been AT LEAST 15 years ago and it’s still in perfect condition. Luckily I did find it on Amazon so you can snag one too! Trust me this is the Best Way to Store Deviled Eggs!

The best way to store and transport deviled eggs

This single layer deviled egg container is air tight and the deep egg shaped wells, keep your eggs safely in their place. No more slipping around, No more stuck on plastic wrap. Feel free to make your deviled eggs as pretty as you can and know they won’t get messed up!

If you are looking for how to store deviled eggs overnight or how to store deviled eggs in refrigerator, the most important factor in choosing a container is making sure that it is airtight so that no icky refrigerator odors leach into your delicate egg whites AND that your delicious deviled eggs don’t dry out!!

The Best way to Transport Deviled Eggs

Transporting Deviled Eggs can be tricky if you don’t have the appropriate container; exactly the same challenges we faced when storing them in our home fridge only we’re going to add movement to the mix!

How to Transport Deviled Eggs for a Party

When I made several dozen of my famous Flavor Bomb Deviled Eggs for our friends’ wedding-appetizer bar, I needed a travel solution beyond the one singular deviled egg container that I had been using for the past few years. It was find for a small get together or basic weekly meal prep but I needed a more convenient option that I could also use as a visually appealing way to serve them too!

What’s great about this Portable Storage Carrier with Lid for Eggs is that (A) it safely transports 24 deviled eggs per set, (B) the 2 containers, holding 12 deviled eggs each, snaplock egg carrier together and the lid is secured WITH a convenient flip-down handles and lastly (C) each of the trays lift out of the carrier to be used as decorative serving trays, making it the ideal container for everyones favorite finger foods!!

Once you make my Flavor Bomb Deviled Eggs, you’ll 100% understand why having an easy and dependable way to transport them is a necessity, everyone will be begging you to bring them with you!

How to Transport Deviled Eggs for Lunch

Now that we’ve tackled how to store deviled eggs in your home fridge AND how to transport deviled eggs for a party.. there’s one last occasion we need to address ; How to take Deviled Eggs with your for lunch!

I mean, aren’t deviled eggs kinda the perfect on the go food?! All the nutrition of a hard boiled egg but with a flavorful kick (or as I call it, a FLAVOR BOMB) but they tend to become a complete mess no matter how carefully you try to pack them for on the go.

When I went looking for the best way to take deviled eggs in your lunch I was shocked to find the holy grail of deviled egg lunch solutions! This Deviled Egg Containers with Lid + Insulated Cooler Bag & spice bottles is seriously genius. It comes with 2 containers – each holding 6 deviled egg halves but you don’t have to use BOTH at the same time, duh. But caution this set is slightly more expensive, however it should last for many many years and comes with a flexible cold pack!

For a more budget friendly option, you can pick up a pack of these Disposable Deviled Egg Trays – they hold 6 deviled egg halves without any of the mess… and despite the term “disposable” you can absolutely hand wash and reuse them many times!! And at roughly $1 each they are very affordable.

How to Store and Transport Deviled Eggs without a Carrier

So maybe you came to this post at the last minute, you don’t have time to purchase a fancy deviled egg carrier ….If you are wondering how to transport deviled eggs without a carrier, Don’t worry I have the ultimate transporting deviled eggs hack for you!

When storing and transporting deviled eggs WITHOUT a carrier, I strongly suggest making your deviled egg filling BUT DO NOT fill the egg whites until you reach your destination and/or it’s time to serve them.

Carefully pack your empty egg white halves and transfer your deviled egg filling into a pastry bag with a fancy tip, if desired or a plain zip top resealable plastic bag will do the trick too; just cut the corner of the bag to use it as a piping bag to fill your eggs easily and mess free!

If you are looking for a solution to How do you store large amounts of deviled eggs, this trick also is great for that too!

IF you don’t have pastry bags and cake decorating “‘stuff” this is THIS is the basic kit that I have and highly recommend, it has quick connect pastry tips WITH a storage cap that is perfect for taking your pre-mixed deviled yolk filling with you!

What is the WORST Deviled Egg Container?

In conclusion, I want to offer you one warning. I have tested many deviled egg carriers to verify that my recommendations are in-fact the best solutions for storing deviled eggs and transporting deviled eggs. And there is only ONE Deviled Egg container style that I do no recommend, THIS is a very inexpensive option and in this case you get what you pay for. The clasps break and they do not securely hold your eggs in place. THIS deviled egg container is also not an airtight container so your eggs can adsorb odors from your refrigerator and they will dry out. Learn from my mistake!!

How far in Advance can I make Deviled Eggs

Because I assume that your next question is going to be how far in advance can I make deviled eggs before taking them with you for a party or celebration OR perhaps to help you plan out Deviled eggs as a part of your weekly meal prep plan.

Is it OK to make deviled eggs a day ahead? YES! I prefer to make my deviled eggs the day before I plan to serve them, this gives them adequate time to chill and for the deviled egg filling flavors to come together!

How long will deviled eggs keep in the refrigerator

How long can deviled eggs stay in the fridge? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA), hard-cooked eggs of any kind can be stored in the refrigerator for up to seven days, either left in their shells or peeled. However, since deviled eggs are prepared and often contain a filling made with mayonnaise or greek yogurt, they are best consumed within four to five days, if not sooner.

Another important thing to remember that the cooked eggs should be refrigerated within two hours of being boiled and refrigerated cooked eggs (aka deviled eggs) shouldn’t be left out at room temperature for more than two hours before the risk of bad bacteria taking over!

The Best way to store and transport deviled eggs

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