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Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt

Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt

First and foremost let’s get this out on the table right away, the magic in this seasoned salt isn’t any type of mind altering “magic mushrooms” … the magic in found in the amazing FLAVOR it gives to dishes!

When it first started blogging back in the fall of 2012, I set out to find an avenue where I could share my kitchen creations. I’ve always been creative in my cooking and had numerous people asking me for my recipes, so logically posting them online seemed like the easiest way to share my recipes with everyone. It’s overwhelming when I actually reflect back on how far I’ve come in such a short period of time – authoring 2 published cookbooks and 2 ebooks in addition to posting hundreds of recipes on my blog in less than 3 years. I built something out of nothing, all in the comforts of my kitchen.

Many bloggers struggle with the idea of professional vs personal personas on their blogs and social media.. it’s something I have a hard time understanding. I don’t want any of you to read my blog posts or like my social media statuses for any reason other than an appreciation of my authentic life. I’ve never tried to be something I’m a not in order to be a more successful business person, like many others do.

I felt it necessary to talk a little about being authentic as I continue on my blogging-journey after authoring 2 amazing cookbooks. I don’t want to be only known for grain-free and fermented recipes, I want to me known for being myself, Hayley Ryczek. And at times I’ll share a recipe that is a little off path from what is expected by most people, but I want you to understand that there’s a whole world out there beyond grain free calamari.

Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt

Things like this Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt are the little things that you can add to your everyday, basic cooking that takes food from boring to extraordinary. Just lightly seasoning chicken or potatoes with it will literally blow-your mind. I was inspired by the idea for Magic Mushroom Powder that Nom Nom Paleo included in her cookbook Food for Humans – while I don’t know the exact recipe since a friend borrowed her book and never returned it but I do know that she used porchini mushooms in her along with a mix of other seasones/spices. I LOVED her idea and asked if she ever tried using different wild mushroom combinations, she didn’t but thought it sounded like a great idea.

Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt

I’ve been making this Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt for the past year or so and it’s become a staple in our kitchen. I typically just throw together somethings and taste it but today I actually took the time to put together a recipe for you because I feel everyone needs this in their spice cabinet! Even if you aren’t avid foragers like we are with a pantry stocked fully of wild picked/dried mushrooms to choose, you can always purchase dried mushrooms at better grocery stores and online HERE.

Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt

I prefer to use a kitchen scale to weigh the ratio of dried mushrooms to sea salt, so that the saltiness is consistent from batch to batch. I like a ratio of 1 part mushrooms to 2 parts salt by weight, since dried mushrooms have such a concentrated flavor you don’t need much! As a rough estimate if you don’t want to weigh yours it was roughly 2 cups dried mushrooms to 2 tablespoons sea salt (all the other measurements are the same)

Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt

Once you get your Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt made, check back for my Delicious Crispy Chicken Breasts recipe using it to take boring chicken breast to a restaurant quality dish!

Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt

Magical Mushroom Seasoned Salt

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  • Finely grind wild mushrooms in a food processor or blender.
  • Add sea salt, garlic, onion and white pepper, grind for 1 minute or until well combined.
  • Add dried parsley and brief pulse to grind/combine into your seasoned salt mixture.
  • Will yield approximately 1 cup of Magical Mushroom Seasoned Salt - store in an air tight container for up to 6 months.


This is the ratio of wild foraged mushrooms I use: 12g morel, 6g maitake, 6g black trumpet and 6g chanterelle. I have also use all morels and it's equally delicious.
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  1. 4 stars
    This is definitely a magical condiment – interesting and healthier. Thank you for sharing this mushroom seasoned salt recipe.

  2. so yummy. really mushrooms are magical. we can use it from many types and enjoy. thanks for sharing such a good information

  3. yummy, its simple and delicious food which you have shared with the user. Everyone will love this recipe.

  4. This Magical Wild Mushroom Seasoned Salt are the little things that we can add to our everyday, basic cooking that takes food from boring to extraordinary. this is the good idea of wild mushrooms.

  5. I love this! This proves that mushroom is another and indeed
    a magical plant. Now something to spice up our dishes.

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