Quick & Easy Shrimp Fried Rice

Growing up my mom would make fried rice and I refused to eat it…. I’m not really sure why 🙂  But not long after my hubby and I moved into our home, I started making it for us as a quick and easy dinner… It started out as a rice-heavy dish but has morphed into a veggie and protein packed dish with a complimentary side sized portion of rice.

Today I tossed together a quick skillet of fried rice for my lunch and I wanted to share the recipe with you!! This makes a very generous portion for one person, but can easily be doubled, tripled, etc for larger meals…

  • 6 Wild Caught Shrimp – peeled & deveined (roughly 1/4 pound)
  • Coconut Oil 
  • Veggies, approximately 2 cups total (I use onion, celery, grated carrots, frozen peas, thinly sliced cabbage, and mushrooms)
  • 1 Free Range, Local Egg
  • Cooked Rice
  • Butter* Optional
  • Coconut Aminos (tastes like soy sauce with our any soy) or Organic Tamari Sauce (wheat free soy sauce)

Heat a large stainless steel or cast iron skillet over medium heat. Add 1-2T coconut oil and all your veggies (about 1/4 cup each)… drizzle with coconut aminos or tamari sauce… Add in your shrimp and sauté…..  In a separate small skillet (scramble) cook your egg in coconut oil, roughly chop up and set aside.

Add about 1/4c to 1/2c rice to your veggie/shrimp mixture, season with additional coconut amines/tamari sauce to taste, add in chopped scrambled egg and stir in a little butter for seasoning (can be omitted, if desired) just before serving.


This is also really budget friendly way to have something that SEEMS fancy and expensive but isn’t… I generally look at the protein cost of a meal, since I keep our fridge and pantry stocked with an assortment of cooking supplies…. 1/4 pound of wild caught shrimp is less than $3 and 1 local free range egg is about $. 35… $3.35 is the total protein expense for this meal!


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