5 Reasons to Choose Physician’s Choice Probiotics + Save 25%

5 Reasons to Choose Physician's Choice Probiotics + Save 25%

While optimally I’d love for everyone to eat Fermented Foods at Every Meal to wonderful probiotic bacteria into your gut, BUT I’ve heard from so many of you that it’s just not happening regularly.

That’s why it’s essential that if you aren’t getting probiotics in your daily diet, that you take a probiotic supplement every day.

Probiotics are any microorganism that provides benefits to their host. Humans rely on microorganisms such as probiotics to keep our body healthy and functioning properly. Probiotics offer many of benefits including improved gut health, protection from germs, and they aid in digestion and nutrient absorption.

But, with so many different options on the market, each with fancy marketing claims. How do you pick which one is best?

Why Choose Physician’s Choice Probiotics

Let me be honest with you for just a minute. I get lots of opportunities to try new and different products. At first it was so much fun to get goodies to try but as time has passed, it’s not nearly as exciting.

And the one area that I get the most opportunities is Supplements.

Typically I just say “thanks but no thanks” and move on. Occasionally I’ll read through their website or scroll their social media, but not that often.

I don’t know why I took the time to look into Physicians Choice, but I’m really glad that I did.

Within just a few minutes of reading on their website, I knew this was a company and products that aligned perfectly with my strict criteria.

And over the past few months Physician’s Choice Probiotics have become the probiotic that I recommend to anyone who isn’t getting adequate fermented foods in their daily diet or is working on a gut issue.

5 Reasons I recommend Physician’s Choice Probiotics :

High Potentency – Each serving includes 60 Billion CFU of Probiotic Bacteria. Their broad spectrum probiotic blend is based around the highly researched strain Acidophilus. It offers ten different strains with each strain playing unique role in acid/bile resistance, gut health, and a variety of benefits. Each strain was hand selected and Dr. Approved for optimal digestive health.

Oh, yeah and by ‘serving’ I mean just 1 capsule. Not a handful like other probiotics!

Prebiotics – You’ve heard of probiotics. But you may not have heard of prebiotics. Prebiotics are non-digestible fibers that your probiotics need to survive. In fact, prebiotics are your probiotics’ natural food source! If probiotic bacteria don’t get enough food they’ll slowly starve and die off. Only 5% of probiotic products contain prebiotics. Yes, only 5 in every 100 probiotic supplements contain the food probiotics need to survive. In other words, these probiotics are doomed to fail from the start, unless of course you’re prioritizing a diet high in prebiotic fiber, which you probably aren’t.

Physician’s Choice Probiotics contain a prebiotic fiber blend of Jerusalem artichoke root, Gum Arabic, Fibergum Bio and Chicory Root powder, so that you know that your probiotic bacterias won’t starve to death in your digestive system!

Shelf Stable Bottle – Most probiotic products lose significant CFU (beneficial bacteria) just sitting on retail shelves. After 6 months, probiotics can lose 50% or more of their beneficial bacteria, due to moisture, light, oxygen and storage conditions. And it only goes downhill from there. In fact, clinical research shows anywhere from 80-99% of the probiotics in any one product will melt under intense heat from your stomach acid. One study of common probiotics revealed that only 13% of the advertised CFU count was alive after independent testing.

Physician’s Choice Patented Shelf Stable Bottle bottles seal out moisture and ensure CFU survivability. CSP desiccant lined bottles provide an impenetrable barrier against moisture, oxygen and light. The desiccant sleeve inside our patented bottles ensures the capsules see virtually no moisture. (That moisture effectively kills the live probiotics.)

Acid Resistant & Time Release – Unlike other probiotics on the market, Capsugel Acid Resistant Delayed-Release Capsules (DRcaps) that Physician’s Choice uses resists stomach acid when the capsule is swallowed. DRcaps use a smart delayed release technology. The capsules release the enclosed probiotic material 45 minutes after being indigested.

This extra 45 minutes “buys time” for the probiotics to reach the intestines and attach to the intestinal walls. The probiotics survive the stomach acid, and then release into the intestine where they’re needed.

High Quality – Not only are Physician’s Choice Probiotics physician approved, but they are made with all-natural ingredients, Non-GMO and gluten, dairy, egg & soy free!

And when it comes to manufacturing & sourcing, Physician’s Choice Probiotic are always the highest quality available, developed by the largest and most trusted SNF-GMP certified manufacturer of herbal extracts in the USA.

All ingredients sourced must pass multi-step quality control processing conducted by qualified scientists and technicians using advanced techniques to assure transparency, purity, and safety. Each stage of product journey is documented and verified from harvesting to packaging, guaranteeing the safest, most effective product possible.

How to Save 25% on Physician’s Choice Probiotics

Now that I’ve shared the 5 Reasons to Choose Physician’s Choice Probiotics, I’m sure you are ready to get some for yourself, right??

Before you go, don’t forget to use code: 60Bill25OFF at checkout to save 25% off your order!

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