5 Reasons to Drink Prosperatea Tea

Tea lovers rejoice! Learn the 5 Reasons to try Prospertea Botanical wellness blends that taste incredible and can support your health from the inside out!

I grew up drinking tea in the mornings. All through college and through my adult years, I’ve been a regular tea drinker but, as I’m sure you can imagine, I’m very picky about what teas I drink just like the foods I eat!

5 Reasons to Drink Prosperatea Tea

When I had to opportunity to try Prosperatea – herbal tea, I was excited to broaden my tea-palate and hopefully find a new favorite tea to drink on repeat!

Mission accomplished!

And with Prosperatea, it was truly love at first sip!

Why should you Try Prosperatea?

Let’s be honest, with so many tea brands available today, how can you tell which are the healthier choice? I’m going to share with you the 5 Reasons that I think Prosperatea is pretty awesome and why I’m going to keep it stocked in my pantry!

1. Prosperatea is made with High Quality Ingredients

Prosperate‘s mission is to provide the highest quality ingredients that mother nature can offer to benefit your mind, body, and spirit in their teas. Their ingredients are carefully sourced and blended with the finest ingredients on earth!

2. Prosperatea has a Tea for Every Moment

Whether you are looking to motivate your mornings, take a calming detour from life’s stressors, stoke your metabolic fire, or embark on a daily healing ritual, Prosperatea’s collection of intentionally blended, premium teas will be there to support your body and mind every step of the way!

Dreamland has become a regular part of my bed time routine. Enjoying a soothing cup of herbal tea is a great way to kick start your wind down routine and getting ready for bed, after a hectic day!

3. Prosperatea offers Functional Benefits with Each Cup!

Prosperatea goes beyond just a delicious cup of tea, with good for you Ayurvedic herbs and adaptogen ingredients like Ashwagandha, Jasmine, Cinnamon, licorice root, fennel seed, chamomile, Mellow Root, Ginko Biloba, Valerian Root, and Echinacea you are truly getting functional wellness in every cup!

I’ve been enjoy a cup of Best Day Ever tea to help me get through my work day. It contains the antioxidant-rich superfood, Goji Berries, that help to support my mood and stress levels keep my stress levels low!

4. Prosperatea uses Pyramid Tea bags for the best Brewing Experience

If you’re a tea drinker then you know what I’m talking about, when I say that pyramid tea bags create a better cup of tea. Prosperatea’s spacious pyramid tea bags allow tea leaves to move more freely thus being a more consistent brewing experience, extracting the most balanced flavors from all the tea leaves, natural flavors and natural ingredients included!

handmade mug with stamped with health starts in the kitchen, filled with tea, teabag held above

Side note: Aren’t my new handmade Health Starts in the Kitchen mugs simply beautiful for drinking tea in???

5. Prosperatea Tea’s Taste Delicous

There’s no point to sitting down to relax with a cup of tea that tastes gross, right? No matter which tea you choose, with Prosperatea you can be sure that your tea-time will be a delicious event, every time! Cardamom, orange peel and burdock root, oh my!

Don’t let this list of 5 Reasons to try Prosperatea fool you, the list doesn’t end there! These are just the 5 reasons that stand out to me the most. They also make their teas in small batches, blended in the US and packaged in Canada, which helps to support our Northern American!

You can now purchase ProsperaTea on Amazon with affordable prices & quick shipping thanks to prime delivery with delivery time of 2 business days to most locations in the United States!

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5 reasons to drink Prosperatea

This post is sponsored by Prosperatea, all opinions are my own.

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