5 Reasons I Switched to Rocky Mountain Essential Oils

Trying to determine the best brand of Essential Oils can be so confusing but I’m here to help you understand why I decided to make the Switch to Rocky Mountain Essential Oils and why you should too!

RMO Organic Essential OIls

If you’ve been following me here at HSITK for the past few years, then you know my love/hate relationship with Essential Oil companies. I’ve tried my best to be honest with you about my transition away from promoting essential oils on my blog.

HOWEVER, as an essential oils consumer myself, I needed to sort through the best essential brands to find a company that I feel honestly good about supporting for my own purchases.. and I use A LOT of oils.

What are the best essential oil brands

I have literally received 100’s of emails asking me what company/brand I use recommend, since my Why I’m No Longer Selling Essential Oils post. It’s taken me well over a year of researching and soul-searching as to how I can share my own personal EO experiences, while giving you my own best recommendation for a source for high quality pure essential oils. And, being honest if I was really torn if I even wanted to share my EO experiences at all.

But since you asked for my recommendation and so many of you have reached out looking for my suggestions, I’m sharing the 5 Reasons I Switched to Rocky Mountain Oils with you today.

First of all, I want to be abundantly clear that I have NO ISSUE with MLM businesses, many are very good company and have used both of the big 2 brands previously. Background: I separated myself from one of the companies for business related reasons and the other company their oils just didn’t work for me, specifically their aroma was barely noticeable when compared to other high quality oils (similar products) and they were too expensive or my budget. RMO is a direct-to-consumer brand without any pyramid schemes for craziness.

If you have found a brand of oils you’re 100% happy with, that’s AWESOME! However, if you haven’t found your perfect fit, I encourage you to try Rocky Mountain Oils high-quality essential oils.

5 Reasons Why I Switched to Rocky Mountain Oils

#1. Quality

Without doubt, the most important factor when choosing an essential oil brand/company is the quality assurance of their oils. Rocky Mountain Oils, founded in 2004, is a leading non-mlm purveyor of 100% pure, natural and authentic essential oils, expertly crafted blends and nutritional products.

Their mission is to improve the quality of life for each customer by delivering only the best premium essential oils and proprietary blends on the market, which is rooted in their S.A.A.F.E. Promise giving them a great reputation!!

As a part of their SAAFE promise, All of their oils are 100% pure, are tested for purity and potency by a third party lab, and are free of synthetics and fillers. And the oils are very potent, not just another fragrance oil.

They also stand behind the purity of their product and offer free online access to batch code specific GC test results & MS tests results. Simply enter your batch number found on the bottom of the essential oil bottles.

If you’re wanting to see ms test results for an oil you’re considering and don’t already have, you can call and they will give you the appropriate batch number. They are one of the only companies offering this service on the market today.

#2. Cost/Value

RMO’s products offer competitive and affordable pricing. Their products are priced at a reasonable value-rich price (even below the MLM companies’ wholesale pricing and there’s no required monthly auto-ship policies) yet not so low that it’s too good to be true.

They also offer some options for cost-prohibitive oils that are pre-blended with fractionated coconut oil in order to make them affordable and available to average budgets, unlike the higher priced single essential oils. For example you can purchase Rocky Mountain Oils Blend of Rose for just $28 so that you can have the benefits of rose without the $250+ price tag for pure rose essential oil. I appreciate that they offer that option for some of the higher priced oils.

#3. Product Selection

One thing you’ll notice when shopping Rocky Mountain Oils is that while they offer a wide variety of essential oil singles, essential oil blends, diffusers, carrier oils and a only few relevant accessories – that’s where their product selection ends. They are experts on essential oils and stick to just a small range of products, not everything under the sun like other companies.

So, while an extensive product offering like may seem like a perk, for me I don’t want my EO company focusing on too many extras. I’ve had enough of the jack-of-all-trades, master of none companies, you too?

I’ve been a HUGE fan of their supplements, hand soap and tooth paste for years!

#4. Education & Safety

Rocky Mountain Oils is committed to education. They don’t just want to sell you oils, they want to help you learn how to use them safely. To that end, they have an extensive help center, comprehensive comparison chart, a blog dedicated to offering usage suggestions and more, plus a Getting Started Guide to help you start off on the right foot.

Personally, I really love that they give you functional usage suggestions and dilution rates on their website, where most other companies shy away.

It’s a great time saver, for both beginners and EO experienced folks like me. Want to get some oils to help with sleep? No Problem! They’ve already put together a sleep category for you and you can further narrow your options by their Top Picks, Rest or Relaxation.

And each bottle has cute little icons showing you how to best use the oil in the bottle!

These amazing pre-blended roller balls that Rocky Mountain Oils has just released have been a life saver for me while baby sitting my niece, Jocelyn. With Rocky Mountain Oils’ Kids Line Complete Kit, they take all the research and mixing out of using EOs on little ones. You know that the dilution is prefect and each bottle tells you what it’s best used for!

Since they are predicted I felt confident in helping her combat an upset stomach with a little tummy time as a soothing tummy rub, no lengthy research involved!!

Still have questions? They have amazing customer service and their contact info is easy to find. They have team members who are ready and willing to answer any questions you may have via email or phone.

#5. Customer Service

While most often when people think about customer service they only focus on how well a company responds to issues and complaints (which Rocky Mountain Oils is exceptional at) BUT customer service starts well before issues arise.

I was shocked to see how many customer perks that RMO offers to all of their customers. Not just the ones selling their products or placing large orders, every customer gets the same treatment.

  • 90-day money back return policy – RMO stands behind their products and want to be sure you are 100% happy with your purchase. There’s no risk, with their customer satisfaction guarantee 90 day money back return policy.
  • Free Shipping – I hate paying for shipping and I no longer have to, and neither do you.
  • Pre-Stickered Bottles – Being honest with you, this is probably my favorite part of RMO. I’m an organized person and having each oil bottle come with identifying labels on the cap is amazing, am I the only one?
  • Oil’ty Rewards Program – You earn points with each purchase to use towards future products. I love free stuff and know most of you do too.
  • No Auto-Ship or Membership Fees – I still get emails from both MLM companies about my failed auto ship every month, it’s ridiculous how much money I wasted previously trying to maintain my monthly minimums so that I can retain my discount with them. There’s none of that nonsense with RMO. You only buy why you need when you need it, but still get treated like family.

Other than RMO coming to your house and filling your diffuser for you, their customer service can’t get any better! And influencers can sign up for RMO’s essential oils affiliate program and use affiliate links as a part of their affiliate marketing and become a Rocky Mountain Oils Affiliate, like me! You can view their terms and conditions on their website.

How to make the switch to Rocky Mountain Oils

Making the switch to Rocky Mountain Oils couldn’t be any easier! There’s not complicated membership programs or secret handshake, just head over to the RMO site and start shopping!

RMO’s Oils that I recommend

Here are a few of my favs that are also amongst their best-seller oils.

Of course you can stock up on single oils, but if you’ve got a favorite blend from another company, RMO made that super easy for to switch too with their conversion chart on a page dedicated to helping you find the blend you need, whether it’s plant therapy vs rocky mountain oils, rocky mountain vs young living, native american nutritionals, jade bloom vs young living, jade bloom vs doterra, rocky mountain essential oils vs young living, etc!

If you are looking for Reviews of Rocky Mountain Oils, they have a whole page dedicated to rmo essential oil reviews from actual customers and not paid endorsements by a group of wellness enthusiasts.

Rocky Mountain Oils FAQs

Are Rocky Mountain Oils Organic?

YES! RMO has an exclusive line dedicated to organic essential oils and those that are not certified are still made with the highest quality plants!

Here are a few of my favorite ways to use RMO Oils:

So, what’s stopping you from making the switch to Rocky Mountain Oils???

Yours in Health,

Hayley Ryczek

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  1. Can you use RMO for cooking or taking internally. I love drinking lemon water and I put grapefruit in my coffee. Also ginger and orange in tea. I use alot of oils internally.

  2. Thanks for giving me a lovely blog on essential oils. I suffered from hair loss for the last 2 years but now I have been using essential oils since 2016 and I have great experience in using essential oils. I recommended that you must use essential oils that would show you positive result.

  3. Hi Haley,
    Thank you for your posts.
    I have been trying to decide what essential oils to go with, and with your informative research I have found it!
    I do have issues with my thyroid, is there a single or a blend that helps with the thyroid?

    Thanks Again

  4. Hi Hayley,

    Thanks for this wonderful post. I agree with you about these reasons to use RMO instead of other MML brand. I also have switched to use Rocky Mountain Oils for more than 2 years. I used to use Young Living for the first time I heard about Essential Oils in 2014.

    Now RMO is my choice for all the time.

  5. I can’t believe how much of a real business DT really is. I thought they really cared about me. Listen to this video.

  6. Happy that this popped up in a search for RMOs. I have never trusted MLMs or been one to be swept into spending crazes (leggings!!, oils, MJ!). I think what turns me off most is the idea that is peddled that every single oil is the BEST, of the BEST quality and the ONLY one to be trusted. I just feel gullible following anything so strictly. I’m asked all the time which oil brands I use and though they vary, because why not do the comparison yourself, RMO is a personal favorite. I also really like Eden’s Garden and everything the company stands for. I would love to hear about any experience you have with them as well. I don’t foresee “switching” to any one particular brand, as you have but appreciate your enthusiasm.

  7. I am going to try RMO too. Thank you for the info! I’m fed up with YL and their ploys to make you spend more and more. Most recently the straw that broke the camels back was when I tried to connect with a fellow member on my up line support group over an allergic reaction. My posts were deleted as if it’s not ok to ask for support with potential issues with the oils…if you’re not supporting the sale of more oils then get off the support group. Very shady. Excited to try a new company!

    1. Oh my God just had the same experience, I dont like to be censored.. it reminds me of scientology! I’m switching and canceling my yl eo box

  8. Hi, thank you for posting this article, it has helped me in my oil journey. I recently bought YL because my boss was into it and I wanted to remedy my grandmother’s sleeplessness using alternative methods. After reading more about EO, I realized there are other brands and RM is a prominent competitor. I’m still in the process of choosing which brand to stick to, but in the meantime I will finish the starter kit with me. I just have a few questions:
    1) Is it okay to blend oils from different brands? (assuming I need to finish the YL first before I switch to RM)
    2) In terms of range of products, which among the three has the most variants?
    3) In your opinion, do you ingest RM oils?

    1. You can use different brands of oils together. I think YL has the most blends.. and I don’t have a need to ingest oils, but have in the past and feel RMOs oils are safe.

  9. Thanks for the great info! I am looking to switch from one of the MLM companies because their service is terrible and shipping is expensive and takes forever and prices are too high! I am curious though, are any of RMO’s essential oils ok for internal/dietary use? Are they high quality enough to eat/drink? That is the only reason that I signed up with YL in the first place, because they offered dietary oils. If you could let me know on this, I’d appreciate it. Thanks!

    1. To be really honest with you, all high quality oils can be taken internally. I personally rarely inset them because I don’t have a need to.

  10. I just started my oily adventure last year in November YL’s MLM is getting a little to expensive for me. I found RMO around the same time and bought most of my oils from RMO. I joined YL because it was a friend now I need to get out of it. the oils are just to expensive and now in February the prices are going up. It’s just ridiculous. This post has been a great read and maybe has given me the courage to discontinue my monthly order

  11. Hi, thanks for all the information. I did start using doTerra oils because they were the only one ok with internal use! I hate MLM companies and having to order each month etc… It took me a while to do my first order becuse of that but I wanted to ingest them and wanted high quality oils!! I did not find other solution at that time!! I am trying to find a good non MLM company with better price that I could switch to and I saw your blog, so I really appreciate. Is it safe to use RMO oils internally? Why is it only DT that seems to have no problem with that? It is my only concern to do the swith!! Oh, and the shipping too because I’m in Canada but RMO prices are better so if you can reassure me, I’ll swith! Thanks so much, Judith 🙂

    1. Ingesting oils is a personal decision, DT’s oils are not different in that aspect, there isn’t a magic property that makes theirs safer.

  12. I am currently using YL and do love the oils but like everyone else it is getting very expensive. I just can’t afford the monthly expense the shipping costs are also expensive and unless you choose and pay for expedited shipping you have to wait weeks for your order. I found your article very helpful. Thank you

  13. Hi! Thank you for the excellent information!! I…like others…have been looking into other EO’s. I have a couple of YL. I have some Aura Cacia. I also have some from a shop that sells EO’s, but I don’t know where they come from. And that bothers me. I love what I’m hearing/learning about Rocky Mtn. I’d be very interested in any information you can give me about the different uses of these oils! I believe I’ve found where I’ll be getting my oils from!! 🙂

    1. Gwen – thanks for your comment, please feel free to search for essential oils here on my site for usage tips AND the RMO website is a great resource!

  14. Thanks for the post. I have been looking for a nonMLM company making quality oils and RMO sounds like a good option. I hadn’t heard of them before and gave up on DT due to price. I had to laugh about your note about the failed purchase. I get those, too, and I have tried to cancel my account completely and it wouldn’t let me on the website. The card is expired anyway, so it hasn’t been worth it to me to call and cancel over the phone. More than a year and a half later, though, I still get those emails.

  15. Thank You for sharing. I have been interested in Essential Oils for a long time but could never bite the bullet on the price of them, especially with most people pushing you toward a starter kit to join their MLM. An MLM does not interest me one bit and has really held me back from starting with oils. I was searching around last night on Pinterest and came across a post about Rocky Mountain Oils and then found your post today. I am glad I found all of this information, there are definitely better companies out there than YL And Doterra and I am glad to have found one that looks promising.

    1. Currently their oils are not certified organic (they are releasing this month) — but the goods they used are grown using organic principals but not certified… Just like my favorite local farm, they grow vegetables organically but do not pay the fee to become certified.

  16. Thanks for this. I’ve been feeling that way too about essential oils. I love using them but requiring to spend a certain amount every month is costly for me. I like the idea of buying what I need when I need it. I have not tried RMO yet but I will now.

  17. I was so glad to have found RMOs several years ago. I had been searching the internet, reading up on EOs & thought surely there must be a company with quality oils that aren’t MLM & with better pricing. I wasn’t looking to find cheap oils, just quality oils with an affordable price. I found this in RMOs. They certainly have earned my trust over years of doing business with them.
    Their customer service is also top-notch, and like has been said, they are great with education about essential oils-they truly want to make a difference in people’s lives.
    I just saw your blog on facebook, and I like what I see, Hayley! I will enjoy visiting! And I think you are doing a great service spreading the word about RMO, also, because there are many people who would benefit.
    I would like to add, one of my favorites is Migraine Support. After many years of suffering with migraines , I finally found a drug-free answer to obtaining some great relief! I rub it into my temples & my migraine is gone shortly-I now apply it at the first hint of a headache. It has effect for a very long duration! It’s my little “miracle in a bottle”!

  18. Thanks for sharing this information. I’ve been researching different companies and have some oils from RMO in my cart right now!

  19. I liked young living and started with them but can’t afford the prices so been looking for new company and doterra is not it. I have looked in to rmo an Jade bloom. I have anxiety and migraines.

    1. I’ve been a RMO user for years. I have family who are involved in a MLM oil company and I felt that it was the wrong fit for myself and family. This lead me to RMO. They have a great migraines blend I uses regularly.

  20. Are you able to tell us which MLM company you found to smell less effective? Either one would tell you it’s because other companies use aroma enhancers and they don’t. I am a current member of one of them with renewal coming up. I have a least as many RMOs as I have DTs. I have been pleased with RMO, though I have no complaints with DT other than it’s a MLM. Thank you for your recommendation of RMO.

    1. Hey Judy – thanks for reaching out. Since you asked, I just felt that YL was weak smelling. I ended up using so much more oil in my diffuser which I thought was odd. I purchased several different brands of lavender and YL just didn’t smell as concentrated to me.. I’m not saying that they don’t have great oils, but you asked me so I’m answering. When it comes to DT, which I used first, it was a strictly business decision for me to separate from the company, it’s not something I can get into publicly but I can’t endorse them because of my disappointing experience. I hope this all helps to clarify.

      1. Hi! Any possibility of you emailing me your experience with DT on the business front? Trying to make some decisions. Thanks so much!

        1. I cannot get into details, but from a business perspective it’s not a company I would align myself with.

  21. Hi Hayley,

    I appreciated this articly on switching EO companies. Thanks for sharing your resons and how you have liked RMO’s.

  22. I also switched from a MLM EO company that kept me jumping through hoops and every time I tried to use my PVS it wasn’t applicable on what I wanted. I finally wised up and started reading reviews on other oils. RMO had lower pruces, larger bottles and at the time I first ordered from them, 30% OFF!!! NO EXCLUSIONS. I had a problem with a diffuser and they refunded it without me even having to return it! So happy with RMOs. Free shipping speaks my language too!

  23. I’m very interested in this company. I use essential oils for a plethora of things. One thing I do is ingest peppermint, lemon, and occasionally fennel. Does RMO express that their oils are investable? I noticed the picture of peppermint said for topical and not internal. I use doTERRA and have great success especially where my Lynch Syndrome I see concerned. I just dislike he “have tos” and would like to step away to a smaller company.

    1. the decision to inject oils is very personal. I use various RMO oils in cooking and for internal solution without issue because they are very high quality.

  24. Great to see some common sense and a bit of the free spirit to break away from the cultish MLM companies. I have enjoyed RMO for many years along with Mountain Rose Herbs. We can all benefit from the proper use of these wonderful essential oils. Thanks for your article!

  25. Just found your web page, I belonged to a big essential oils reward program, very expensive and I thought some of the oils did’t smell as good as I thought they should. I recently purchase a couple Rocky Mountain Oils and I really do like them. I love one called “Purity” smells so fresh, I have a ton of oils, I just don’t know how to use them all. Thank you for all the good information. I will be subscribing to your web page.

  26. Amazing info! Especially the link to the comparison chart! I haven’t really gotten into diffusing (we have a kitty and I’m not taking any chances, he’s my life lol) but I love just smelling the oils, using them in the bath, etc. Do you find just the scents alone are comparable to the MLMs? Like do you enjoy the scents just as much/more? Thanks so much!

    1. We have cats and diffuse oils often, the key is to not lock them in a room with a diffuser – they need to be able to leave the area where the aromatherapy is. I actually like their blends more than the MLMs (and I’ve used both DT & YL) and they are the same potentency when it comes to the volume of scent per drop (if that makes sense)

      1. Thanks for the great post! Any more information (or suggestions where I can find some) on safety with pets? I have two cats and I just started diffusing oils.

  27. They must have a super duper affiliate program!! You are the second blogger who switched to them!! Hmmmm

    1. Hmmmmm or they are just fabulous oils…. They have an affiliate program just like most businesses on the internet, including Amazon, Target, Overstock, etc…. I’m not getting rich through affiliate programs but they help me financially operate this blog offering you FREE recipes and healthy living tips. If bloggers like myself do no utilize these types of programs we would have to charge you for accessing our sites. This blog costs over $1,000 a month to run PLUS investments in computers, cameras, hard drives, it’s my full time career.

      If anything you should thank companies that offer affiliate referral programs for helping to keep us small bloggers afloat!

      I think it’s so rude to comment questioning my motives. I take great pride in being authentic and trying my best to HELP people like you lead a healthier life – including finding a high quality, affordable line of EOs which offer great incentives for their customers.

      I’m not sure if you have a job/career, or if you are blessed to work simply on a volunteer basis but my husband and I are not. We living in small home on a 6 acre homestead. We both work hard for everything we have, just like most people. I have worked my ass off to create a life that I love to live with a career that I am passionate about.

      Next time, keep your rude comments to yourself and work to find ways to build up other women instead of trying to bring them down.

          1. Good job, Hayley! I’m also a blogger and get rude comments like the above. People have no idea how expensive it is run a website!

            Great post too! 🙂

          2. Plus, you SHOULD be making money? Is there something “bad” about making money? I am confused about that person’s comment.

      1. Thanks for all the research you do on these oil companies . You are being honest I believe and not being paid by the MLM companies to push a product line. Thanks. People like me with little knowledge or lie on some of these blogs to get down to the truth the nitty-gritty and the oil companies aren’t going to tell you that because they want to sell their products so.. I agree rude comments are inappropriate here she’s trying to help people like us to make a best decision choice on what essential oils to buy what’s good and what’s not good. And this lady had already told us that she was previously with the MLM companies so she’s being very honest here so rude comments give it a break.

      2. Arn’t you questioning other companies motives??? Sounds like it to me. There are MLM’s that don’t require minimums. If you have to put something else down to bring yourself up then I question your motives. I did not ask for this ad to come up on my feed.

        1. Angie – Oy Vey. Im not sure what motivated your comment, but It feels like you have would have a problem with anyone who doesn’t choose your ‘brand’ — I’m sorry you feel that way.

          I support and love MLM companies, I think many are providing amazing products, but for me, asking a customer to commit to a auto-ship or monthly minimum to receive discounts is not cool. I’m entitled to that opinion.

    2. I bet you are from DoTerra Liz. I didn’t know RMO had an affiliate program, I need to get in on that because I recommend them all the time!

    1. This is my favorite Oil Company. I have tried the others also. They deliver promptly and well packaged. I do not know what I would do with out them. I am just getting into the Oils and learning new tricks all the time.examplw. Camomile tea with 2 drops of lemon grass for a good nights sleep. Thanks Rocky Mountain Oils

    2. Only have 2 comments. 1- the site is really lagging and slow to load. Not sure why? 2- the comparison chart I saw was wrong or outdated.

      1. Aysha – my site or RMO’s site it slow? unfortunately there are no known issues on my end, perhaps it’s your ISP or just was a busy time when you were browsing, there are a multitude of reasons any site could load slow but since you are the only one sharing that with me, I’m positive its not on my end. As for the chart, I can’t help you with such a vaugue comment, or maybe you’re not looking for help, just wanted to comment? Either way, have a great day!

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