Happi Foodi Keto Bowls Review

I grew up in the 80s/90s and with a mom who made all of our meals from scratch and I was totally jealous of the TV dinners, canned ravioli and other convenience foods that many of my friends were eating at home. Anytime my mom would let me have a TV dinner it was such a fun treat!

Funny, right??

When I entered the workforce as a young adult, advertisements for microwaveable meals for busy-working-people encouraged me to ditch leftovers and instead stock my freezer up with all sorts of frozen meals for my work lunches.

Soon, I realized that those frozen meals honestly were not that good.

Nor were they healthy, when I started scrutinizing the ingredients. Not only were they filled with potentially toxic preservatives but they were obscenely high carb.

The fact is that in the past 20 years that I’ve been carb-aware, the options for Low-Carb or Keto-Friendly convenience meals have been extremely limited. Only recently with the Keto Diet gaining mainstream fans, have we seen quality low carb products emerging, like Happi Foodi Keto Bowls!

Who is Happi Foodi?

Happi Foodi is a chef-inspired food company that brings people together through good food. Anybody can be a foodie, including you!

Now, it’s easy to enjoy delicious, innovative dishes right at home. With Happi Foodi’s keto bowls, following a keto diet or low-carb lifestyle just got easier. With affordable, flavor-packed dishes, anyone can enjoy a restaurant-quality meal in minutes, with no prep time required!

All of the Happi Foodi Keto Bowls were packed with protein and low in net carbs, ranging from 4g to 14g. And they don’t contain any sketchy ingredients, just real food like you’d make at home!

Are Happi Foodi Keto Bowls any good?

When I had the opportunity to try the Happi Food Keto Bowls, my inner 9 year old was excited to enjoy a microwave meal but admittedly I had very, very low expectations.

This is the first time in over 15 years that I’ve used a microwave, so you KNOW for sure that I was totally excited to try these keto bowls, despite my apprehension.

The first meal that I tried was the Chicken Alfredo Bowl. It smelled delicious and I was completely shocked at how really good it was… before I knew it the bowl was empty and I was seriously disappointed.

After eating the entire Keto Chicken Alfredo Bowl there were still so many flavors to try. I “planned” to just take a couple bites of each and move on with my day… but that Alfredo was just too good.

But don’t worry I pressed on! Each of the other 5 meals I tried were honestly really good. I preferred the chicken dishes personally, but Ray who came home just in the nick of time to save me from myself, raved about the beef options, choosing the Keto Beef Shepherd Pie Inspired Bowl as his favorite.

We both agreed that the Sausage & Riced Cauliflower Hemp Seed Breakfast Bowl was extremely good as well, even though we were both initially skeptical of the hemp hearts inclusion they fit in perfectly!

And if you like your food SPICY, you gotta try the Keto Southwestern-Style Chicken Bowl. We were pleasantly surprised that unlike many things that claim to be spicy but are actually very mild, this had a wonderful spicy sauce that really packed the heat!

Overall we enjoyed all 6 Happi Foodi Keto Bowls and would definitely purchase them again!

Now, I know what you are thinking, yeah right, Hayley. This is a all a rouse and I’m just saying these things because I’m working with Happi Foodi…but rest assured more often than not after trying products in situations like this I simply refuse to move forward with the collaboration, no matter how lucrative it is, when the products aren’t authentically delicious.

Where can you buy Happi Foodi Keto Bowls?

Happi Foodi is available nation-wide at your local Walmart store and select Meijer, Winn-Dixie and Safeway-Albertson’s stores. Click HERE to find a store near you.

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Which Happi Foodi Keto Bowl are you most excited to try?

Yours in Health,

Hayley Ryczek

This post is sponsored by Happi Foodi, all opinions are mine.

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