Grain Free Graham Crackers

Homemade Grain, Gluten & Nut Free Graham Crackers (Paleo Friendly) What’s your favorite way to enjoy a Graham Cracker? With an ice cold glass of milk or holding together a oozy-gooey s’more at a summer camp fire? Either way, my Grain, Gluten & Nut Free Graham Cracker Recipe will bring back all those treats you’ve been missing – in a HEALTHY way! Oh and if you’re going to be using these for s’mores – I encourage you to make homemade marshmallow, click HERE for my recipe – you can make them with or without the toasted coconut 🙂 Homemade Grain, Gluten & Nut Free Graham Crackers (Paleo Friendly)

Homemade Grain, Gluten & Nut Free Graham Crackers (Paleo Friendly)

Homemade Graham Crackers

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  • Preheat oven to 350 degrees F
  • In your food processor, combine butter, egg, molasses, vanilla, and coconut or maple sugar, process until smooth
  • Add in the rest of the ingredients, pulsing to combine
  • Roll our your dough between layers of parchment paper to 1/4 inch thick
  • Cut your rolled out dough into crackers of your desired size then transfer the cut dough on the parchment paper onto a cookie sheet.
  • Bake 8-10 minutes
  • Break crackers apart and allow to cool on a cooling rack
  • Enjoy!
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  1. I really wanted to make cheesecake with a graham cracker crust for valentines day (my all time favorite dessert!) so I made a batch of your graham crackers yesterday. I subbed honey for the sugar, but kept everything else the same. I’m not sure you realize how thick 1/4 inch is. Most store-bought crackers and graham crackers are maybe 1/8″ thick. So I rolled mine to 1/8″ thick between 2 pieces of plastic wrap. Then I cut them into squares and transfered them carefully to a baking sheet with parchment paper on it. My mom, who’s kitchen I was using at the time, said “Why don’t you just roll it out directly on the parchment paper?” Thanks for pointing that out after I’m done! Anyway, I had to bake them longer than 8-10 minutes, more like 15-18. The first batch I pulled out early and they were still soft and not getting crisp as they cooled, but I was making graham cracker crust anyway, so I blitzed them in the food processor, spread the crumbs on the baking sheet, and baked for another 10 minutes at 300 degrees to dry them out/crisp them up. Now I have perfect crumbs for my cheesecake that I’ll make tomorrow.

    Then I decided to make a second batch and keep them as actual crackers to eat (I used to love them with applesauce on them, or dipped into yogurt. I baked them 15-18 minutes until they were golden brown and they were perfect. Next I will be making some marshmallows (from scratch with honey and maple syrup) and making s’mores!

    1. Tana – I only keep Organic Unsulphured Molasses in my pantry, in theory they should both work the same, the regular is just not as healthy.

  2. The recipe is almost identical to this one: http://www.homemademommy.net/2013/07/grain-free-graham-crackers.html that was posted in 2013.

    1. Thanks for sharing a similar recipe. Many recipes in the grain/gluten free community are similar – there’s only so many ways to make a cookie!

  3. Thanks for this recipe. I look forward to trying it! Can I use maple syrup or honey instead of the maple or coconut sugar? Does this change anything else as I imagine it would be less solid.

    1. Erin – any time you substitute a liquid sweetener in place of a granular sweetener the recipe will need to be adjusted. Since these are a crispy cracker I went with the granular sugar, in my experience using a liquid doesn’t yield a crispy texture.

  4. Can i use cinnamon in place of molasses, and Stevia in place of coconut sugar? I’m on a strict sugar-free diet…

    1. The molasses gives them the distinct graham cracker flavor. omitting it and the sugar may change the texture. if you make them using your substitutions please let me know if they turn out.

  5. These look wonderful! I’m just learning how to use coconut flour, even though I’ve been gluten-free for awhile now. Can I substitute anything else for arrowroot flour?

    1. Lois – It should work fine, but since I haven’t tested it I can’t guarantee – if you try it out please let me know if it works out 🙂

    1. Davinia – the molasses gives it the graham cracker flavor. You can try swapping maple syrup or honey but I cannot guarantee how they will turn out. Let me know if you do 🙂

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