DIY Scent Away Hunting Spray made with Essential Oils

My Scent Away Hunting Spray made with Essential Oils is the BEST way to naturally cover your smell while in the woods without using toxic chemicals!

DIY Scent Away Hunting Spray made with Essential Oils

While most people are excited about the fall and winter holidays, I get super excited about hunting season! While I already have one doe in the freezer from our early Pennsylvania Muzzleloader Season, we hope to get another 2 or 3 white tail deer before the end of hunting season

Oh, wait, you didn’t know that I am a hunter?

or rather, Huntress, as I prefer to be called 😛

Why I started Hunting

When I turned 35, I decided that I needed to prove to myself that ‘just in case’ the zombies come, or some other natural disaster, which disrupts our modern day food supply, that I am able and skilled to provide food for my family.

While I’m already an avid forager, organic gardener and raise chickens/turkeys on our homestead, the idea of harvesting my own large animal and properly processing it ALL BY MYSELF was VERY intimidating.  I’ve helped Ray over the years with his deer, that we completely process at home, but I never did the whole-shebang on my own.

Why should Women Start Hunting?

Ladies, here’s the thing. I know what you are thinking – why on earth would I get excited about hunting?? Here’s the thing.. I basically have carte blanche when it comes to hunting clothing and shoe shopping …. really…. Ray doesn’t just not complain when I buy a new hunting jacket, he’s typically going shopping with me and encouraging me to buy those new boots.

And my hunting rifle is pretty pink came – that was one of the requirements for me to venture out into the woods, I gotta love my gun.

DIY Scent Away Hunting Spray made with Essential Oils

Then there’s the actual hunting part of all this – I get to sit out in nature, alone. Blissfully alone. Armed with a good book and snacks. I also take along a magnify mirror and tweezers, incase I get that big buck I want to be sure my brows are perfectly plucked. And I’m notorious for hauling nail polish into my tree stand too, I mean seriously my mani MUST coordinate with my gun.

After I check marked learning the whole field dressing and dragging deer back to the jeep off my bucket list, I agreed to keep hunting each year as long as Ray does the dirty work for me.

How to make a Scent Away Hunting Spray with Essential Oils

I never realized that the spray that Ray would spritz on us before we headed out into the woods was FILLED with yucky chemicals until I read the back of the bottle…. oh HELL no. For goodness sake! I don’t even wear toxic makeup, do you think I’m going to spray myself down with chemicals to mask my own scent?!?!

I mean really, using chemicals to mask our scent? It just doesn’t make sense when we already have amazing, healthy extracts from nature in essential oils!

What are the Best Essential Oils For Hunting?

By combing the oil from the plants which naturally occur in the woods where you’ll be at, then applying them to our clothes/bodies, we can naturally mask our scent without harming our health. And I also use this spray on my dryer balls when our hunting clothes or base layers are in the dryer!

And it smells so good! Honestly. So good, in fact, that it would make a great cologne spray too!

When it comes to Essential Oils, I’ve literally been there, done that. I use and recommend Rocky Mountain Oils exclusively. To learn the 5 Reasons I switched to Rocky Mountain Oils >>Click HERE<< 

For this homemade Scent Away Hunting Spray,  you’re going to need a few essential oils to blend with water and a 4 oz amber glass spray bottle (glass is essential since essential oils can break down plastic bottles).

Scent Away Hunting Spray made with Essential Oils

While I understand many of you whom are new to EOs may not want to splurge on so many oils, keep in mind that you are just using a few drops of each and these bottles will last you for years to come if you are only using it for this Scent Away Hunting Spray made with Essential Oils.

If you have hunter (or huntress) friends and/or family members, why don’t you give them the gift of a healthy Scent Away Hunting Spray made with Essential Oils too?? Make several bottles up and share them with your hunting buddies or if you don’t hunt share them with your dad, brother, cousin and husband’s best friend!

If you love Essentail Oils as much as I do, be sure to try my DIY Essential Oil Mattress Spray and EO Dog Ear Wash Spray too! 

Yours in Health,

Hayley Ryczek

DIY Scent Away Hunting Spray made with Essential Oils

Scent Away Hunting Spray made with Essential Oils

My Scent Away Hunting Spray made with Essential Oils is the BEST way to naturally cover your smell while in the woods without using toxic chemicals!
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Servings: 4 ounces


  • Fill bottle with water, add essential oils.
  • Shake well before spraying.


The list of EOs are what I use and works great here. Feel free to modify it based on where you live but TRUST me this will work in MOST North American locations wonderfully. 
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  1. I love the idea. I’m curious and will need to test it out, but since most of the tree oils listed in the recipe above are not native to my area, would the spray be a deterrent? How could I modify the recipe to use only cedar and pine?

  2. Interesting tip, my wife has a bunch of these oils and I never thought to use it for hunting. Will have to try next time. We just got back from a long range shooting school to help us with our accuracy at those long ranges. Would recommend https://www.thompsonlongrange.com/

  3. Interesting! Do you think it might mask someone’s scent from a hunting dog? If you were lost when you were hunting could you be sniffed and found? Or someone trying to escape an evil regime? You can see my imagination is getting carried away….

    1. It does not work the way chemical sprays do, this layers natural scent over your scent. YOu’ve got a creative imagination.

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