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DIY Non-Toxic Essential Oil Mattress Spray

With my aromatherapy DIY Non-Toxic Essential Oil Mattress Spray you get all the comforting smells of freshly washed bedding without the use of toxic chemical fabric softener or sprays! 

Why should you use a DIY Non-Toxic Essential Oil Mattress Spray?

I hate to toss one more step on your cleaning routine, but I promise you’re going to thank me. Last night when I got into bed, I immediately felt the calm relaxation of freshly laundered sheets, blankets and comforter. And oh that clean smell that whisked me off to sleep like a lullaby, thanks to my Essential Oil Mattress Spray!

Is there really any better feeling?

I admit that I’m totally not one of those folks who strip down their bed weekly and wash their sheets.. I’m actually shocked to here that some of you are either (A) organized enough to keep that routine going or (B) you are that nervous about bed-dirt.

I’m neither. I have a million other things that I do before I wash my sheets, if that grosses you out, I’m sorry. I’m not here to fool ya, I’m here to be REAL.

Essential OIl Mattress Spray-3

Being real with you is sharing that I don’t wash my bedding as often as I should, it’s also sharing an insider secret that all these pretty-photos you see on the internet aren’t what they seem either.

While our bedroom looks clean and zen like in these photos, it’s actually a 1/2 way done room with no trim, no closet door and a window that’s in such bad shape you can’t hardly see out of it. Oh yeah and there’s a stain on our mattress where some little puppy peed the bed, and not to mention the ugly 20 year old green carpet that matches NOTHING we own…. But pretty pictures get blog clicks. Thank goodness for camera magic, right!?!

Then right before re-assembling the bed (6 hours later, because life is super distracting) I lightly spritzed each layer (mattress, pillows, sheets, blanket and comforter) for a little extra fresh aromatherapy.

Essential OIl Mattress Spray

So, while I’m sharing this homemade essential oil mattress spray as a way to help freshen your mattress and pillows WHILE you’re changing your sheets, it’s ALSO awesome for times when you want that uber fresh and clean aromatherapy in-between washes, too!

How to make a Non-Toxic Essential Oil Mattress Spray

The base of my Essential Oil Mattress Spray is simply 50/50 blend of water and ORGANIC distilled white vinegar.

Notice that emphasis on ORGANIC?

Yeah, that was intentional. I’m not someone who uses white vinegar liberally. Click HERE to learn Why I Don’t Use White Vinegar for cleaning and why it’s imperative that you choose ORGANIC when you do.

Then I add Essential Oils, to the water/vinegar base.

The Best Essential Oils for the Bedroom

For your DIY Essential Oil Mattress Spray you want to choose essential oils that provide both cleaning properties and appropriate aromatherapy!y

You don’t want to use invigorating or energy stimulating EOs in a space that necessitates clam and relaxation!

I must remind you that just like choosing organic vinegar it’s imperative that you are super selective with any essential oils that you use in your home or on your body.

Click HERE to learn the 5 Reasons I switched to Rocky Mountain Oils 

My suggestions are a combination of Minty Clean Blend and Lavandin.

Minty Clean Blend is one of my all time favorite EOs for cleaning. It’s a combination of Eucalyptus, Spearmint and Cornmint, it’s all the smells of fresh and clean. And by using a blend you’ll save money by purchasing just one oil blend instead of 3 separate oils ($20 vs $35 separately)

Lavandin is my new favorite EO.

Lavandin Essential Oil offers a very classic floral and fresh aroma. Created in the early 1920’s, this essential oil is known as a hybrid of the traditional Lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) and Spike Lavender (Lavandula latifolia) varieties. Also known as Lavandin “Grosso”, Lavandin produces a much larger yield of essential oil compared to the traditional Lavandula angustifolia.

Because of its high yield and availability, it is much more budget friendly and offered in a larger volume.

See that giant bottle of Lavandin? It’s ONLY $39 for 118 mL compared to roughly $25 for each of those small 15mL bottles of Lavender.  MATH: That’s $.33 per mL compared to $1.66 per mL – talk about saving some serious cash while still reaping all the lavendar-aweome-benfits! 

I use Lavandin DAILY during my Sauna sessions and as a regular part of my laundry routine on wool dryer balls. I no longer have to feel stingy when using my favorite EO, since it’s now so much less expensive!

So, even if you don’t have freshly washed bedding, you can still get all the feels as if you did while getting relaxing aromatherapy to lull you away to dream land!

To learn more amazing and healthy ways that I use Essential Oils in our home check out these:

Essential OIl Mattress Spray

Essential Oil Mattress Spray

With my aromatherapy DIY Non-Toxic Essential Oil Mattress Spray you get all the comforting smells of freshly washed bedding without the use of toxic chemical fabric softener or sprays! 
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Cook Time: 3 minutes
Cost: 5


  • Combine everything in the spray bottle and shake well before spraying. Use anytime you want your bed to smell fresh!
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  1. How about using vodka instead of vinegar, since youre not cleaning, just smelling it up all purty? I use vodka in my sprays, even my deo spray.

    1. Sure! It will offer similar anti-bacterial properties. Just make sure your vodka is equally as safe for our environment, ie organic or at least o-free.

  2. I love real and normal and people that are honest, admitting that life isn’t perfect as much as we’d love it to be that way. I also don’t trust people that pretend otherwise. This spray is just what I need for some serious spring cleaning and of course a better nights rest. Thank you

  3. What a wonderful idea. However, my husband is allergic to lavender. Can you recommend another scent.

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