January Water Fast – Day #6

January Water Fast - Day #6I woke up today with what felt like a mouth full of white school glue. My tongue, teeth and gums were coated with a  thick yucky film – I’ve never been so happy to brush my teeth. But it’s a small price to pay for dropping 18 pounds in just 144 hours.

I want to stress to all of you whom feel like water fasting would be toucher – it’s totally and completely not. It’s Day #6 and I have absolutely no hunger at all and I (& Ray) have plenty of energy. While I admit that I’ve been dreaming about scrambled eggs, it’s not a craving that could jeopardize my successful fast.

Once again, today I’m keeping an eye on my water consumption – aiming for 1 gallon + mineral water + hot tea, as needed.

This fast is moving along smoothly and I’m excited to get outside for a walk with Hercules this afternoon, since it’s the first (and only) day in the 50’s we’ll have for weeks. The warm weather is a a welcomed surprise. It’s going to start raining tonight and (hopefully) turn to snow tomorrow – with temps in the 20’s a chances of snow nearly every day next week – it’s truly my favorite time of the year, I simply love relaxing, snowy winter days.

My blood glucose is staying pretty low and steady (except for that 106 last night, wtf) —  but the real celebration is my Ketones are 3.0! Are you kidding – that’s deep, fat burning ketosis!

Finally, for the first time – EVER – my body is eagerly responding to what I am doing – responding even better than Ray’s! Do you know how tough it is for a female to loose more weight than a man?? Yep I’m doing it – it may only be by one pound but I’ll take it & brag publicly!

I feel great and my excess weight is literally falling off – there actually may be light at the end of the tunnel!

January Water Fast - Day #6

My success is making me seriously reconsider ending my fast one week from today – however I know that these first days are the highest weightloss and most dramatic results… it cannot sustain this rate of loss forever.. then I’ll need to change things up. I’ve set a lofty goal of loosing another 1 pound per day until next Friday – hoping to end my fast at -25 pounds in just 12 days.

PS – the key to successful fasting isn’t so much the fast itself but how you return to normal life…. you can’t eat junk and maintain your weight loss – I’ll be very carefully monitoring my BG/Ketones/Weight in comparison to what I am eating to have concrete data as to what helps me to maintain/loose/gain weight in the long term. I’m treating this fast as a complete elimination diet then reintroducing limited low carb foods over time.

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  1. Hi I have two questions. First can u take multi vitamins and hair skin and nails vitamins on the water fast? Also Can I drink only 101 oz of water a day for this fast?

  2. Curious, I take a multi day, Fish oil supplement and probiotic…would I still be able to take these? Also, if I did a 5 day version of this, with a 2 day break, do you think starting again after that would still give me good results. I have a graduation celebration to attend for those 2 days, and while I know I can be moderate…it would be hard to maintain the water fasting during that time.

    1. Fasting can be any schedule you feel best about. Research intermittent fasting to learn more. The decision to supplement is a personal choice, for short fasts it’s completely not necessary to worry about deficiencies.

      1. Thank you! I am loving your posts and think I’m going to try this. Have also been reading up on intermittent fasting as well, and may incorporate that as a regular part of my lifestyle if I can have success with this!

  3. Hello! You mention taking magnesium to keep things moving. Is there a particular brand or type that you used? How much and how often did you take it? I am very interested in doing a water fast but want to avoid constipation which your post seems to insinuate can be a side effect.

    1. I’ve never been constipated while fasting, magnesium (natural calm brand is my fav, following the dosage info in the bottle, taken at night) is kinda like drinking coffee, it just keeps things moving. I prefer to keep my system moving to get toxins and junk out quicker

  4. Just came across your post. You mentioned a few times that you had also done a bone broth fast. I was going to start a bone broth fast but I am intrigued by your water fast. However if you could share any of your successes or failures on the bone broth fast I would appreciate it. For example did you lose weight during your 30-day bone broth fast. Also thank you for sharing this information it is very insightful

    1. Of course I lost weight during my bone broth fast! To understand the benefits of bone broth for healing, look into the First phase one the GAPS diet.

  5. Did your body end up looking different or did you just see the numbers drop on the scale without any physical change?

  6. I want to try this sooo bad but I’ve never done anything like this before and I’m scared of feeling hungry all the time!! How do you over come that?

    1. First of all, remember you aren’t ALWAYS hungry… it’s completely normal for humans to got long periods of time without eating (if we couldn’t do that we would not have survived millions of years) I suggest starting out with Intermittent fasting.

      1. I just came across this! I am a regular athlete and into fitness, but college has started, and I have skipped a lot of workouts and ate bad foods! It’s time for me to get back in line, and this is perfect! Thank you so much for sharing! I do workouts everday, and I just don’t think I can throw them out. Do you think I will be okay with the workouts and the water fasting?

        1. I suggest continuing your daily activities, your body will tell if it’s too much <3 if you are tired rest. our bodies tell us when it needs rest, we just have to listen.

        1. that’s up to you to decide. I would take into account the ingredients for sure but also that when you suck/chew on mints, gum, candy, even if they are essentially zero calorie, they will begin the digestive process even if there isn’t any food coming.

  7. So how long did your period last?? I am taking Lo Loestrin Fe Birth Control, and I JUST ended my period. I did a 3-day fast earlier this year, and had no issue with my period. Now, I want to do this seven day water fast. Why? To lose excess fat, to clear my skin, to get DEEP INTO KETOSIS so that I can slide right into my beloved keto diet better than ever before, after day 7 of water fasting, and, to practice deep meditation while fasting. I am 18, female (obvi.) and I weigh 165/170 lbs.. My goal weight is 135, but I’m not wrapped up in the number here- I just want to feel amazing, and I DO NOT want to get my period *again*. Please share your thoughts- I know it’s a major difference with me being on Birth Control. Which also makes me wonder…were you sexually active through this process?? (Yes, please be TMI)

    1. I turn 40 in August, my husband of 14 years had a vasectomy – so yes but we don’t need bc 😛 My periods are all light and short, 3 days max.

  8. Wow, this is a great article. I’m going to try this after I wake up. Quick question, am I allowed to infuse my water with cucumbers and lemons everyday? Or should I not? Do I have to consume only the herbal teas? Or is it okay just drinking green tea? Is it mandatory to consume mineral water? Thank you! – Miriam

    1. I only shared what I did. You are welcome to create your own fasting protocol. Be cautious with Green Tea as it’s very high in caffeine.

  9. Hello

    Can you be more specific on what type of food you used to break your fat? Lie nice or while fruit or soup.


  10. Hey there!! Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m currently on day 1 of my 7 days fast. If you don’t mind me asking, what is your height, and what was your weight before you started your fast?

    I’m 5’3 and 167 LBS. I’m hoping to lose 15-20 lbs during my fast.

    How did you break your fast?

    1. I broke my fast by eating real, healthy nutritious food. I’m 5’4″ tall – I started as a size 16 and ended up after my fast as a size 12 – comparing my weight to your weight is apples to oranges, we all have very different body structures.

  11. Great blog – thanks for sharing ! I also found you due to an impromptu ( dont know what i am doing) water fasting .

    I am on my second day – really no hunger / no headaches . I am doing black coffee with 1/2 tsp of organic coconut oil in the morning – i read it curves the headaches.

    My lower back is starting to ache ( 2 herniated disks) , and my right hand and not so much left are killing me – i am a dentist – since today is valentine’s day , i took the day off (thankfully!)

    I am impressed on how clean and healthy you eat . I congratulate you . Products are harder and more expensive to get .

    I hope to be on the fast for at least 2 weeks – i have to up my water intake to the full gallon for the maximun weight loss .

    I have a question ? When do you know you have re-set your insulin resistance ?

    Thanks again for taking the time to share, and giving us so much information .


    1. It’s best to track your blood glucose readings while fasting, I like to document it morning, noon and night. You will need to have consist low numbers while fasting to indicate your’ve switched from a glucose metabolism to fat metabolism. When you resume eating you will also need to carefully monitor your post-meal readings (60-90-120) and never spiking over 139

      1. Why did u stop after 7 days if on day 6 u were saying u felt great and not hungry at all? I don’t understand what happened and ur blo/article doesn’t explain it – I’m very curious!!

  12. Hey, I ran into this because I’ve been fasting for 2 days now and I’ve been following it just like you have, but I wanted to ask if it’s ok for me to take any fiber ? Like nopalina fiber?

    1. There is absolutely no reason to take fiber while fasting, however it’s your fast to determine what to include.

      1. I water fast for up to 1 week once a month, and weight train every other day as usual. Working out IS recommended during a fast: it keeps ur ketones level up. Mine r usually around 6 mmol/L on day 4 when they peak. Ketones r better fuel than glucose and I feel stronger and more energetic during the fast as a result.

    1. No Erika I do not. The human body has been adapted to regularly fast for thousands of years, and protectively it stores extras for times of famine.

    1. Anet – I just read an article discussing adrenal fatigue and fasting — it mentioned that it’s a theory but not proven in any medial data that fasting is bad for adrenal fatigue. (I’m trying to find it again, if I do I will link to it) I think that all of our bodies are unique and will obviously react differently.

      Based on my personal experience with fasting is that it’s extremely natural and beneficial. Man fasted regularly (planned and forced) for thousands of years. Only in recent history have we had access to food 24/7/365 and I feel that it negatively impacts our overall health. When the body heals, it’s not selective it’s comprehensive. Fasting can heal in amazing ways.

      1. That what I believe as well. Water fast is so intriguing to me and definitely want to try shorter fasts before I try a longer one. Though just the idea of not eating scares me. One more reason to do it! 🙂 Love the posts! Thank you so much for sharing your journey!

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