January Water Fast – Days #8, 9 & 10

January Water Fast - Days 8, 9 & 10

See that in the picture above.. yeah that’s no bueno. It is, however, part of the journey.

No I haven’t fell off the wagon, I just honestly haven’t felt like working this week. And by working I mean doing anything of substantial seriousness other than surfing pinterest.

After my record breaking 7 day weight loss (see How I lost 20 Pounds in 7 Days) just as I expected, things have slowed down significantly. In my last 5 days of fasting (days 8 to 12) I am anticipating loosing another 5 to 6 pounds – bringing my total loss to 25 pounds in 12 days.

Day 8 (Monday) – I just felt ‘off’ most of the day. By 1:00 pm I was annoyed with everything and felt icky so I went and snuggled in bed with Hercules to watch TV.. I literally stayed in bed until Tuesday morning. I had a low-grade headache and lower back aches – my body needed me to relax since obviously it was working out some stuff – so I gave it the time it needed.

Day 9 (Tuesday) – I felt better than Monday for sure, but still slightly blah. It’s apparent that I’m in some deep detox type activity now because i don’t feel nearly as vibrant as I did previously, and that’s ok, I welcome my body to do it’s work. Consequently, I noticed that the days I felt the best were the days my fasting blood glucose was the lowest and now that it’s come back up a little  I’m feeling not so awesome.

Day 10 (Wednesday – Today) – Ugh. 135 Fasting Blood Glucose — Ah FUDGE! — this type of thing first thing in the morning really sets the stage for a frustrating day. I generally understand that since I’m not taking in any calories that the 135 isn’t from food, it’s from my body’s reserves.

January Water Fast - Days 8, 9 & 10

And if it’s there it needs to come out. And the positive is that those extra sugars are getting out. This only goes to show you that just because your BG drops it doesn’t mean that’s it’s regulated or that you are healed quickly. Also notice that for some reasons my ketones dropped today  – there’s probably a scientific explanation however I don’t know it.

I want to remind all of you that Health is not a destination it is an ever changing journey. And at times it totally sucks. However, you didn’t get where you are overnight and you certainly aren’t going to un-do years of damage in just a few days … it takes time. 

Is it frustrating? absolutely. But you must stay positive. Being down & out, stressed & sad only makes it all the harder for you to heal. You have to choice every single day to approach it with appreciation and joy.

So, although I was super bummed out this morning, I reminded myself that I’ve done simply amazing things that I have reason to be excited, proud and joyful about. I’ve lost 23.3 pounds and dropped at least 2 sizes in just 10 days.

And with commitment and confidence I will get where I am going, just as soon as it’s meant to be. I accept that it will most likely not be on my timeline but that’s irrelevant to my ultimate success.

I’m off to drink more water.. water, water, & more water…. that ribeye steak on Saturday night is sounding more and more delicious with every minute that goes by.

Have a great day everyone!


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  1. To be honest, I don’t know who or where you are. But I was glad to find this. I am now on Day 8 of a water fast, with Bragg’s apple cider vinegar added 3 times a day. I’ve been sleeping a LOT! And when I’m awake, I don’t feel like doing much. Took a short walk yesterday and was exhausted. I’m not testing my glucose. But I am testing my blood pressure and heart rate. And they’re all over the place! From very low to very high. I test my Ph level every morning – both saliva and urine. And I am very acidic. So far I’ve lost about 10 pounds. But still have a little belly fat. Am sleeping much better and pain level has greatly improved. Have no local support when it comes to fasting. And am completely on my own. Inspired mostly by Paul Bragg and Dr. Joel Fuhrman’s books. And trusting in God to heal me.

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