Confetti Egg Salad

Close up of my Confetti Egg SaladI’m not going to lie, I wasn’t really a fan of egg salad for the first 30ish years of my life… and to be completely honest I wasn’t even a big egg eater before we got our own chickens. An appreciation of eggs is something that came to me later in life and only after I understood how extremely healthy eggs from healthy, naturally raised chickens are for us to have as a regular part of your diet.

For as long as we’ve been together I’ve made my hubby egg salad but only after I put my own personal twist on it did I become an egg salad fan myself. One of the characteristics of all of the food I create is FLAVOR. Not crazy-zany combinations but BOLD explosions of flavor, the kind of food that keeps you coming back for more.

My kitchen is notorious for food like grandma made but BETTER. My egg salad doesn’t take any special utensils or off the wall ingredients, just adding fresh chopped herbs and bold red pepper is all it takes to bring traditional egg salad to life… a reason to throw a party, a regular celebration in your mouth with lots of CONFETTI 🙂  Hence the name Confetti Egg Salad. You’ll start out with hard boiled eggs (my secret to perfect hard boiled eggs post is coming soon, so check back for the link) get them peeled and chopped…… Chopped hardboiled eggs from our free range, organic , soy free eggs You’ll also need finely chopped veggies (celery, onion & red pepper), fresh herbs (parsley, chives, thyme, savory, etc), mayonnaise, sweet relish (I’ll be sharing my recipe for my homemade, canned sweet relish soon) and horseradish mustard – trust me use the horseradish mustard it’s essential! IMG_5832 Give everything a through mix, seasoning to taste with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper…. Freshly Made Confetti Egg Salad If you can resist eating the whole bowl right after mixing – chill it for later. It’s truly a toss up if it’s better warm right after you make it or after it’s been chilled – you’ll have to try it both ways and let me know 🙂  

Confetti Egg Salad - the world's best HEALTHY Egg Salad

Confetti Egg Salad

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  • Combine everything together
  • Season to taste with Sea Salt & Pepper
  • Enjoy right away or chill for later


If you like a sweeter egg salad, add more sweet relish to taste 🙂
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  1. It’s a question. I don’t like mayonnaise but love Miracle Whip. Can I substitute on any recipes that call for mayonnaise?

    1. Beverly – We each need to determine what foods fit into our healthy lifestyle. These are the ingredients in Miracle Whip: WATER, SOYBEAN OIL, HIGH FRUCTOSE CORN SYRUP, VINEGAR, MODIFIED CORNSTARCH, EGGS, SALT, NATURAL FLAVOR, MUSTARD FLOUR, POTASSIUM SORBATE AS A PRESERVATIVE, PAPRIKA, SPICE, DRIED GARLIC.

      Again, only you can decide what is healthy for you, However for me Soybean Oil, High Fructose Corn Syup, Modified Cornstarch & Natural Flavor are not items that I consume.

      I encourage you to try to switch to a healthier option.

    2. But yes, recipe-wise you can substitute Miracle Whip for mayonnaise if you like it better. I sometimes mix them half and half; best of both worlds!

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