Metabolic & Energy Boosting Frothy Coffee

Metabolic and Energy Boosting Frothy Coffee Long ago, in a world far-far away — I actually worked. Like really WORKED at a job away from home. Yes – total shocker, I know! I had a boss/supervisor that, well, was a complete mess. I worked in retail buying, she was the buyer and I was her assistant.. let’s just call her “Catherine” 🙂 Catherine would stay out all night partying. She’d come to work in the same clothes days-in-a-row, frequently being dropped off at work by her fling from the night before. BUT she was totally nice and I did get along with her and found her party-girl antics very amusing. To each their own right? And for the most part she did function well-enough at work. Part of my job included keeping my desk stocked with pain relievers and lots of change for the coffee machine. A few times a week she’d call me for a meeting and ask if I could grab her a “frothy coffee” from the vending machine – but never had any money. Go figure, right? That was my hint to grab some pain pills and be prepared for a meeting where she’d want to just chat about crazy night out. If you’ve ever had a vending machine coffee (mocha, latte, etc from some sort of power reconstituted in hot water) in those cute little cups  .. you know it’s in no way ‘good’ coffee but it did have a little frothy top on it which made it seem at least a little more special than black with creamer…. Long gone are those days of toxic pain relievers, processed powered coffees, caked on makeup and fashion apparel, since leaving my job to stay home and focus on our homestead (this blog came a few years after that leap) My morning Metabolic & Energy Boosting Coffee reminds me of those “frothy” coffees….. not for the flavor or the slew of toxic junk in the powder.. but just the lovely thin layer of froth that surprisingly get from an amazingly healthy morning cup of “Joe” I’m always tweaking my healthy diet and experimenting with my fat/protein/carb ratios… Generally speaking I advocate a diet rich in healthy fats (50%+ of daily caloric intake) for everyone, but it can be really difficult to get all those healthy fats in your day! By blending Butter (ideally from organic/pasture raised cows) and Coconut Oil (or MCT Oil – think super amazing coconut oil) into your morning cup of organic coffee you’re cheating the system! You get a GIANT boost of ENERGY along with starting your day with healthy fats that keep you focused on things other than food. all while getting a jumpstart on your daily healthy fat requirements! AKA BulletProof Coffee 🙂 For more information on WHY Coconut Oil (MCT oil is basically concentrated Coconut Oil) is so healthy & essential in your daily diet CLICK HERE and if you’re new to the idea of butter for health CLICK HERE I know what you are thinking -I don’t care how HEALTHY it is,  butter and coconut oil in coffee – YUCK – but I promise when you toss everything in the blender it emulsifies into a  creamy coffee with a beautiful layer of froth on top! There’s a few variations you’ll find of this coffee out there, most commonly Bullet Proof Coffee (using a proprietary organic coffee and MCT oil with your grass fed butter) and many people add in Vanilla & Stevia for a little sweetness. Making Metabolic and Energy Boosting Frothy Coffee is really easy! You need about 8 ounces HOT black brewed coffee, 1-2 tablespoons butter and 1-2 tablespoons coconut oil (or MCT oil) .. Blend it in your blender for at least 20 seconds and VIOLA! Easy-Peasy, Right?? In the morning after my oil pulling & warm lemon water — I grid some organic coffee beans (I’m totally in love with Bulletproof’s coffee!! The flavor is amazing and it’s produced with integrity) and brew up my coffee in my french press. (2 tablespoons of coffee for each 8 ounce cup of coffee, brewed for 4 minutes) Brewing Frothy Coffee Then I BLEND up my HOT coffee with butter & MCT Oil (I used Coconut Oil at first but upgraded to the MCT Oil for the enhanced metabolic effects) for at least 20 seconds – it will emulsify and get a beautiful layer of froth on top! Blending Frothy Coffee I’ll have a cup in the morning and a cup around noon as a part of my Intermittent Fasting routine. Typically the healthy fats keep me full and satisfied until dinner where I eat the balance of my day’s nutritional requirements (5/9/14 – I’m striving for 80% healthy fats with 50-75 grams protein and veggies to fill my plate in a 6 hour or less eating window) Finished Frothy Coffee I can’t say enough how AWESOME I feel after having my FATTY COFFEE for breakfast! It’s keeping me energized and focused. I can easily do my HIIT Training, Hot Yoga, long mountain hikes and/or strenuous homesteading chores with sustained energy and no hunger!

Metabolic & Energy Boosting Frothy Coffee

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  • 8 ounces freshly brewed HOT Black Coffee preferably organic
  • 1-2 tablespoons MCT oil or coconut oil
  • 1-2 tablespoon Butter (or ghee)


  • Combine all ingredients into your blender and blend on high for at least 20 seconds
  • Enjoy!


Add Stevia and/or vanilla for sweetness, if desired
1 Raw Egg Yolk can also be added for EXTRA nutrition
When you are just starting out, use less butter/coconut oil/MCT oil and gradually increase to a full 2 tablespoons - individuals who are not currently consuming these fats as a part of their healthy diet will need to go slowly to avoid digestive upset.
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  1. Could you tell me more about your intermittent fasting routine? From what I’ve read, it’s usually a bad idea for women. Have you found it to work for you? What tips do you have for women?

    1. Hey Vicky – I only recommend Intermittent Fasting for women who’s hormones/thyroid/adrenals are healthy… IF is really easy. it’s just extending your nightly fast — everyone should fast 12 hours between dinner and breakfast — then pushing your fast longer 12-14-16-18-24 hours – varying the fast on the days you choose. After you become accustom to it, it’s very easy.
      Mon-Fri I typically fast from dinner to lunch or dinner to dinner.

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