Lose a Pound a Day With Shockingly Rich Chocolate Truffle Pudding

Lose a Pound a Day With Shockingly Rich Chocolate Truffle Pudding: Bulletproof Diet Recipe“Why would you ever go off a diet that tastes better than the diet you were eating before you started looking great, losing weight, and kicking ass?”

That’s the question my good friend Dave Asprey asks in his just-released new book, “The Bulletproof Diet”…which I’m totally in LOVE with and even Hercules couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into it right after it arrived!

PS — Dave just wrote an AWESOME Guest Post on my site:  Fat Is Back: Why Putting More Fat In Your Diet Is The Key To Good Health You’ve gotta read it <3


And if it sounds hard to believe that a Diet could actually taste BETTER, or be more satisfying than your guilty-favorite comfort foods…

When you get your copy, prove it to yourself, just like it did! I just HAD to stop everything I was doing and read his book the day it arrived and started his diet immediately! While feeling full and satiated I’ve already lost a few pounds in the first 2 days – Woot Woot!

Just flip right to the back and browse through the 40+ recipes that combine ingredients like real butter, coffee and chocolate into delicious meals and snacks that kill your cravings.


That means no “rabbit food” recipes to leave you craving sweet relief and gritting your teeth waiting for the day you can go back to eating ‘normal’ food…


Instead, one of the first things you’ll notice when you try the Bulletproof Diet is that unlike other “diets” you’ve probably tried, you don’t need superhuman willpower to keep going.


Because believe it or not, instead of leaving you hungry, eating Bulletproof actually  kills your cravings even as the pounds fall off…


And if you don’t know Dave, believe me: He’s not just telling you want you want to hear to sell books: In fact, he cites 229 scientific studies in the book (on top of his own 15 years and $300,000 worth of personal research).


Plus, you’ll quickly see that The Bulletproof Diet is much more than “just” a diet that finally lets you stop starving yourself just to get results. You’ll also discover…


==> The truth about “counting calories” – what scientists say you should do instead. Page 42

==> The 5 best foods to eat right before bed to fall asleep fast (and wake up bursting with energy)… Page 95

==> A doctor’s secret for getting better results than ever at the gym – in just  one 20-minute once-a-week workout… Page 120

==> 8 “Kryptonite” foods to avoid at all costs (three of them are fruits)… Page 182

==> 5 “Bulletproof” cooking methods that give you maximum nutrition from every meal (and four that create dangerous toxins)… Page 229…


You’ll find all this and more when you get your copy of The Bulletproof Diet. Just  click here now to get your copy straight from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.


When you do, remember to forward a copy of your receipt to join-bpdbonuses@instantcustomer.com and Dave will even hook you up with a complimentary instant-download copy of his book, “The Upgraded Chef” – full of even more craving-destroying recipes.


And if you prefer to support your local bookstore and buy The Bulletproof Diet “offline”… you can simply take a quick snapshot of your receipt on your phone and send it to the same email address to claim your bonus.


Either way — just make sure you get your copy today, so you can be cravings-free in time for the holiday season.


Here’s the 10-minute Shockingly Rich Chocolate Truffle Pudding recipe I promised you, straight from The Bulletproof Diet (Page 280):

Lose a Pound a Day With Shockingly Rich Chocolate Truffle Pudding: Bulletproof Diet Recipe

Shockingly Rich Chocolate Truffle Pudding

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  • Heat 1 cup of the coconut milk, the stevia, and the gelatin in a saucepan over medium heat until dissolved. place the remaining 3 cups of coconut milk in a blender with the vanilla, chocolate powder, butter, and oil. Blend thoroughly. Add the hot coconut milk/gelatin mixture to the blender and pulse until mixed, with or without the macadamia nuts. pour the entire blender contents into muffin tins or ramekins and place in the fridge for an hour to set. Top with more nuts (if using).


You can use coconut oil in place of the mct oil. MCT oil is more powerful for fat burning, I strongly recommend MCT.
Tried this recipe?Mention @hayley_inthekitchen or tag #hayley_inthekitchen!


See what I mean? Not your typical “diet food.” Get your copy today from Amazon, Barnes&Noble.com, or your local bookstore. Then send Dave your receipt to claim your bonus copy of “The Upgraded Chef” with even more great recipes.

Lose a Pound a Day With Shockingly Rich Chocolate Truffle Pudding: Bulletproof Diet Recipe

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  1. it looks delicious, but is there a macro breakdown, calorie count or number of servings per recipe?

    1. You can easily calculate the macro nutrients for the entire recipe then divide it by the number of servings based on the containers you divide it into . This is a high fat, low carbohydrate treat following the bulletproof diet program.

  2. When you say “coconut milk”…is it the full fat kind in the can, or the coconut milk you could put on cereal, in a box?

    1. Nicki – I linked to the coconut milk i use/recommend in the recipe itself. we avoid milks with additives, which those refrigerated boxed varieties are filled with icky stuff.

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