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Chicken Liver Nuggets with Southwest Ranch {Primal & Gluten-Free}

Chicken Liver Nuggets with Southwest Ranch {Primal & Gluten-Free}

Growing up, I hated liver in all forms. It wasn’t until I made in into my 30’s that I FINALLY got the courage to try liver and found that it was not as bad as I remember. My Chicken Liver Nuggets with Southwest Ranch, those are another story though – I can eat the entire batch myself!

See, I’m not one to candy coat things like liver and tell you it’s simply amazing and it’s sill to avoid it… I’m realistic and I get where many of you are coming from. Liver, in general, isn’t people’s fav.

Chicken livers are much milder in flavor and texture than beef liver and I recommend starting with them if you want to dip your toes in the liver pool 🙂

Why are chicken livers good for me?

Chicken livers are high in protein and a rich store of folate, which is important for fertility and helps prevent certain birth defects. Livers are also loaded with iron to give you energy and a treasure trove of certain B vitamins, most notably B12. This nutritional profile makes them a good choice for anyone prone to anaemia. Chicken livers are also one of the top sources of vitamin A, which helps eye health.

As with all the foods we eat, it’s advisable to choose the highest quality available. We only eat organic, soy free, pasture raised chicken from local farms (we raise our own or buy from The Family Cow)

Chicken Liver Nuggets with Southwest Ranch {Primal & Gluten-Free}

Then when you dip your crispy breaded liver nugget into my Southwest Ranch **BOOM**

Liver? What Liver?

There’s liver in these nuggets?

No Way! Gimme another!

Plate empty, The end.

Everyone now loves liver. All because of this crispy breaded Chicken Liver Nuggets and my Southwest Ranch.

Grab a copy of my Salads Without Grain eBook to get my Southwest Ranch Recipe (along with over 50 homemade salad dressings and salad inspirations for just $7.99) – Trust me you won’t be disappointed.

Chicken Liver Nuggets with Southwest Ranch {Primal & Gluten-Free}

Tender chicken livers encased in a sweet/salty tigernut flour breading dipped in my tangy Southwest Ranch, even the pickiest of eaters will be asking for seconds!

*Tigernut Flour is an amazing addition to your healthy diet, if you are not familiar with it already check out THIS POST to learn more. It’s a staple in our home and soon to be yours, too!

Chicken Liver Nuggets with Southwest Ranch {Primal & Gluten-Free}

Chicken Liver Nuggets with Southwest Ranch {Primal & Gluten-Free}

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  • Cut chicken livers into nugget size pieces and arrange on a plate lined with paper towel to drain/dry.
  • In a plastic bag or bowl, combine arrowroot starch, sea salt and black pepper.
  • Line plate(s) with wax paper that will fit in your freezer.
  • Toss chicken livers in arrowroot starch mixture to lightly coat. Then arrange in a single layer on the wax paper lined plate(s).
  • Prick each chicken liver nugget several times with a fork. (this helps to reduce splattering.
  • Beat egg with water until well mixed.
  • Combine tigernut flour, season salt and crushed red pepper in a bowl or plastic bag.
  • Dip each (arrowroot dusted) chicken liver in beaten egg then in the tigernut flour, coating well. Then place back onto the wax paper lined plate(s).
  • Once all livers are breaded - repeat a second coating egg and tigernut flour. Arranging back on the wax paper lined plate(s).
  • Place double breaded livers in the freezer to chill for a minimum of 30 minutes (this allows the breading to adhere and not puff or peel off after cooking)
  • In medium pot (preferably with tall sides) heat lard to 320 degrees f.
  • Working in batches fry chilled/frozen chicken liver nuggets for about 2-3 minutes or until browned and cooked through (if they are especially thick, increase cooking time up to 3-4 minutes, as needed)
  • Drain fried chicken liver nuggets on a paper towel lined plate and season generously with additional seasoned salt or sea salt.
  • Serve with Southwest Ranch as a dip! Enjoy!
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  1. Thank you for sharing what looks like an amazing recipe. I look forward to trying it. I’m curious about Tigernut flour. Is it low-carb? We are strictly LCHF right now and it’s working for us.

    1. Ann – You’ll need to personally determine if Tigernut Flour fits in to your desired macronutrient ratios. It is a resistant starch which has over 40% fiber – resistant starches are a different type of carb than sugar for example.

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