Diary Free Peanut Butter Fluff

PB Fluff


Looking for a quick sweet-treat? Love Peanut butter?? Me too! This is a simple treat you can WHIP UP in just minutes and it’s Diary, Gluten, Egg and Soy Free!!!

Scoop the solid coconut cream from your can of coconut milk and place in a medium bowl. I use the liquid that is left in the can to bread my country fried steak or chicken nuggets🙂
coconut milk

Add peanut butter, sugar, vanilla and a few pinches of sea salt to taste.. Whip everything together until light and fluffy, Enjoy!

2013-03-09 22.02.19


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    1. I haven’t measured it 🙂 but when I made this last night just over 1/2 of the can was the cream – maybe a cup??

  1. I am a little confused…are you keeping the coconut cream to make the fluff or are you setting the coconut cream to the side to use for something else and using the milk to make the fluff?
    Thanks! Sounds delish.

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