Grilled Ham Steak with Maple Orange Glaze (aka Ham-Awesome)

Grilled Ham Steak with Maple Orange Glaze (aka Ham-Awesome)

We’re are a pork-centric home. Ray LOVES pork in all ways and forms; chops, steaks, roasts, bacon and especially HAM. Too often we mistakenly only think of ham in 2 ways, Holiday/Ester Ham and Lunchmeat Ham. And that’s a HUGE mistake, with my Grilled Ham Steak with Maple Orange Glaze, you can have all the holiday flavors you crave only in a quick week night meal!

Last Easter we bought an uncured, smoked Ham from our friends at Footprints Farm (naturally raised pork) and I just did my thing with it. You know baked, made a glaze, all the holiday works. No big deal really. I didn’t give it too much thought, but the ham turned out AWESOME.

So awesome, that Ray aptly named it “Ham-Awesome”

And when it’s just the 2 of us and we make a BIG holiday ham, we end up with leftover in the freezer…. labeled Ham-Awesome, of course. Duh.

We even have a jar of “Ham-Awesome-Sauce” in the freezer, where we saved the juicy deliciousness from the bottom of the pan fo later….. we still have it, not sure what to do with it…. yet.

Fast forward from Easter to December…. Ellen (my BFF from Footprints Farm, where the Ham in my famous ham-awesome came from) and I were cooking up farm-deliciousness for a local event, she gave me the responsibility of the ham steaks.. because she was afraid of them drying out…. knowing full well that I was up for the challenge.

Ham Steaks were no problem for me. We ate them often, but not in a way that I thought was fun-enough for an event. But I knew ham-awesome would be perfect.

Normally we just pan-fry a ham steak for dinner, with a side of potatoes. It’s one of those meals that I leave up to Ray when I’m busy or don’t want to cook…

Here’s the thing, it was nearly effortless to turn basic Ham-Steaks (aka ham, sliced into a steak) into the very same Ham-Awesome we enjoyed at Easter.

Grilled Ham Steak with Maple Orange Glaze (aka Ham-Awesome)

Perhaps, better than Easter Ham.

All the flavors of Holiday or Easter Ham, in a quick week-night meal. A meal that your family will beg for you to make again. Ham steaks so good your family will agree it’s Ham-Awesome.


You can thank me later.

Grilled Ham Steak with Maple Orange Glaze

Grilled Ham Steak with Maple Orange Glaze (aka Ham-Awesome)

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For the Maple Orange Glaze

  • 1 medium Ham Steak any size will work


  • In a small skillet or sauce pan, combine glaze ingredients and simmer until reduced by half. (roughly, don't get too worked up, you just want a light syrup)
  • Strain to remove cloves and garlic (if desired)
  • Preheat Grill to medium/high.... pat ham steak dry with a paper towel.
  • Brush ham steak with glaze then grill... brushing with glaze and flipping as needed until ham has pretty grill marks and is heated through. (Honestly, I have no idea how to give ham steak grilling instructions, just grill and baste, grill and baste, personally my favorite part is those black burnt fatty edges)
  • Transfer ham to a serving plate and brush with remaining glaze. Enjoy all the deliciousness.
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Grilled Ham Steak with Maple Orange Glaze (aka Ham-Awesome)


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