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Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges with Sriracha Mayo Dip

Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges w/Sriracha Mayo Dip
This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Tyson Foods, Inc. All opinions are entirely my own.

Now that the holidays are over, many of us are trying to get back on track and are making resolutions for a healthier and happier new year. But the transition from indulgence to wellness can be challenging. My Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges with Sriracha Mayo are one of those nutrient-dense recipes that are quick, easy and delicious, earning it a place in your regular menu rotation!

It’s sort of humorous to see how dramatically different the grocery store inventory looks in January compared to December. Over just a few days, we shift from seeing displays of indulgent foods and ample baking supplies to starkly-barren produce departments.

A few years back during the first week of the new year, I had to visit 7 local grocery stores, just to find one stalk of celery!

Celery, really??

Apparently, people eat more celery when embarking on a wellness resolution than they do when sharing meals with their families over the holiday season.

I see it all the time, we get BIG ideas and fancy plans, starting out the first of the year with vigor and excitement. We fill our carts with ample supplies for our nutritious menu plans and commit to frequenting the gym….

But then life happens. We get too busy for the gym and bored with extra cooking, tedious counting and meticulous measuring.

Before you know it, the old habits have crept back in…. By the end of January, the inventory levels have returned to normal (and gyms clear out) not that there was a bumper crop of celery and apples to stock the shelves, but because MOST people’s wellness plans were being abandoned. While I’m always glad that my grocery shopping is back to normal, it’s also so sad to see how quickly people abandon their commitment.

Now, don’t think that my healthy-eating commitment is any stronger than yours, I’ve just developed a few tricks to keep myself on track… no matter what!

The most well-laid plan can become easily abandoned when you get a case of the “hungries” and you’re not prepared.

And by prepared I’m not talking about a granola bar in your purse, I’m talking about allowing yourself a treat that won’t sabotage your resolution!

It never fails that I always get super hungry when I’m at Target and much like the rest of the Target shoppers, it’s easy to get drawn to the less-wholesome snacks. Not only does Target have fun treats and snacks, but they also have better-for-you deliciousness too! Hillshire Farm Naturals® Slow Roasted Turkey Breast is one of my favorite more nutritious Target purchases!

Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges w/Sriracha Mayo Dip

Hillshire Farm Naturals Slow Roasted Turkey Breast is slow roasted for hours and double-sealed for freshness. I get all the feels when buying myself a special Target treat, but with none of the guilt!

I get giddy at the idea of my little container of yumminess and can’t wait to get home and make myself a special lunch.

Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges w/Sriracha Mayo Dip

By simply wrapping wedges of avocado with Hillshire Farm Naturals Slow Roasted Turkey Breast, you have a nutritious and quick meal. And they are yummy both served cold or quickly heated in the toaster oven.

Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges w/Sriracha Mayo Dip

Instead of focusing on detailed meal plans, specialty ingredients and a super strict, no modification eating plan, the key to eating a better, more nutritious diet, all year round, is establishing “when in doubt” meals like these Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges With Sriracha Mayo Dip.

These “when in doubt” meals keep you feeling great, don’t hurt your budget AND taste great. In just minutes, I have a delicious meal or snack ready to enjoy. No measuring, counting or complicated ingredients.

Even when you aren’t headed back home, like when I was on a recent work trip to Colorado, I used THIS STORE FINDER to locate the nearest Target. I grabbed my supplies and made these in my hotel room instead of grabbing take- out for dinner.

Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges w/Sriracha Mayo Dip

When paired with homemade Sriracha mayo, you’ll feel like you’re somehow cheating on your new way of eating, only your totally not!

For an added healthy-bonus, enjoy a kombucha to drink for a fermented boost to your meal, too!

Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges w/Sriracha Mayo Dip

While my Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges with Sriracha Mayo are definitely low in carbs (as in almost zero), if low-carb isn’t your thing, you can just add a carb as a side!

Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges w/Sriracha Mayo Dip

Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges w/Sriracha Mayo Dip

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Servings: 1 servings


  • 4 slices Hillshire Farm Naturals Slow Roasted Turkey Breast
  • 1 avocado

For the Sriracha Mayo


  • Combine mayonnaise with Sriracha, to taste. Set aside.
  • Peel your avocado and cut into 8 wedges
  • Wrap each wedge with 1/2 a slice of turkey, securing with a tooth pick.
  • Serve cold/room temperature or broil in your toaster oven for 2-3 minute or until heated and lightly browned.
  • Enjoy each wedge dipped in Sriracha mayo for a delicious, quick meal!
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Low-Carb Turkey Wrapped Avocado Wedges w/Sriracha Mayo Dip



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