Homemade Coconut Milk & Coconut Flour

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Sometimes I really p*ss myself off.. I mean really. I’ve been buying canned coconut milk for the past couple years, but was never completely happy with the thickening additives.. Then I started testing out cheap & easy ways to make Coconut Milk at home! Damn! I wish I would have figured this out sooner, I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on canned coconut milk – wasted a lot of money – ugh!!!

But now I’m just super excited to share how to make it with you! And the BONUS is that the byproduct of making your own coconut milk is homemade coconut flour! Jackpot, Right?!?

First of all you’ll need Organic Shredded Coconut. I buy mine in 3.5 pound buckets (Click HERE to buy) which will yield over 32 cups of coconut milk!


For each 1 cup of Organic Shredded Coconut you need 2 cups of warm water, preferably filtered. (in this series of photos, I used 4 cups of coconut & 8 cups of water)


Let your Organic Shredded Coconut sit in the water for 20-30 minutes…


Blend on HIGH for 2-3 minutes


Pour through a fine mesh strainer (or use a nut milk bag)



If you’re using a fine mesh strainer, stir and lightly press the coconut solids to release the liquid (or squeeze the nut milk bag with your hands)
homemade coconut milk

I store my homemade coconut milk in canning/mason jars fitted with BPA free plastic lids, it will keep in the fridge for about a week. Or you can freeze it in a freezer safe container.

NOW – you can make Coconut Flour…..




Spread the pressed/dry coconut solids that are leftover onto a fruit leather tray for your dehydrator and on a low setting – dehydrate until completely dry and crumbly..



Using your blender or food processor, grind until a fine powder..


I store my homemade coconut flour in the freezer until I’m ready to use it 🙂

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  1. I tried making this for my kids, but there was a thick really hard layer on the top when I opened the jar to use it. Is this normal? Or did I not strain it enough maybe? TIA

      1. So how do you reincorporate it? Do you blend it every time? I tried mixing it but it just got chunky lol…sorry, new to this!

        1. Shawna – try this method –> http://www.naturalemama.com/how-to-keep-homemade-coconut-milk-in-the-fridge-without-separation/

  2. Thanks so much for sharing…the same thing happened to me – more or less. I had recently purchased a “reconditioned” Vitamix and have been making such delicious Almond milk. It is a bit expensive to make. I just happened to have some coconut flakes – much less extensive than Almonds – and wondered if I could make milk. I have never liked the store bought Almond or Coconut milks so this has been such a delight. I just made the first batch of Coconut milk and added 3 dates not knowing if it would need any sweetener or not. I didn’t even heat the water first – just put it all in Vitamix and let it heat in there. OMG….sooooo good. I also used dates with the Almond milk. Only problem is that they are both SO good I just want to drink it all up. Next time I will make a double batch with 8 cups of water instead of 4. I did use the Vitamix Nut Bag to drain it and it did an excellent job but I need a new plan because the liquid was very hot making the bag difficult to handle. BTW I am so glad that I spent the $$$ for the Vitamix. Now there are so many different things I find myself doing that I didn’t do before. The coconut meal is now off to the dehydrated.

  3. Hi! I have Coconut Creme concentrate from Tropical Traditions….do you think I can make coconut milk from this? I am trying to make a caramel sauce & the recipe calls for coconut milk, but the two batches I already tried, were super runny & never caramelized. 🙁


  4. Hi Hayley! So, what if you don’t have a food dehydrator yet? Can you do this on a low setting in the oven?

    1. Hey Kelly – Great Question!! I haven’t dried coconut in the oven myself – but I have dried herbs in the oven for years before we got our dehydrator so I’m confident it would turn out fine! I always set my oven at the lowest setting and stirred them often – Let me know how it works out for you 🙂

  5. I’m loving all your recipes! I’ve been resistant getting a dehydrator but all your recipes, especially this one really make me want one. 🙂

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