Homemade Sparkling Mineral Water

Are you a little tired of buying sparkling mineral water from the store? Homemade sparkling mineral water is easier to make than you think. Learn how to make homemade sparkling mineral water here.

Homemade Sparkling Mineral WaterWhere most people miss the bus, nutritionally speaking when it comes to drinking  sparkling mineral water is that when they are blindly purchasing bottle sparkling mineral water that isn’t supplementing your diet with minerals in a meaningful way.  If you are drinking brands like Peirre or San Pelligrino in an effort to boost your mineral intake, stop. You are wasting money. They contain such low mineral content, it’s not much different than club soda or seltzer water other than the higher price tag.

THIS is the only BRAND of sparkling mineral water that contains substantial minerals…. Click HERE to compare the popular mineral water brands for yourself.

WOW, right?!?

See, I told you! Your favorite “mineral” water isn’t really mineral-packed at all! Yet you are paying a premium for a fancy brand…

Homemade Sparkling Mineral Water

Why Should You Drink Mineral Water?

My love affair with sparkling mineral water started when I was a little girl. Even though my parents drank soda/pop/soft drinks regularly I was not allowed. Instead my special treat was sparkling mineral water.

Drinking Mineral Water helps to promote good health and a feeling well-being. But it is not only the amount of water you drink that is important – what the water contains is even more essential. With mineral water you can easily maintain your fluid balance while at the same time supplying your body with valuable minerals and trace elements.

Why is this so important? Minerals are important to the organism – the human body however is not capable of producing them. That is why minerals need to be provided as part of our food and beverages.

I’ve pretty much been supporting the mineral water industry for at least 30 years, regularly guzzling down bottle after bottle.

But one day, I did some research and realized how little minerals are actually IN MINERAL water yet we are still charged a premium AND I was filling our recycling bin every month with the bottles!

What if I told you that you can make Homemade Sparkling Mineral Water, that contains MORE minerals than the popular store bought brands while saving money! OH, yeah and you won’t be wasting precious resources by utilizing disposable bottles that need recycled or else will clog our overflowing landfills.

Homemade Sparkling Mineral Water

I’ve been making my own Homemade Sparkling Mineral water for the past several years and I’m so excited to share my mineral boosting, budget friendly secret!

Sound too good to be true, right?

If you drink 1L bottle of high quality sparkling mineral water every day for a year, you will spend roughly $730* on store bought compared to only $294 for homemade! Plus no bottles in the landfill or bottles to recycle! 

How to make Homemade Sparkling Mineral Water

Making your own Homemade Sparkling Mineral Water is so easy and even more delicious than store bought.

Start out with Healthy, Filtered Water – No need to spend thousands on a fancy water filter or wasting money on toxic bottled water, when Berkey Water Purification Systems are so easy to use and totally affordable. This high quality purified water is not only perfect for making homemade sparkling mineral water, it will replace ALL bottled water that you purchase, simply take water with you in glass bottles or stainless steel canteens.

If you’ve been dragging your feet on your investment into a water purification system, for fear that they are too expensive or difficult to install/use… PLEASE do not hesitate any longer! It’s something that you NEED to prioritize, not only for mineral water but for all of your drinking water. I encourage you to STOP buying bottled water in all forms. Take responsibility for your own healthy drinking water ASAP.

Above is our very well loved Berkey Water Purifier, it has a dedicated shelf built into the wall in our kitchen. It looks a little beat-up because it’s joined us on many vacations and camping trips so that we always have our healthy water with us!

Initial investment of $250 including 6,000 gallons (22,700+ liters) of filtered water, if you would also like to remove fluoride (which I recommend) it is an additional $50 per 1,000 gallons. 

Oh and one last little tip, research the contaminates in plastic bottled water (flat, spring, mineral, sparkling, etc) not only are the waters used often filled with yucky stuff, after sitting in a plastic bottle even more gross hormone disrupting chemicals leach into your water – water that you are paying a premium for.

Add Bubbles – I’ve been using a SodaSteam for carbonated water for many many years. It’s much cheaper compared to buying pre-carbonated waters AND you aren’t plagued with tons plastic or glass bottles to recycle! You can even customize how fizzy you want your water to be.

Homemade Sparkling Mineral Water

And even though most systems come with reusable plastic BPA-free bottles, I transfer my bubbly water to a swing top glass bottle to be stored in the fridge, not only for health reasons but it just looks cool, don’t you agree! In the past I owned a system which used glass bottles but they seemed to loose their fizz quickly due to not sealing well. 

Initial investment $79 including 60L carbonated water. 

Make it Mineral Rich – I add 1/2 teaspoon of concentrated minerals to each 1L bottle of home filtered, sparkling water for my mineral supplementation. This concentrated minerals is where I suggest starting your mineral supplementation, however you can fully customize your mineral water by adding other mineral drops as well.







  • Sulfate


Homemade Sparkling Mineral Water

48 Liters of mineral water $15. If you are new to mineral supplementation, start with a few drops per bottle and build up to a full 1/2 teaspoon over several weeks. 

Since we are staring out with mineral containing tap water and not removing them in our filtration/purification process (like you do with reverse osmosis systems, which I don’t recommend) you will always start out with some minerals in your water which is a BONUS.

If you love healthy, sparkling mineral water as much as I do, please share this post with your friends on social media & pin it for later!

Homemade Sparkling Mineral Water

*$730 is based on $2/L of gerliostmer mineral water * 365 

**$294 is based on consumables utilized to produce 365L of homemade sparkling mineral water (tap water $0.0005/L, purification $0.005/L, carbonation $0.50/L and minerals $0.3/L totaling $0.8055/L * 365 = $294.0075) This does not include a $200 initial investment of equipment. Spread out over the first year, including the initial investment the total cost per Liter is roughly $1.39 per day, which is still saving you $225 in the first year of use! click HERE for a screen shot of the math broken down. 

Homemade Sparkling Mineral Water

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    There’s not an actual recipe here. There’s a picture, a title, and an ad. I even clicked print and it’s only a picture and a title. Can you say click bait?!

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  2. Hey I was curious why you didn’t recommend reverse osmosis for water filtration, my main concern so far has been the chemicals/ micro plastics being filtered but wondering your thoughts on ro machines.

    1. I understand your concern. It’s a surprisingly small footprint on your counter… would take up less space than a 12-pack of sparkling water.

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    These types or articles always have the recipe at the bottom so that’s where I went, but it was missing. I then read that it’s in the article. For consistency sake, you may want to just put the instructions in the recipe part too.

    Thanks for the Trace Minerals product. I never liked plain sparkling water. Sparkling Mineral Water always tasted better. Thanks 🙂

      1. “Make it Mineral Rich – I add 1/2 teaspoon of concentrated minerals to each 1L bottle of home filtered, sparkling water for my mineral supplementation. This concentrated minerals is where I suggest starting your mineral supplementation, however you can fully customize your mineral water by adding other mineral drops as well. “

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    Sparkling water is a refreshing soda alternative for people who are trying to drink fewer soft drinks. Although there are many brands with a variety of flavors, it’s super easy to spruce up plain or flavored seltzer water at home.

    These drink have few side effect, But I myself always enjoy drinking homemade sparkling water.

    Thank you for the recipe.

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