Magic Shell Ice Cream Topping

magic shell
Just incase you haven’t had Magic Shell Ice Cream (sometimes called “hard cap”) it’s this magical liquid chocolate that turns hard when drizzled on cold ice cream! It’s the same thing as a chocolate dipped cone you get at your local soft serve ice cream place.. I recommend making up a batch of my All Natural Vanilla Bean Ice Cream with this Magic Shell!

My mom would buy it for me when I was little, it made plain-jane ice cream so much fun!

Here’s what you need to make Homemade Magic Shell:

In a small sauce pot, combine coconut oil and chocolate chips over medium heat… stir until well combined and melted. Drizzle over ice cream and enjoy!

Store any leftovers in the fridge, then just warm to liquify before using it again 🙂

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  1. I have found that it also works if you combine coconut oil and cacao powder ( about ratio of 1:1) then add maple syrup or honey to taste so sweet enough and then pour onto anything frozen and it hardens (like frozen bananas, frozen berries, home made ice cream ) this way you avoid potential nasties in the chocolate. Also Nutella – like if you want to use as a fruit dip or spread. (Primal Sydney on Facebook )

  2. This is awesome! I threw it together tonight and it worked great. All this time I had the ingredients. 🙂

  3. I’ll bet you could make some really interesting shell toppings using some of the different flavored baking chips.

    1. Chris, you’ll just need to be very mindful of the ingredients in the chips you use. There are lots of nasty, unhealthy junk in most processed foods, like flavored chips.

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