Mojo Pork Tenderloin Tacos

mojo pork tacos

In Cuban cooking, MOJO is any sauce that is made with garlic, olive oil and a citrus juice, most commonly mojo is used to marinate pork.  The citrus helps make your pork super tender and also makes it healthier! (Check out this link, for why I only eat cured or marinated pork)

I recommend marinating your pork a minimum of 24 for hours for maximum flavor. I also recommend reserving some of this marinade to use as salad dressing!!

Here’s what you need:

For a 1 pound pork tenderloin, I use 1/2 of the marinade and I use 1/2 as a salad dressing…for a 2 pound tenderloin you’ll need the whole marinade recipe. Marinate your pork for 24-48 hours. Grill or bake until the internal temperature reaches 150, then remove it from the heat and let it rest (covered in foil) for 10 minutes. (Letting your meat rest after cooking, allows it to continue gently cooking and to absorb the internal juices.)

Slice your tenderloin thinly and serve on Homemade Corn Tortillas (Click HERE for my recipe), Sliced Avocado, A squeeze of fresh lime juice and a pinch of Fresh Sprouts (Click HERE to learn how to grow your own sprouts at home!)

(Salad as pictured above: corn, mushrooms, onion, cucumber, garbanzo beans, tomato and fresh cilantro on a bed of shredded romaine lettuce)

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