Quick & Easy Pea Soup

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This is by far the EASIEST recipe I’ve shared so far on my blog! It comes together and you can have it on the table in just minutes! This Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly & Vegan/Vegetarian Pea Soup is sure to be a huge success with your family!

I’ve been consistently surprised by the amazing recipes that Massel has shared on their website to be used in conjunction with their AMAZING bouillon! I’ve previously shared 2 of their recipes with you; my Secret Ingredient Sauteed Mushrooms, and my Thanksgiving Bloody Mary and today I’ve made up a some of their Pea Soup!

Here’s the BEST thing about their Pea Soup recipe – it takes less than 15 Minutes from start to the table. I tossed it together for lunch today and OMG! I’ll be making this soup ALL.THE.TIME. So easy. So Yummy! and so much healthier than the processed garbage soup in the can!

And I’ll share a secret with you, it only took me about 5 minutes to make the soup… I threw all the ingredients into my favorite blender and let it do it’s thing! (the blades move super fast so it generates heat that cooks it while pureeing it – isn’t that cool??)

The soup is smooth and creamy with the gentle sweetness of the peas!! I would even be good cold in the summer when peas are fresh in your garden!

Anyways – I’m sure you wondering why on earth I’d be so excitedly sharing recipes using Bouillon, right?? Well, you see I’m realistic. I totally love making and drinking homemade bone broth, however I also know that most of you don’t have time (or desire) to have a surplus of broth on hand to use for flavoring recipes as well as drinking for it’s health benefits.

I’ve fallen head over hills in LOVE with these awesome bouillons from Massel and I’m always excited to cook with them. It’s a super easy and HEALTHY way to give your foods a FLAVOR BURST without slaving in the kitchen or breaking the bank.


Here’s a list of all the things I LOVE about Massel’s Bouillon:

Gluten Free Wheat Free
Suitable for people with Celiac Disease Vegan
No animal content Lactose Free
Cholesterol Free Transfat Free
Preservative Free No added MSG
All natural ingredients Free from common allergens


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