Secret Ingredient Sauteed Mushrooms


I LOVE mushrooms!!! We have them every week at our house raw, cooked, dried – in all different dishes. However our FAVORITE way to enjoy them is just a basic sauté!

I’ve been using Massel products for the past few months and I’m so totally SHOCKED at this latest recipe of theirs that I made. As a semi-professional mushroom sautéer 😀 – I didn’t think their recipe using bouillon would be anything special, but boy was I wrong!

tall mushroom5

Before we go any further – Click HERE to get Massel’s Recipe for Sauteed Mushrooms

And I also wanted to tell you my super secret trick to keeping your mushrooms from turning black and yucky looking when you sauté them – squeeze in a wedge of FRESH LEMON juice with your mushrooms – they will keep them nice and brighter white!

I made up an 8 ounce pack of mushrooms and ate the entire pan of sautéed mushrooms just standing in the kitchen! They were so freaking-good!

And they are Vegan/Vegetarian friendly since Massel‘s bouillon is made from all vegetables and contains no animal products! They are also GMO & Gluten Free!!

Click HERE to buy the Massel Vegetable Style Bouillon that made these sautéed mushrooms so super-fabulous!

I can’t say enough good things about the Massel Products – I’m always encouraging you to get in the kitchen and cook healthy meals for your family – these bouillon products make it so much easier!


I’m going to make up another batch of these for tonight’s dinner and toss them with steamed green beans – Yummy!!

Thanks again to my friends at Massel for introducing me to the amazing products – you’ve gotta check them out and let me know what you think!!

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