Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts

Yummy Oven Roasted Brussels Sprouts - Health Starts in the Kitchen

I’m always shocked to hear that people don’t like Brussels Sprouts or have never tried them. They are truly one of our favorite veggies. This year we are lucky to have 4 beautiful brussels sprouts plants growing in our garden (in the middle of winter) they become sweeter and more tender after the weather turns cold. 

Love Brussel Sprouts? Try these Healthy Brussel Sprouts Recipes:

One of the easiest ways to prepare Brussels Sprouts is by roasting. My friends at Massel sent me an amazing box of their bullion products to try out, and today I made their Massel Brussels Sprouts Recipe – they turned out amazing! Know what makes these Roasted Brussels Sprouts so yummy?? Massel’s Vegan & Gluten Free Bouillon Ultracubes!

I used Massel’s Vegetable Bouillon Ultracubes (buy HERE) today, but you could use their Chicken or Beef Style as well and I’m sure they’d turn out just was yummy!  I’ve had the pleasure to try out all of them and they are so good!

And for those of you who, like me, have food allergies & sensitivities, Massel’s Products are:

Gluten FreeWheat Free
All NaturalVegan
No animal contentLactose Free
Cholesterol FreeTransfat Free
Preservative FreeNo added MSG
Suitable for people with Celiac DiseaseFree from common allergens

To learn more about Massel and their products, check out their website HERE and LIKE their Facebook page too!

Oh – and don’t forget to get the Massel Brussels Sprouts Recipe HERE!

I’m going to be making these for Christmas Dinner & so should you!! Enjoy!

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