The Best Keto Cookies

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If you love cookies and are eating a ketogenic diet (like me) I’ve found the perfect solution for satisfying your sweet tooth! If you want the The Best Keto Cookies look no further! Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter and Coconut cookies with ONLY 3g net carbs and made with all healthy, real food ingredients thanks to Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookie™

stack of 5 chocolate chip cookies with a cookie in the front with a bite taken out, glass of milk in the background

What is a Keto Diet?

A Keto Diet is a type of low carb, high fat diet that puts your body into a ketogenic state. A Keto Diet is NOT a strict list of approved foods. It is a metabolic state where your body switches from being fueled by glucose (aka carbs) to getting it’s energy from stored and dietary fat.

The exact macro nutrient ratio needed to get into ketosis will vary from person to person, but as a general rule you’ll consume roughly 20g of carbs per day. To ensure that you are in ketosis, it’s important to use a blood or breath ketone analyzer.

Can you eat Cookies while on a Keto Diet?

Since a Keto Diet is NOT a set list approved foods, you can technically eat ANYTHING that fits within your macros, so yes Cookies can still be a part of your Keto Diet!

chocolate chip cookie dipped in a glass of milk with a stack of cookies in the background

But if you reach for a regular old cookie made with wheat and sugar you’ll quickly exceed your daily carbohydrate allowance. According to Cronometer (my favorite macro tracking app) just 1 homemade chocolate cookie (2 1/4 inches in diameter) is on average 10g carbs!

What are the Best Keto Low-Carb Cookies?

To ensure you aren’t sabotaging your Keto Diet, you will want to choose a cookie that made specifically to be lower in carbs. I’ve created several Keto Cookie recipes over the years to satisfy my sweet cravings, like my Keto Salted Butter Pecan Cookies

But to be honest with you, while I love cooking I’m not a fan of baking. Not only do keto baked treats take a long list of (sometimes hard to find) ingredients like almond flour, coconut flour, etc… they are also not as easy to perfect.

When you do finally make the perfect Keto Cookie, you are faced with calculating out the macros for each cookie. Then potentially over consuming when there is a whole batch of cookies looking way too deliciously tempting!

And if you’ve ever tried to purchase a low carb treat, I’m sure you have realized how how hard it can be to find keto products that are made with high quality ingredients. Let alone if you are looking for a plant based, keto option!

My friends at Lenny & Larry’s are best known for making The Complete Cookie, a nutritious, high-protein treat, but did you know that they just introduced three NEW plant-based Keto Cookies?!?!

Of course Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookie™ comes in everyone’s favorite classic Chocolate Chip, but also Coconut and Peanut Butter too!

Keto Cookies by Lenny & Larry's

They provide a fool proof way for anyone following a ketogenic or low-carb diet to get eight grams of plant-based protein with only just 3 grams of net carbs making them the perfect keto dessert!

5 Reasons I love Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookies:

  • Only 3 net carbs per cookie
  • Grain Free and Gluten Free
  • 8 grams of Plant based protein, making them vegetarian and vegan friendly, too
  • Non-GMO Project Verified
  • Individually packaged

I was completely SHOCKED when I flipped over the package of Lenny & Larry’s Keto Cookies. The ingredients are extremely clean and you don’t have to worry about the most common food intolerances.

Where Can you Buy the Best Keto Cookies?

Buying Lenny’s & Larry’s Keto Cookies can’t be easier! The next time you are at your local Walmart in the pharmacy section, these convenient, macro friendly, plant based Keto Cookies can be found in the nutrition aisle. Ask a Walmart store manager for assistance if you are unable to locate the product on shelf!

Keto Cookies with a blue Walmart bag

They come in a 4 pack box, each cookie individually wrapped for a deliciously sweet addition to your keto lifestyle!

Now that I’ve introduced you to my favorite Keto Cookie, there’s just one challenge; determining which flavor is your favorite! Ray’s favorite is Lenny’s & Larry’s Keto Chocolate Chip Cookie and my favorite is the Coconut Cookie. The peanut butter cookies are delicious too, so we keep all 3 flavors stocked in our pantry for when those sweet cravings sneak up on us.

Lenny and Larry's Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Which is your favorite flavor of Lenny’s & Larry’s Keto Cookie??

If you are looking for keto recipes, here are my 5 most popular (that I’m sure you will love too!)

  1. Keto Italian Hoagie Biscuits
  2. Everything Bagel & Lox Keto Fat Bombs
  3. Keto Creamy Asparagus and Shrimp Alfredo
  4. Keto Baked Garlic Parmesan Salmon
  5. Easy Keto Bread made with Psyllium Husk

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