The BEST Safe & Natural Baby Products {& save 15%}

Welcome to the life of a Mama – just when you think you’ve got it ALL figured out…

You know how it goes, right?  Do any of my fellow Mama bears out there feel the same way?!  I certainly find myself here most days.  My baby girl, Klaire, & I are always on the hunt for the best safe & natural baby products.

We recently ditched the diapers at our house.  Luckily, the positives have by far outweighed the negatives with the transition to big girl panties for us – No more pricey diaper subscriptions (cause let’s face it – the “good” diapers are just plain expensive, y’all), no more stinky poop moments lingering around in the trash.  Plus, simply watching your little one gaining a sense of pride & independence is a beautiful thing.  Catch all the details behind our Potty Party & all of our potty training tips over on my Healthy Homestead Mama blog soon.

The negatives have boiled down to finding Klaire the perfect pair of organic cotton panties & the surprise presence of a yucky rash on my darlin’s bum cheeks.  We went through all kinds of balms, oils, DIY concoctions (you name it), but nothing was bringing her relief.

Nothing until we tried this lifesaver of product from our friends at Morrocco Method – meet their ZEN BABY POWDER!

It’s kindly referred to as “magic bum-bum powder” at our house.  Throw in the word “magic” for Klaire & she’s sold.  I, on the other hand, want to know exactly what makes this powder so magical, not to mention SAFE.  Remember, not all baby products (or any personal products for that matter) are created equal.  Far too many on the market today are loaded with harsh & even deadly chemicals that you certainly don’t want near yourself or your family members.  CLICK HERE to read more about these dangerous chemicals to avoid.

You probably remember me mentioning how much I adore Morrocco Method’s Natural Dry Shampoo (READ HERE if you missed the post).

Well, Morrocco Method also has an entire line up of amazing Baby/Toddler products, too!!

Let me give you the run down on our favorite set, the Baby Essentials Gift Set

For over 50 years, Morrocco Method has been handcrafting shampoos using only the purest botanicals and minerals.  Their collection of baby shampoos and conditioners represent decades of research and practice to create the purest line of hair care products available today.

They offer paleo, raw, vegan, and wildcrafted products that are 100% biodegradable, perfect for expectant moth­ers, those currently breast-feeding, young children and infants. Basically, EVERYONE!

Here’s WHY every Mama needs this set in their arsenal of natural baby products

{Plus a special COUPON – keep reading!}

1. Dual purpose products –

Guess what?! All Morrocco Method SHAMPOOS double as body washes to protect and nourish your baby’s sensitive skin, y’all.  This was big for us.  One less bottle to knock over, one less bottle for Klaire to “accidentally” open & spill everywhere. You know how that goes!

2. Perfect for sensitive skin –

Like my little Klaire, some kids just have sensitive skin… period.  Lucky for us, Morrocco Method had us covered when that yucky RASH showed up on her bum.  The ZEN BABY POWDER has montmorillonite clay and turmeric root powder to help absorb excess moisture that you don’t want lingering around.  A little dash & they are good to go!

3. Moisturizing –

Although winter is winding down, we still need that extra boost of moisture for our skin year round.  Even down here in the humid South, y’all!  Each one of these products brings moisture to baby’s skin & hair naturally.  The MIRACLE KIDS DETANGLER is super convenient for both bath time & in between washes.  The addition of essential oils that are safe for children are really what won me over.

4. Grows with your child –

Let’s face it – if a product can be used as your little one transitions from baby to toddler to big kid, it’s a winner!  The SUN ESSENCE BABY OIL is for any age.  When they say “0 – 3+” they mean it.  From cradle cap to after sun nourishment, we will be using the baby oil for years to come.

There ya have it folks.  Got a baby shower to go to soon? Have grandchildren staying over at your house?  Are you a Mama looking for a line up of the best natural baby products out there?  Go check out Morrocco Method & their baby line!

Klaire also personally recommends the travel size Pure Boar Bristle Brush! She’s been working on growing her hair long like Rapunzel. She’ll have more tips coming your way soon, I’m sure.

Wait a minute – didn’t I mention a COUPON?!

Simply enter the coupon code HEALTHYBABY at checkout to receive 15% off ALL baby products!!!

{Coupon code valid from 3/16/2018 – 4/16/2018}

If you missed it earlier, you can CLICK HERE to go straight to the baby products from Morrocco Method.

P.S. This is NOT a sponsored post but it does contain affiliate links.  We appreciate your continued support. 

Till next time…

The BEST Safe & Natural Baby Products {& save 15%}

The BEST Safe & Natural Baby Products {& save 15%}

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  1. I am agreed with you. This is really a informative also helpful article. Every parents must should to know about these. And take care of their baby safely. I think this products list is enough for baby safety. I will must follow this. If you had more insight i will greatly appreciate it. Thanks for the sharing such a informative article.

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